15 Holiday Gifs For Dad That'll Make Him Feel Extra Special

Do you ever notice that dads can get short shrift come holiday gift time? There’s grooming kits, cufflinks, slippers, and — always — ties, as well as lots of monogrammed stuff. Why is this? Dads shouldn’t be difficult to shop for. And now gift-giving is a whole new experience because there is literally something out there for everyone. A truly thoughtful, inventive holiday gift guide for dads eschews gift cards and shaving brushes and goes straight for interests, hobbies, and downright passions. So start with the stuff Dad likes, and assume there’s a really cool present out there for him.

Nowadays, there’s pretty much a tech version of everything, so you can buy Dad a tech-savvy gift that dovetails perfectly with whatever he’s into, whether it’s fitness, nature, cooking, or beer. Or if your father isn’t so into apps and electronics, you can give him a more traditional gift that still has a decidedly modern, ultra-convenient spin. If he's into sports, then you know to go specifically for whatever team, athlete, or activity gives him the feels. If he’s fond a particular actor, but him a box set or book about the star’s life. And here are 15 other ideas that will take the things he loves into new levels of awesome.


For The Beer Afficianado

The Draftmark 1-Pack Tap System ($50) is a hop-lover's dream, makin it possible to have draft beer whenever you want it. It fits in your fridge and it’s low-maintenance, too — buying refills is really going to be the main responsibility.


For The Techie

Small, sleek, and at a surprisingly affordable price, the Amazon Echo ($180) is like having your own personal robot, one that answers you when you ask it to play your fave tunes or gives you a weather report or answers random questions about time and space.


For The Carnivore

Although Dad may not have the time (or appropriate climate) to fire up the grill, he can still have a BBQ of the Month Club membership ($200 - $700) nd have delish barbecued meats delivered to his door every month.


For The (Loud) Music Lover

Music lovers who want to pump up the volume know that the right wireless speaker is one with a streamlined design that you can tote throughout the house and doesn’t need to be recharged every ten minutes. The SoundBot Wireless Speaker ($29) fits the bill and is very reasonably priced, to boot.


For The Caffeine Junkie

Whipping up some perfectly brewed espresso can come at a price, whether it’s at the local coffee shop or at home on a super-fancy espresso machine. But fancy meets financially feasible with the De’Longhi Espresso and Cappuccino Maker ($99).


For The Comic Fan

If your beer enthusiast also has Comic Con marked on his calendar year after year, The Comic Book Story of Beer ($13) is a super-fun, graphically rendered history lesson of the beloved beverage.


For The Gamer

A luxe headset like the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset ($80) will provide your favorite gamer with surround sound. Bonus: family members won’t have to listen to the game-playing!


For The Fitness Fanatic

The Garmin Vivoactive ($170) is on the pricey side, but it's worth it. It’s a watch with a touchscreen that pairs with your smartphone and manages your workouts, fitness routines, and basically all of your active life.


For The Cinephile

A true movie lover's dream is to pull out a projector and have an old-school movie viewing. And now that’s possible with the AAXA Pico/Micro Led Projector ($369).


For The Chef

Kick-ass breakfasts in the morning, meats and veggies grilled to perfection in the evenings. Yup, the Lodge Cast-Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle ($36) covers both bases, providing a griddle for DIY pancakes and bacon as well as a grill for burgers and sausages.


For The Tool Man

With its own carrying case, this Dremel Rotary Tool Kit ($78) is awesome not just for home repairs and improvements, but also for the artist who incorporates his handyman skillz into his craft.


For The Health Fanatic

Dad can whip up a superfood smoothie with the Ninja Master Prep ($40), which has such a cool name and allows for seamless blending of fruit, ice, protein powder, wheat germ… whatever floats his healthy boat.


For the Kid at Heart

Having one’s own remote-controlled drone that takes videos and photographs may not have any truly practical use, but holy crap, does the Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter ($104) look like fun.


For the Dad Who Loves Nature

This astounding, zero-maintenance, made-with-Kickstarter Back to the Roots Water Garden ($55) utilizes something called aquaponics to give you a self-cleaning fish bowl and self-watering plants for a pretty herb garden plus betta fish home.


For the Star Wars Collector

Sweet little droid BB-8 is sure to be the breakout star of the new Star Wars movie, and Force lovers can now have one of their very own. While the Apple site somewhat creepily advertises the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid ($150) as “more than a toy — it’s your companion,” the little guy’s various attributes (voice command capabilities, holographic recordings, and alleged personality-of-its-own) sound too awesome to miss.

Images: Amazon (13), Giphy, Pig of the Month BBQ, Apple