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These 15 Sweet & Funny Instagram Captions Are Perfect For Your 1st Ultrasound Pic

The rush of joy that comes when you find out you're going to be a parent for the first time is nearly indescribable. You will need to find at least a few words, however, to describe your excitement in the form of an Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic to let your friends and family know just how thrilled you are.

Posting an ultrasound picture to Instagram without a caption might leave your followers just a bit confused, so having a caption when you post that first ultrasound photo is absolutely crucial. Even if you've already announced your pregnancy and are just wanting to share the first ultrasound with the world, you probably still want to add a few words to your post.

Because your first ultrasound picture gives you a grainy glimpse of your precious little one growing right there inside of your belly, posting it on Instagram is the first of many proud parenting moments many people take full advantage of. Is there a better way is there to let the world know that you've created your very own mini-me? I highly doubt it. Whether you stick with something traditional or choose to make the experience of posting the ultrasound of your soon-to-be-born babe a humorous one, these Instagram caption options for your first ultrasound pic have you covered.


"I’m in love with a human I haven’t met yet."

Of course you're in love with the tiny human growing inside of you, and of course you want the world to know, so you post it on Instagram with this caption. Can I get a collective "aww" for this totally saccharine — yet completely perfect — Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic?


"The butterflies I had turned into tiny feet."

When you met your partner, they likely gave you all the feels. Hopefully they still do, but this Instagram caption for your first ultrasound picture takes those butterflies you felt with your significant other and explains how you turned that connection into the human who is growing inside of you.


"If you see me turn down a glass of wine, this is why."

This Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic tackles two topics in one fell swoop. No, you won't be having a glass of wine at girls night, and yes, you're pregnant.


"Our home has grown by two feet."

This Instagram caption for your first ultrasound is quite a punny way to announce your newest addition. Your home didn't literally gain two feet per a measuring stick, but there will be an immeasurable amount of love added to it when that precious baby of yours is born.


"We stopped trying to get pregnant because our efforts have already been successful!"

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The journey to pregnancy can be a long and winding one, but when the end result is exactly what you've hoped for it is well worth sharing with the world. This Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic is a celebratory way to share the news.


"Looking forward to next year's tax deduction!"

Taxation may be a sore subject with many American families, but if there is one thing we can all agree on, it might just be that getting extra money is almost always helpful. This funny Instagram caption for your first ultrasound captures that sentiment.


"Here we grow again."

This Instagram caption for your first ultrasound is perfect for families that already have a kid or two, and want to announce their new addition.


"I am now always hungry, tired, or both."

Pregnancy brings on a myriad of unwanted side effects that can wreak havoc on any woman. You can get out ahead of the curve by letting folks on Instagram know why you're always rooting around for a snack while seemingly half asleep with this Instagram caption for your first ultrasound.


"Love makes the belly go round."

Whoa, does it ever! When you post a pic on Instagram of your first ultrasound with this caption, you let the world know why your waistline is suddenly expanding.


"A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty."

This is one of those Instagram captions for your first ultrasound picture that seems too sweet to actually be true, but it most certainly is.


"So... this happened."

Short, simple, and to the point — This. Happened. You might want to use this Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic if you're known for your tongue in cheek humor, or if you know your followers will appreciate the comical approach.


"We're going to need a bigger boat."

This iconic line from the movie Jaws can serve as an Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic. Babies don't take up all that much room when they're first born, but the amount of stuff that ends up scattered around your house will make you re-think your space situation.


"Who knew that such small feet could leave such big imprints on your heart?"

This is an especially adorable Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic if you happen to have a picture where your baby's feet are clearly visible. They're so tiny!


"Happiness is carrying a whole world inside you."

The first ultrasound picture truly is proof that there is an entire human growing right inside of your belly, and posting about it with this Instagram caption shows how thrilled you are to welcome your newest addition.


"Looks like Netflix and chill will now be Disney+ and kids."

Ain't this the truth? One day you're all cuddled up with your sweetie scrolling through your Netflix queue, and the next thing you know there's a toddler between you demanding to watch Toy Story for the thousandth time. This Instagram caption for your first ultrasound pic signifies the beginning of a whole new era of your digital streaming days.