a woman wearing a sexy red ugly Christmas sweater

These 15 Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Both Naughty & Nice

Once again, it's "Ugly Christmas Sweater" event season. The tradition is always fun, but if you're tired of the frumpy styles that come along with these parties you may be on the hunt for some sexy ugly Christmas sweaters this year. Thankfully, if you dig deep into the depths of the internet, there are some options out there that are on-theme and hot.

Typically, ugly sweater parties are full of gaudy knit tops that would make Beverly Goldberg proud. The people who really get into the spirit of the party will often pair their sweater with a classic turtleneck (bonus points if it has a Christmas print), a Santa hat, or reindeer antlers (or, all three). The whole thing makes for some great memories and funny pictures to look back on, but leaves a bit to be desired in terms of style.

If you don't want to be a Grinch by not playing by the rules, but would also enjoy wearing something with a sexy twist to it, here's a list of 15 not-so-ugly sweater options. There's something for just about anyone here, including funny print graphics, sexy takes on otherwise cozy tops, and even some sweaters you may not be totally embarrassed to wear to another holiday event.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress

Why stick with a traditional sweater when you can throw on some tights and knee-high boots with an ugly sweater dress? This one is available in seven different prints and a variety of colors including black, green, red, and pink.


A Message For Santa

This sweater not only has a sexy message but also a raw-hemmed neck and off-the-shoulder style. The sweater, which is available in four colors, is made to have a looser fit so you may want to size up to get the look you want.


Cold Shoulder Sweater

While you could opt for the classic sweater and turtleneck combo, this cold shoulder sweater with sequins is a little more festive. The sweater's design is made with various materials to give it different textures, but it's still machine washable so you don't have to worry about Rudolph's nose falling off.


An Off The Shoulders Look

This off the shoulders ugly sweater is made from soft, breathable fabric so you'll stay cozy, but not too hot at your holiday party. It's available in red, green, or black, but does run a tad small, so be sure to size up if you're in between sizes.


A "Naughty List" Sweater

If you want to just tell it like it is, this handmade sweater with "Naughty List" printed on (with glitter!) will do the trick. The thin material and raw hem around the neck adds a little style that typical, bulky sweaters just don't have. Plus, you can customize this sweater by choosing between seven holiday-appropriate colors as well as multiple font color options.


Faux Abs Of Steel

This graphic sweater will have everyone doing a double-take with its crystal clear image of washboard abs. The high-quality graphic on the sweater is printed using technology that allows the top to be machine washable without risking the image fading. All sizes are unisex and are meant to be a snug fit (so size up for a looser fit).


Crop Top Sweater

This crop hoodie is perfect for a fitness enthusiast because it has the classic ugly sweater design but adds a personalized touch with its message, "Merry Liftmas." The top is available in either white or pink and is super soft to the touch. Bonus, it comes pre-laundered so you don't even have to wash it before you wear it.


A Sexy Outfit Illusion

If you want to appear sexy but still wear something less revealing, this crew neck sweater is it. This pull-on (and machine washable!) top provides ample coverage but will definitely serve as a conversation starter.


Ugly Sweater Version Of A Tuxedo Tee Shirt

For anyone who wants to look dapper, but doesn't want to fully commit to a tuxedo this embroidered tuxedo, with real buttons and bow tie, is perfect. The sweater looks like it has all of the traditional layers of a tuxedo including a dress shirt, vest, and jacket... complete with lapels.


Mistletoe Request Cropped Sweater

This cropped, hooded sweater comes with a festive holiday request to meet under the mistletoe. The knit sweater has sequin detailing on the front and a faux mistletoe attached to the hood with a bow. While the top is machine washable, you'll get the best results if you hand wash it.


A Deep-V Cardigan

You can make an ugly Christmas sweater sexy when it's sold in the cardigan version like this sequinned top. It has attention-grabbing gold button closure as well as festive candy canes and stars sewn on the front and back.


Ugly (But Somehow Sexy) Turtleneck

This cozy, stretchy turtleneck has the perfect ugly sweater pattern, but the cut out shoulders offers a little sexy style. It's meant to be long, so it can be worn with leggings, and it's available in four different patterned colors.


Sexy Santa Claus

This sweater is printed to look like Santa is jacked and may have been a bit naughty (thanks to the kiss mark on his chest). The cable knit sweater is designed to give the illusion of layers and comes complete with a Santa hat hood.


Elf Sweater Dress

This soft and cozy sweater dress has serious Elf vibes. It's made with materials that won't shrink in the washing machine and won't feel itchy on your skin while you wear it. Note that it is form fitting and designed to be short, so size up if you want a roomier fit.


Sparkly Mrs. Claus Sweater

This Mrs. Claus inspired cardigan features gold sequined stars on the front and back and includes Santa's signature white, fluffy trim. It should be noted that this top is form fitting and the only closure it offers is the black belt that it comes with (so you may want to use some safety pins if you're concerned about coverage).