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15 Hilarious Letters To Santa From Adorable Kids Who Tell It Like It Is

During this time of the year, writing a letter to Santa is a classic Christmas activity. It also makes Santa's job a little easier, because really, how can one guy keep track of every child's wishlist? That's something we might never find out, but one thing is for sure: Kids take this stuff seriously. And when their imagination, curiosity, and lack of filter come together, you can be sure that you'll end up with the funniest letters to Santa.

The best part is that they are written with pure, pure innocence. They'll tell it like it is, whether that means calling you, the parents, out for laying down parenting rules or how they're going to help Santa out with his type 2 diabetes. And then there are the moments where kids ask for the most outrageous gifts. Rainbow unicorns? A ferry boat? Poop? Clearly, Santa has his work cut out for him this year.

Thanks to the world of social media, sharing and finding these hilarious letters to Santa is pretty darn easy. So in the midst of the holiday madness, let yourself have a good chuckle at these adorable yet ridiculous messages. Also, don't forget to take a snapshot if your own kiddos write letters. It's prime blackmail material, folks.


The Kid Who Wants To Change Santa's Mind

Sometimes, when Mom gets in touch with Santa before you do, a letter is the next best thing. A phone call would've probably been better, but not having a phone probably got in the way.


The Kid Who Wants A Bunny And An Octopus, Amongst Other Things

There's nothing quite like having a pet bunny, especially if it has an octopus to keep it company. Even better, they can sleep on a shiny pillow and take trips in their dog rocket ship.


The Kid Who States The Obvious

This throwback letter is just too good. So good in fact, you're reading it right now. And we all know a way to a man's heart is through his reindeer, right?


The Kid Who Wants Jesus To Have A Good Birthday

This adorable duo will be glad to know that Jesus' birthday will probably be a blast. After all, there's a saying that Christmas is like a baby shower gone overboard.


The Kid Who's Brother Wants Santa To Bring Poop

One might question where the poop came from, but I guess that's up to Santa. Maybe it will be a team effort from the reindeer. Either way, let's hope the poop doesn't mess up the shiny new dirt bike and motorcycle.


The Kid Who Pleads Guilty

This kiddo sure knows how to be honest. Remember, one of the best qualities in a person is being able to admit that they were wrong.


The Good Girl

Santa might be climbing up and down chimneys while eating cookies, but if we're being real, the reindeer do the grunt work. Fortunately, there are people out there that care about them, including this girl, who thinks she has been good.


The Kid Who Cares About Blitzen

Every year, Rudolph gets all the attention. What gives? Blitzen, and all the other reindeer, also deserves some carrots, and this thoughtful writer is going to make sure it happens.


The Kid Who Wants Two Of Each, But Just One Brown Cow

Why ask for one when you can ask for two? Santa might actually have a crib, another crib, a ferry boat, and another ferry boat, so we might be in luck. Not sure about the brown cow, though.


The Kid Who's Concerned About Santa's Blood Sugar

We're always told to eat fruits and drink water. And according to this clever child, Santa and his type 2 diabetes needs it the most.


The Kid Who's Really Imaginative

Plain white unicorns are so yesterday. If you're going to ask Santa for one, it might as well look like a rainbow and poop sweet treats.


The Kid Who Can't Bother With Specifics

Santa already has a lot on his plate. By asking for just something you like, it'll certainly make things easier for the guy.


The Kid Who Feels Bad, Really Bad

Again, there's nothing better than a person who can admit that they were wrong. For this young lady, doubting Santa's existence made her feel so guilty that she decided to leave him candy plus cookies and milk.


The Kid Who's Been Waiting

Seriously, what took so long for Christmas to come around? Kids are waiting for their gifts, Santa.


The Kid Who Wants The Universe

Norah, don't be surprised if Santa only brings you a couple things from your list. And, talk to your mom about the sister.

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