The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Men, Because Gift Cards Are Impersonal

Christmas shopping can be an enjoyable shopping adventurous, or a stressful afternoon at the mall. Because, let's be honest, even if you know someone really well, they can still be ridiculously hard to shop for. And I'm just going to say it — it's always a man putting a kink in my shopping plans. Maybe because I'm a woman, so I have a better idea of what a girl I love will like, but a holiday gift guide for men is not only helpful, it's sometimes downright necessary.

The men in your life, whether it's your dad, an SO, a bestie, a brother, or even a son may be some of the simplest people you know. You can read them like an open book, and have probably said, "I know them better than anyone" at least once. But that doesn't make holiday shopping for the oppostie sex any easier. You're overwhelmed with the possibilities, and still absolutely nothing sounds right. Sure, your dad may be a big outdoorsman, but that doesn't mean you want to buy him a sleeping bag. Your little brother is a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but he's also running out of DVD storage space. And your SO? You spend more time with him than anyone and d*mmit, you still don't know what to get him.

Whether your kid is obsessed with dinosaurs or your BFF loves to cook, these 25 gifts are sure to end your shopping woes. There's an array of price points here, too, so don't feel like you have to break the bank to keep the men in your life happy. The dudes in your life are some of your favorite people and this holiday gift guide will get you excited about shopping for them again. Bonus: There's not a single tie or pair of slippers on the entire list. You're welcome.

For The Dad That's A Classic Rocker

Rolling Stones From the Vault: Complete Series 1 Box Set, $80, Amazon

If your dad can't help but get all angry at today's music and loves rocking out to the jams from his generation, he'll love Rolling Stones From the Vault: Complete Series 1 Box Set. Perfect for any classic rock fan, the DVD set of features live Rolling Stones concerts with restored footage and newly mixed sound.

For The SO That Thinks He's James Bond

Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch, $300, Motorola

When you've got an SO obsessed with technology, it can be hard to find him a gift that he won't get bored with quickly. Enter the Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch. More than just a fun gadget, it's a modern timepiece that reminds him of appointments, tracks his health and fitness, and responds to his voice commands. He'll feel like James Bond with this customizeable watch, and now he has no excuse for being late to pick you up.

For The Brother That's Really Proud Of His Facial Hair

Grave Before Shave Beard Pack, $30, Amazon

Beards are all the rage right now and if your brother is particularly proud of his, it's time he had a grooming kit to keep it up. The Grave Before Shave Beard Pack comes with pine tar soap and two different types of beard oil along with an old-school, badass switchblade comb. Make sure he uses all of it to keep that beard looking fresh.

For The BFF That Is Inappropriate

Cards Against Humanity, $25, Amazon

So basically all besties, right? If you've never played Cards Against Humanity, you're totally missing out. It's a super fun, hilarious, and highly inappropriate game that is best played with a group of your terrible, foul-mouthed, potty-brained BFFs.

For The Son That Thinks He's A Superhero

Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack Gamma Gear, $70, Amazon

If I had a son that thought he was a superhero, I would buy him the Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack Gamma Gear just so I could play with it. Your kiddo can strap on the Hulk hands and use the motion-based controls to solve missions by using three different Hulk smashes, along with dodging, running, and jumping to fight off the bad guys. It puts your boy right in the action and makes him feel like a true superhero.

For The Dad That Loves His Photos

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1, $138, Amazon

My dad is a picture snapping fiend and spends a fortune printing out pictures of his grandchildren every year. The Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 allows users to quickly print pictures right off of your smartphone (both Android and iPhone) simply by connecting to wi-fi. Good luck getting him to delete those unflattering photos of you at Thanksgiving now. They'll be plastered all over the fridge before the end of the day.

For The SO That Appreciates A Good Beer

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit, $53, Amazon

Let your SO think he's the beer master with his very own craft beer kit. The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit makes up to four gallons of home brewed beer and all of the supplies are reusable, so the fun doesn't have to stop once this kit is done.

For The Brother Obsessed With Running

Nike Men's Thermal Tech Running Gloves, $22, Amazon

It's super frustrating to try and use your phone or iPod to change songs while wearing gloves. The Nike men's thermal tech running gloves not only keep your bro's hands warm while pounding the pavement, but he'll also be able to use all of his touch screen devices while wearing them.

For The BFF That Loves To Cook

Ozeri Pronto Digital Food Scale, $12, Amazon

Every good chef needs a great digital scale in his kitchen, right? Your bestie will look and feel like a pro with the Ozeri pronto digital food scale. The gadget can convert measurements, like ounces to grams, and can subtract the weight of a container holding any food you're trying to measure. Fancy!

For The Son That Loves Slapstick

Pie Face Game, $15, Toys R Us

Simple yet hilarious, the Pie Face Game from Hasbro is taking over your social media feed and for good reason. The game is ridiculously easy, but the anticipation of getting pied in the face will leave your kid laughing until he cries. And then when one of you finally gets whacked with a dollop of whipped cream? Well you just might pee yourself. This is one of the hottest toys of the year, so grab one when you see it.

