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15 Signs You Love Coconut Oil More Than You Love Most People

I know what you're thinking, so don't even start. The miracle of coconut oil is definitely not of a fad. It's not some trendy "superfood" that is only recently making people freak out. Coconut oil has been around forever, it has quietly had a broad following since well before the Internet, and it is here to stay. The health benefits of coconut oil are pretty much undeniable: Coconut oil is good for you, but moreover it's so seriously versatile. Think: the little old dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and his Windex fascination. Coconut oil that you can legit do so many things with that it's almost a crime. Of course, to the people around you who are forced to hear you rave about the benefits of coconut oil all the damn time, the amount you force them to hear about your fandom might definitely seem like some kind of crime.

I'm all for embracing healthy and organic remedies, but there's a difference between people who are interested in coconut oil because they want to see what it can do, and those who are already completely convinced of its amazingness; There are those of us who randomly grab a 16-ounce jar of out of curiosity, and then there are those who shop for the stuff wholesale. And for those of us in the latter category, CO (that's what we call it; it's casual, whatever) is more than just a product we use — it's a beloved presence in our lives. Like, we might love it a little too much. I'm not saying it's more important than the actual humans in our lives, but like, if we had to choose between keeping coconut oil and, say, continuing to have certain non-essential relationships...we'd have to think long and hard about it (and we know who would win, honestly).

If you're worried that you too have crossed over to the dark (er, cloudy white?) side, then you can most certainly identify with these seriously surefire signs that you love coconut oil more than most people.


You Use It For Cooking

This should go without saying, but even still, coconut oil is a worthwhile replacement for butter, oil, and even shortening.


Your Pinterest Board Is 90% Coconut Oil Hacks And 10% Other Stuff Put There Only To Convince Your Followers That Coconut Oil Isn't Your ONLY Interest

You probably already know all the cool stuff that coconut oil can be used for (hint: shaving and making a hair mask are just two gems), but you still stay glued to Pinterest for more uses and recipes.


You've Long Since Tossed Out Your Lip Balm

I mean, everyone loves the feeling of putting on lip balm. It's one of the greatest small joys in life. But you also know that you can use coconut oil instead, and knowing this vital life shortcut makes that small pleasure even bigger.


You Aren't Shy About Showing Off The Benefits

Well, the benefits that coconut oil has on your skin, anyway. (No one needs to know about the brilliant ways you use coconut oil in your sex life, but I mean...that too.) Using CO to treat dry skin and acne works amazingly well for some people, and the perks speak for themselves.


You Know The Difference Between "Refined" And "Unrefined" Coconut Oil

And you've helped explain it to strangers in the grocery store...more than once.


Too Many People Simultaneously Text You When There's A Sale

On a good day, you'll be privy to the coconut oil sales running at several grocery stores, all within a few mile radius of your house. On a bad day? Hey, you can still go and organize your already-full stock of oil jars.


You're Like The Dad From 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' And His Windex

Hey, that dad was totally misunderstood. When you know what works, you know what works! You will readily take out your travel jar or tube of coconut oil and offer it to your friend who just ran out of vegetable oil, or your partner, who is dry enough lips to make you purse yours to even get near them.


There Are Several Clear Jars With Cloudy White Stuff Stacked In Your Medicine Cabinet

Of course, you have all of your special labels for them. It's so important to your overall sense of happiness to always make sure the one labeled "cooking" doesn't get mixed up with the one labeled "beauty" or the one labeled "bedroom." The horror!


Your Natural Scent Is Now Decidedly Tropical

Thanks to all of the coconut oil in your diet and all over your body, you can just assume that perfume is a thing of the past for you now.


You Know How To Put It In Your Hair AND Feed It To Your Dog

Like I said, you've got that oil pulling system down pat, and if that wasn't enough, thanks to so many dog food and treat recipes, you even know how to get your dog in on the coconut oil binge that you've got going on.


Your Friends Know Better Than To Look For Canola Oil Or Butter At Your House

Instead of keeping butter or cooking oil in your house, it's all about the coconut oil for cooking, and your friends know it. Gone are the days of Rachael Ray's "E.V.O.O." CO or go home.


You've Had More Than A Few Surprise Spills In Your Purse

I mean, you had to know that transporting the stuff daily takes some really careful handling, right?


And For That Matter, You're Excellent At Cleaning Oil Off The Kitchen Floor

I remember dropping an entirely too huge bottle of olive oil once while unloading groceries onto the kitchen counter. It was a glass jar that crashed to the floor in an enormous puddle of slippery oil. I eventually cleaned it up, after throwing a fit at myself. When something similar happens with coconut oil, the whole messy situation is made infinitely worse by the fact that you have not only made a mess but you have wasted coconut oil.


Your Toddler Has Definitely Adopted "Coconut" Into Their Growing Vocabulary

Or at least some adorably broken version of the word, effectively making you seriously proud.


You Are A Walking Spokesperson. Like, Coconut Oil Producers Should Pay You Like The One-Woman Street Team You Are.

Maybe you just can't help it, and maybe you're bordering on being in love the coconut oil, but regardless, you are a constant proponent of the stuff, and you aren't even getting paid for it! Not that you really require much more than a nice fat jar of your coconut oil. Come on. Let's make this work, coconut oil people.