15 Insane Pizzas You Can (And Should) Eat Right Now

Pizza is basically a love language. Whether it’s an ooey gooey pepperoni pie paired with beer or your favorite homemade dough topped with arugula and a glass of wine, no one can turn down a good pizza. Maybe it’s because you can make your pizza into whatever you want. Depending on your mood, you can make something simple like sausage and mushrooms, or you can delve into some of the most insane pizza recipes ever.

Look, when I say insane, I mean insane. These recipes aren’t limited to the traditional toppings and tomato sauce. There is an entire culinary world of pizza recipes guaranteed to make you swoon and, to prove how unique and mouth-watering a pie can be, I’ve sought out the most insane pizza recipes for your gastronomic pleasure. From romantic date night pizzas to impressive dinner party pies, these recipes are ridiculous. You’ll want to grab a list to jot down ingredients today, but more than that, you’ll wish you had a time machine so you could go back to yesterday and make these pizzas then. Don’t act like you’re not totally invested now. No two pizzas are alike and these 15 insane recipes are going to be your new favorites.

Fig, Manchego, and Arugula Pizza

Looking for something a little less traditional? This divine fig, manchego, and arugula pizza from Brooklyn Supper is perfect for a low-key Friday night dinner party or when you want to scarf a fancy pizza down all by yourself.

Banh Mi Pizza

Want to turn a delicious Vietnamese sandwich into a pizza? Yes, me too. From Cooking For Keeps, this banh mi pizza is basically a banh mi sandwich on pizza dough with ground pork, pickled vegetables, cheese, and drizzled with spicy sriracha mayo. Mouth. Watering.

BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza

Red onions, cheese, barbecue chicken, and only ten minutes of prep? That definitely counts as an insane pizza in my book. From Damn Delicious, this BBQ chicken French bread pizza is quick, easy, and outrageously good.

Piperade Breakfast Pizza with Crispy Prosciutto

Pizza for breakfast doesn’t have to mean a cold slice from the box the night before. From Feed Me Phoebe, this piperade breakfast pizza is made with a smoky tomato and red pepper sauce with sunny-side up eggs baked right in it. Add some crispy prosciutto and plenty of cheese and you have a breakfast pizza that will get you through the entire day.

Maple Apples, Blue Cheese, and Bacon Pizza

Yup. I went there. With thinly sliced apples soaked in maple syrup, crispy bacon, chunks of blue cheese, and roasted garlic, this super savory pizza from foodiecrush is one of a kind and oh so good.

Meatball Naan Pizza

This pizza looks like something Joey Tribbiani would whip up. Using naan bread as the pizza dough, this meatball pizza from Big Girls Small Kitchen is hearty, delicious, and easy.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Pizza

Roasted sweet potatoes are already delicious, but using them to top a pizza? Yum. This roasted sweet potato and goat cheese pizza from Averie Cooks is not only a healthy choice for pizza night, but hearty and easy.

Apple and Caramelized Onion Pizza with Pumpkin Seed Pangrattato

And you thought the flavors of fall stopped at lattes and soups. From Half Baked Harvest, this apple and caramelized onion pizza is incredible. I mean, the onions are caramelized in pumpkin beer and there’s a mixture of perfectly melted gorgonzola and gruyere cheese. Come on. Ridiculous.

Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Make this grilled vegetable pizza from Jelly Toast immediately. Loaded with grilled onions and corn, and topped with sliced tomatoes and mozzarella, this pizza is the perfect taste of summer.

Pesto Pizza with Burrata Prosciutto & Microgreens

A pizza that’s not only pretty, but delicious? From A Spicy Perspective, this pesto pizza with prosciutto and microgreens hits both notes. With a combination of pesto and salty prosciutto, this pizza also boasts a delicate, creamy cheese that really makes the pie.

Caramelized Shrimp Pizza

This caramelized shrimp pizza from I Am a Food Blog will make your jaw drop and your mouth water (so make sure to have napkins nearby.) Shrimp cooked in a sticky, spicy, sweet sauce and topped with mozzarella and parmesan make up the toppings for this pizza. I bet you’re already in your kitchen pulling out ingredients.

Creamy Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Spinach artichoke dip is a favorite among the appetizer-loving crowd, so imagine that creamy deliciousness as a pizza topping. From Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, this creamy spinach artichoke pizza is drool worthy and also includes chicken, red onion, and asiago cheese.

Steak and Blue Cheese Pizza with Crispy Fried Shallots & Honey Balsamic Drizzle

And you thought steak and blue cheese was just a Valentine’s dinner combo. From Simply Scratch, this steak and blue cheese pizza is topped with arugula, fried shallots, and an amazing sauce made of balsamic vinegar and honey. Insanely inventive and delicious.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo chicken on a pizza? Done. This buffalo chicken pizza recipe from A Cozy Kitchen is the perfect meal when you’re craving hot sauce, ranch, and pizza. It also has an added kick thanks to chopped dill and parsley, so you can feel fancy about your buffalo pizza.

Pizza Cake

And the most ridiculously insane pizza recipe ever? This pizza cake from Better Housekeeper is the most pizza-y of all the pizzas. I mean, it’s a legitimate cake. You slice it up and there are layers of pepperoni and cheese and sauce. Stick a candle it and you can make everyone’s birthday wish come true.

Images: Courtesy of Better Housekeeper; Brooklyn Supper; Cooking for Keeps; Damn Delicious; Feed Me Phoebe; foodiecrush; Big Girls Small Kitchen; Averie Cooks; Half Baked Harvest; Jelly Toast; A Spicy Perspective;  I Am a Food Blog; Mel’s Kitchen Cafe; Simply Scratch; A Cozy Kitchen