For The Dad That Loves New Gadgets

Amazon Echo, $180, Amazon

If your pops is way into gadgets and technology, he will love the Amazon Echo. It's basically his very own secretary, doing everything from answering his questions about the weather, what time the football game comes on, and will even play Audiobooks. With certain brands, it can even be connected to your home so you can ask Echo to turn off your lights after you're already in bed. The future really is now, huh?

For The SO That Fancies Himself A Barista

Ninja coffee bar brewer, $170, Amazon

Tired of waiting for your SO at the local coffee house while he orders some ridiculous concoction? He needs the Ninja coffee bar brewer. It comes with everything he needs to create the ultimate cup of coffee, including a milk frother. Think of it as an investment for your future, too. Now there's no excuse as to why you can't have a piping hot latte on your bedside table every morning.

For The Brother That Is Still Holding On To His Nintendo Cartridges

Retro Bit Nintendo NES Entertainment System, $20, Amazon

It's time you and your bro reminisced about the good old days when you could kick his ass at Mario Brother's. The Retro Bit Nintendo NES Entertainment System plays the old Nintendo cartridges your brother's been saving just like the original console. It's a cheaper alternative to finding some mint condition NES console on eBay and saves him from selling his Nintendo cartridges for 25 cents at a yard sale.

For The BFF That's Phone Is Always Dead

Power Bank JETech Charger Pack, $20, Amazon

We all have that one friend whose phone is always on the brink of dying while you're out. Keep them charged up with the Power Bank JETech charger pack. It's good for an iPhone 4, 5, and 6, as well as iPods, iPads, Samsung devices, and other smart phones and tablets. A must for the forgetful bestie in your life.

For The Son That Is Totally Destructive

SmartLab Demolition Lab, $29, Amazon

For the kid that loves to destroy sh*t, the SmartLab Demolition Lab is made especially for them. Your little engineer can construct his own buildings and then demolish them with the wrecking ball just so he can put it all back together and do it again. Hours of fun to keep him busy and hey, total stress reliever for you, too.

For The Dad That Loves The Great Outdoors

Vitchelo headlamp flashlight, $28, Amazon

Whether your dad likes to hunt, fish, camp, or hike you can't go wrong with a headlamp flashlight. The Vitchelo headlamp flashlight will allow him to see details up to 110 meters away and can keep him safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

For The SO That Is Out Of Room On His Bookshelf

Kindle Voyage, $200, Amazon

Don't let the fact that this is an eReader deter it from you buying it for your own bookworm. The Kindle Voyage has been crafted specifically for readers with text that looks like a printed page, and the ability to scratch notes into the margins of whatever your SO is reading. This is a great choice if your guy doesn't want all the frills of traditional tablets and is looking for something made for the voracious reader he is.

For The Brother That Is Always Stranded

Stanley jump starter, $70, Amazon

You're totally over meeting your brother in a parking lot to jump off his battery, I get it. He needs the Stanley jump starter with built-in compressor to keep his wheels trucking. There's no need for jumper cables or even another vehicle to get his own battery back to life and on the road with this gift.

For The BFF That Loves People

Humans of New York: Stories, $17, Amazon

If your BFF doesn't follow Humans of New York on Facebook, he'll still fall in love with Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York: Stories. By walking around NYC and interacting with people, Stanton has created a lovely book full of real humans and their real stories, accompanied by sweet portraits of each individual. It's a real treat to look through and if your BFF is into human interest stories or people in general, he'll love it.

For The Son That Fancies Himself A Magician

100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase, $43, Amazon

Any kid that mentions an interest in magic is automatically cool in my book. So your own future Houdini totally deserv. They will have hours of fun trying to master the tricks and you'll be audience to a one-man magic show every night, which is going to be the cutest thing ever, I swear.

For The Dad That Misses The Old Days

The Ultimate Johnny Carson Collection, $3, Amazon

I love Jimmy Fallon as much as the next person, but nothing beats a classic. The Ultimate Johnny Carson Collection will take your dad down memory lane with a collection of the funniest, most heartwarming moments of the original Tonight Show.

For The SO That Loves To Tailgate

Coleman Portable Grill, $128, Amazon

Grab him an apron in his team's colors and he'll be ready to go with this Coleman portable grill. It takes only seconds to set up, is easy to transport, and will give you a meal to soak up all of that beer on football Sundays. You're welcome.

For The Brother That Loves The Walking Dead

Monopoly: The Walking Dead, $34, Amazon

Let your bro's favorite TV show come to life during a round of Monopoly: The Walking Dead. With spaces like "herd attack" and tokens that include Dale's RV, everyone's sure to have a blast fighting to stay alive. (Plus it makes Monopoly about a billion times more fun.)

For The BFF With Too Many Shot Glasses

Shot Glass Display Rack, $40, Amazon

He can call them collectibles all he wants, but they still count as clutter. A shot glass display rack allows him to display the colleciton without making the counters look messy.

For The Son That Loves Dinosaurs

Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex, $79, Amazon

Not only will the Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex please any kid, but is has nose sensors to detect your son's hand movements so he can wave the dinosaur on to follow him. Your kid can also choose to have it patrol, showing off how dinosaurs really take in their surroundings, or put it in attack mode and unleash the beast. Way too much fun.

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