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15 Last-Minute Gifts For Mom That Are Actually Thoughtful

Why is it that it's always so difficult to pin down a gift for mom? I think it's because it's so hard to find a gift that says, "Hey, mom, thanks for putting up with all of my crap for all of these years — yes, literally and figuratively — and also you're pretty flipping awesome." And because finding a gift that says it all isn't exactly easy, you tend to wait far too long to find something, am I right? Well, this year I've got you covered with these last-minute gifts for mom that will help nix some of the days-before-the-holidays panic that typically sets in.

Whether you have a mom who likes life-is-good reminders posted around the house or your best gal pal loves sweating it out (but also keeps it balanced by eating all the things), then there is an inspirational art print and tank top for you to add to your list. You'll also find spa gift sets, a book that makes cooking — get this — easier, and a gift card that buys a favorite mom in your life one (or three) nights of time to herself.

Because, really, who can you think of that's more deserving?


Family Rule #1

Designed by Joanna Kosmides Edwards, these prints take sayings from author Glennon Doyle, founder of the popular blog Momastery, and bring them to an 11x14 art print that's really quite perfect for any family home. My favorites include the above "Our Family Rule: Keep Showing Up" ($20, Zazzle) and "Just the Next Right Thing" ($20, Zazzle) both of which are solid reminders for any mama. Snag one (or five) and frame them for a mom you love.


Gotta Love A Coupon Book

I mean, who hasn't relied on coupon books as a gift for their mom? As a child, I was thrilled to put together fun coupons made from construction paper and proudly wrap them for my mom for Mother's Day or her birthday. But who said adults can't give coupons, too? Snag this instant download ($6, Etsy) and give it to a mama you love. Just make sure you give her the time she deserves and don't flake on honoring the coupons like my brother did à la Mother's Day 1998.


So Many Jumping Jacks To Do, So Little Time

Even moms with the best laid plans know what it's like to forgo a workout or a little "me time" for a sick kid, hectic day, or after-hours work project. Help a girl out and score Studio SWEAT OnDemand ($20, Studio SWEAT OnDemand) for less than $20 a month. She can access the programs on her TV, PC, tablet, or mobile device, and choose from Spinning®, TRX®, HIIT and other full-body workouts without ever leaving the house.


Grab What's In The Pantry

I am completely in love with this book, so I recommend it to basically everyone I know. That's because YumUniverse Pantry to Plate ($17, Barnes & Noble) by Heather Crosby provides you with templates with recipes that allow you to choose what you have in your pantry to customize the recipe. Um, can you say I love you Heather Crosby? This book has been making my life easier since I purchased it a few months ago and I'm never turning back.


Create A Little DIY Zen

What mom wouldn't appreciate a little peace during the holiday season? Put together this DIY Succulent Zen Garden from Dwell Beautiful with a few simple items — a glass container, sand, and succulent plant — and it will be the gift that gives for years to come.


For The Mom With The Best Of Intentions

Let's be honest, working out is great for the endorphin rush, sweaty glow, energy boost ... blah, blah, blah. But it's also pretty awesome for helping to balance your love for fries and all things chocolate. Score this "Eyes On The Fries" tank ($30, Run Intended) for the mom in your life who loves her gym time — and her french fries, too. Romper readers enjoy 15 percent off sitewide at Run Intended with the code HOLIDAY2017 at checkout.


The Quintessential Spa Gift Box

There are bath and body gifts and there is this bath and body gift. The Spa Gift Box from GorgeousSoap ($43, Etsy) features everything a mom who needs a bit of R&R could possibly want, like a handmade goat milk soap bar, natural soy candle, and bath bomb.


Buy Her A Bit Of Bliss

Short on time? Consider sending the gift of a kid-free night with a gift card from Bambino, an on-demand babysitting app that enables parents to find sitters who are connected to them through friends and neighbors. Parents simply enter details for when they need a sitter, preview the available sitters, and choose the best one for the job. The app is free, but the gift card buys mama a night out.


Help A New Mama (& Her Milk Supply) Out

From the moment a baby arrives all of the pregnancy questions transition into all of the postpartum questions. One of the top ones on the list? "How do I increase my milk supply?" Treat a new mama to these homemade lactation cookies that are not only delicious and full of milk-boosting ingredients, but gluten-free, too!


Give Her A Fashion Fix

Stitch Fix has been around for a bit now, but it doesn't mean having hand-picked clothing based on your style delivered to your doorstep has lost its appeal. Give a gift card ($20 to $1,000, Stitch Fix) that can be directly emailed to a mom in your life and let her make selections that will best suit her closet.


Brush Up On Those Cooking Skills

Know a mama who finds her Zen in the kitchen? Consider buying her one or two of these Sur La Table cooking classes ($10 to $20, Sur La Table) with themes like, "Fast, Easy, Fresh" and "Flavor Foundations."


Movie Night

Invite a mom you love to a movie night featuring all of her favorite movies (hello, Harry Potter marathon) with this creative movie ticket card how-to from Martha Stewart. Slip the card into an envelope and snag all of her favorite candies and snacks for a fun girls' night on the couch.


A Thoughtful Care Package

This Mama To Bee Care Package ($36, Etsy) comes with a fun #MOMLIFE tote bag, handmade scented soap, baby onesie, and other fun additions. Bonus? You can have it directly mailed to a mama-to-be in your life just in time for the holidays.


A Gift Card With Attitude

Basically all of Sarah Marie Design Studio's items are on my holiday wish list, like the F*ck Yes! Pin ($15, Sarah Marie Design) above. But if you are in the midst of last-minute holiday shopping and don't have time to wait for a package delivery, then score a gift card for your favorite fitness enthusiast so she can pick something on her own.


For A Prediction Of All The Good Things

OK, how could I not include these adorable Homemade Fortune Cookies from Just A Taste in this roundup? I mean, you will score serious DIY points with this step-by-step recipe for whisking, baking, folding, and penning sweet messages of good fortune for a special mom in your life.

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