15 Places You Should Have Sex At Least Once

by Meg Kehoe

When you think of sex, chances are you think of an act that happens behind closed doors, usually between the sheets, in the safe and comfortable confines of a bed. And although your bed is a perfectly normal and perfectly great place to have sex, it's also a place you should leave behind every once in a while so you can test out the list of places you should have sex at least once. Sort of like a sexual bucket list, this list of places is full of fun, for the most part trustworthy, and occasionally questionable places to have sex.

There's nothing wrong with playing it safe between the sheets, day after day. But wouldn't you love to look back on your sexual history and have it peppered with a few exotic locations? And no, I'm not talking Bali. I'm talking every day places you can spice up and mark with a fun little romp, to check a few memories into your sexual scrapbook. A study published in the Sexual Journal of Medicine in 2014 found that the top two fantasies for women were having sex in a romantic place, and having sex in an unusual place. Not sure where to start? Check out the list of following places, and start planning your next rendezvous.


In The Shower

Beware, this one can be a little dangerous. Human bodies are indeed slippery when wet, so make sure you've got a good grip on things — or each other — before you attempt to pull this one off. Try reading up on some tips for effective shower sex before jumping in.


In The Car

For anybody who grew up in the boondocks, hooking up in the back of a car is probably your favorite pastime. Although not the most comfortable place to get down and dirty, it's definitely worth a spot on this list. Move all seat belts out of the way, and have at it. You'll feel like a teenager again.


At A Party

There's nothing quite like sneaking off at an event or party for a quickie. There's the thrill of getting caught, the thrill of everyone knowing upon your return — basically a lot of thrills associated with this one. Just make sure you lock the door, wherever you wind up.


At Your Parents House

Having sex while at your parents house presents a multitude of obstacles, each one more deliciously dangerous and hilarious than the last. There's something super sexy about having to keep quiet for fear of someone in the family finding out exactly what you're up to.


On A Plane

Regardless of how cheesy it may seem, join the mile high club. Getting frisky at fifty thousand feet isn't something you're likely for forget.


In Your Backyard

Not sure how far your inner exhibitionist is willing to go? Take baby steps, and try a romp in your own backyard — at night, or during the middle of the day — the idea that someone might be watching? Slightly terrifying and a huge turn on.


In Front Of A Mirror

Call me a narcissist, but having sex in front of a mirror is one of the hottest places you can have sex. It's all about confidence with this location.


In The Kitchen

If you're squeamish about this one, just be sure to spray something to sanitize your counter tops after you're done.


In An Elevator

Perfect place for a quickie? I think so. Utilize the emergency stop button if you need a few extra minutes of privacy.


In Front Of A Window

For the beginner exhibitionist, keep those curtains open and have at it. Give your neighbors a show, even if they're not watching. You never know.


On The Stairs

The stairs provide a perfect location for a doggy-style rendezvous. Utilize the height difference in the steps, and stand a few steps above your partner. You can even use the few steps above yourself to hang onto.


Against A Wall

Is there anything hotter than being pushed up against a wall amidst a sex session? Whew.


In The Stacks

Another place where keeping quiet is key, the library. Hooking up in the stacks at the university library where I went to college was on almost every "to-do before you graduate list" that existed. Missed your chance in school? Not to worry, there are plenty of libraries out there with hidden nooks and crannies that you can dive into with your partner for a sexual rendezvous of literary proportions.