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15 Holiday Gifts Breastfeeding Moms *Really* Want This Year

Everybody loves shopping for new babies during the holidays, but what about presents for new moms, particularly of the breastfeeding variety? There's no question that these weary warriors definitely deserve a fabulous gift (or two). The only problem is, figuring out the best gifts for breastfeeding moms can be tricky. (Actually, we have a few ideas, but none of them make very practical gifts: You can't very well wrap up "a long nap" or "boobs that don't feel like bowling balls.")

That's okay, though, because there's still a huge variety of gift-able options out there guaranteed to spread some much needed cheer to lactating ladies. This is especially true because so many of these potential presents involve elements of self-care and relaxation, which are two things many nursing moms give up in those early months (and years). The holidays are the perfect time to remind her that she's been very, very nice this year (and by "nice" we mean she "went through a LOT bringing in a new human being into the world"). So whether you're shopping for another breastfeeding mom or you're a nursing mama looking for some hints to drop about what you hope to find in your stocking this year, you're sure to find some inspiration here!


For The Thirsty Mom

Water Bottle, $35, Swell

Being a nursing mom is all about hydration, hydration, hydration. Seriously, you haven't known thirst until you've been the sole source of fluids for another human being. We love Swell bottles because not only do they come in a variety of super pretty colors and designs, but they actually keep your beverage cold (or hot) for 12 hours — plus it's slim enough to throw in a diaper bag at a moment's notice.


For The Hungry Mom

Milkful Gourmet Lactation Oat Bars, $39 for 12, Milkful

So you know how we just said that you haven't known thirst until you're a breastfeeding mom? Same goes for hunger! No joke: If she thought she was ravenous back when she was pregnant, she's really gonna need to do some serious snacking now. That's where these gourmet lactation oat bars come in. Packed with milk production-boosting ingredients like oats and almonds and dried fruit, these snacks will keep her energy up and her mood, too.


For The Mom Who Wants A Little Privacy

Muslin Infinity Nursing Scarf from BeBe au Lait, $30, Nordstrom

Sure, she could just throw one of those hundreds of receiving blankets she got at her baby shower over her shoulder when she's nursing in public, but wouldn't it be much more fashionable and far less awkward to use this lovely scarf that doubles as a coverup? Oh, and did we mention it's machine washable?


For The Mom Who Needs A Little Pampering

Earth Mama New Mom Organic Gift Box, $55, Amazon

If there's one message you want to send to a new, nursing mom, it's this: Treat Yo' Self! This set is a great way to do just that, including everything from herbs for a soothing bath to nipple butter to milk-boosting tea.


For The Mom Who Needs A Laugh

"Eat, Sleep, Breastfeed, Repeat" Mug, $14, Amazon

Speaking of milk-boosting tea, this painfully hilarious breastfeeding mug is the perfect way to drink it (or anything else). A sense of humor is essential for getting through those bleary, sleep-deprived days.


For The Minimalist Mom

Bella Materna Eco Lux Lounge Dress, $148, Bella Materna

This classic nightgown is soft and comfortable but still elegant — and most importantly, it provides easy nursing access. It's a splurge, but the fit and material are worth it, and if she's the type to live in comfortable, one piece dresses throughout the year, she'll love this simple yet chic number.


For The Mom Who Appreciates Luxury

Scented Candles by Joya, $189, Finesse, The Store

If the mere fact that Oprah put these on her Favorite Things List this year isn't enough for you, consider how relaxing it would be for a tired mom to nurse by candlelight, breathing in scents inspired by such famous restaurants as Per Se and The French Laundry. Don't worry, though, they don't smell like food, but they do smell like the bountiful bouquets you find in five star hotel lobbies, aka luxury.


For The Mom Who's Always Chilly

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic BambooChic Throw, $145, Earthsake

Why should babies get all the cozy blankets? This cushy throw is so dreamy and soft it's known as a "baby blanket for adults". It gets softer with every wash, and it's organic, too!


For The Bookworm

Kindle, $80, Amazon

Breastfeeding can make multitasking pretty tricky, but one thing a nursing mom can do during feeding time is read — particularly with a Kindle, which takes away the problem of having to turn pages and keep your baby in position at the same time.


For The Mom Who Needs Some Peace And Quiet

Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural Sound Machine, $50, Amazon

Plenty of parents swear by white noise machines when it comes to soothing their newborns, but here's a tip: They are great for calming frazzled new mom nerves, too.


For The Mom Who Would Live In Her Robe If She Could

Classic Bathrobe, $99, Parachute Home

There will be many, many days when a breastfeeding mom can't quite make it out of her bathrobe — so why not give her the cushiest robe ever? This Turkish cotton robe with front pockets and a shawl collar will make her feel like she's at the spa, even when she's covered in spit-up.


For The Mom Who Can't Get Up

Google Home, $80, Best Buy

On the one hand, breastfeeding is a great excuse to sit down; on the other, it makes getting up literally impossible sometimes. Google Home offers hands-free help with everything from playing a song to finding out what the weather is like for the mom who's glued to the couch and has no idea where her phone went.


For The Mom Who Misses Her Books

Audible Gift Membership, $45 for 3 months, Audible

Not only is it exhausting when a baby wakes up multiple times a night to breastfeed, it can also be straight-up boring if you don't want to wake your little one up even more by turning on the TV or the light. The answer? Audiobooks (listened to on headphones, of course!) that will entertain her while nursing, and keep her caught up on on the latest titles on her reading list.


For The Mom With Hair

Wide Headwrap, $23, Etsy

Because regular hair-washing is just not a thing when you're nursing a newborn, this quirky wrap serves as an instant hairdo. Plus, it's great for keeping all that postpartum hair out of your face and your little one's curious hands, which can have superhero-like grip before you know it.


For The Mom With Tired Feet

Emu Australia Mayberry Sheepskin Slipper, $60, Amazon

Another one of Oprah's faves, these sublimely fuzzy slippers are exactly what a mom needs when she's pacing the floor in the wee hours. Or, you know what? These might even be acceptable for the occasional afternoon stroll outside.

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