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15 Super Bowl Recipes To Make Falcons Fans Rise Up

Y'all, it's time to rise up. If you're an Atlanta Falcons fan in any way, I know you're as excited as I am that the Falcons are headed to Super Bowl LI. It's only the second time in franchise history that the dirty birds have played for the Lombardi trophy, so this is no small sporting event. In fact, if you're throwing a party, you'll need some awesome recipes. And, obviously, the Super Bowl recipes if you're a Falcons fan are going to be a little bit red, a little bit black, and a whole lot of southern.

Let's be honest, these recipes will also work if you're not necessarily a Falcons fan, but just want to eat some good vibes so the New England Patriots lose. According to Heavy, the Patriots have been to eight Super Bowls and won half of them. With Tom Brady as quarterback, he's taken the Patriots to six of those Super Bowls and only lost two of them.

Basically? It's time they lost again to the Atlanta Falcons. USA Today reported that Matt Ryan, the quarterback for the Falcons, is the expected NFL MVP this year, which makes it even more exciting to see Ryan and his team potentially win the first Super Bowl in Falcons franchise history. Why wouldn't you want to celebrate this team? Get your party started right with these Falcons-inspired Super Bowl recipes so you and your friends can officially rise up.


Grilled Peach & Chipotle Salsa

Georgia is the Peach State, but Atlanta isn't always as sweet as the fruit. Take the sweetness of peaches and give a nod to the heat of the Falcons with this grilled peach and chipotle salsa from A Spicy Perspective. Grilled peaches are already a pretty amazing treat, but the smokiness combined with a little spice gives you the perfect taste of Atlanta.


Baked Brown Sugar Chicken Wings

Hey, you can't celebrate the dirty birds without some awesome chicken wings. These baked brown sugar chicken wings from Damn Delicious also come with a roasted red pepper cream sauce, giving them the perfect combination of smoky and sweet with a great, crispy skin. So perfect and wings are just a necessity for a Super Bowl party.


Coke Float Push-Up Pops

Look, if you're going to celebrate Atlanta, that means using Coca-Cola as an ingredient or major part of your party. There's no way around it. But if cans of Coke aren't what you had in mind, try the Coke float push-up pops from Gimme Some Oven. It's the perfect way to use Atlanta's magic elixir plus they are super cute and will make for a great treat when the Falcons win.


Honey Pecan BBQ Sauce Chicken Sliders

Drive through Georgia for any amount of time, and you're bound to see a pecan tree. Plus, this is the south — barbecue is just what we do around here. So these honey pecan BBQ sauce chicken sliders from Good Life Eats sound like a delicious item to have on hand for your Super Bowl celebration. Not to mention, sliders are also great for any kind of gathering because you can easily make enough for your guests and you can eat them one-handed while you're cheering on Matt Ryan and those dirty birds.


Corn Battered Pimento Jalapeno Poppers

Corn is a huge crop in Georgia, but the state is also known for its use of pimentos. Combine those two for a game day snack and you get these corn battered pimento jalapeno poppers from The Gouda Life. Seriously, do these not sound like some kind of Food Network recipe? Plenty of southern taste all in an easy party appetizer.


Shrimp & Grits

Did you know that grits are considered the official prepared dish of Georgia? Shrimp and grits is a classic and this recipe from A Cozy Kitchen can be easily adapted to fit a crowd of people. This particular recipe calls for an egg on top, but leave it out if it's too much and just make a giant portion of grits with plenty of shrimp. So yum.


Classic Fried Chicken

You know what's always a crowd pleaser? Fried chicken. It's also the perfect southern dish and this classic fried chicken recipe from Cooking For Keeps is a pretty easy one to whip together and you can make as much as you need for your party. Who doesn't love fried chicken?


Jalapeno Corn Cakes

With corn being a major crop out of Georgia, these jalapeno corn cakes from A Spicy Perspective give a great nod to the Falcons' home state while still being a delicious appetizer for any kind of gathering. Seriously, whip these up in some cast iron and you're basically my grandma.


Fried Mac & Cheese Balls

If there's one thing the south does right, it's frying stuff. These fried mac and cheese balls from Damn Delicious sound so decadent and savory that it's literally making my mouth water. Perfect for all of your guests, this appetizer is another one that's easy to whip up and will make everybody happy.


Pizza Nachos

With the new Falcons stadium set to open later this year, the new menus have been circulating, getting fans pumped to enjoy their favorite meals at the next Falcons game. According to the menu, both pizza and nachos are two of the most popular items for Falcons fans to chow down on. So why not combine the two? These pizza nachos from The Comfort of Cooking are like every great game day food rolled into one big, giant pile of deliciousness. I mean, who wanted love pizza and nachos combined? It's a nod to the Falcons fans plus, it's easy to make a ton of these at once.


Baked Chili Cheese Dogs

You can't talk about Atlanta eats without talking about a landmark in the city — The Varsity. The world's largest drive-in restaurant has been a staple in the city since 1928 and is famous for its chili cheese dogs. Give that same flavor of Atlanta to your Super Bowl guests with these baked chili cheese dogs from Damn Delicious. They are so easy to put together and because they're baked, they aren't quite as time consuming to make as a more traditional dog. In the words of The Varsity carhops, "What'll ya have?"


Vanilla Cupcakes With Chocolate Buttercream & Raspberry Sauce

Want a dish that's also a decoration? You want these vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and raspberry sauce from Good Life Eats. Not only do they sound amazing, but they also look like great in Falcons colors and will make for an awesome display to represent your favorite birds.


Bourbon Peach Julep Fizz

Bourbon and juleps are southern staples in the cocktail world. Add a dash of peach and you've got the perfect Georgia drink. This bourbon peach julep fizz from i am a food blog is too good to pass up, but it has another purpose other than quenching your thirst — it's the ultimate nod to the Falcons quarterback and his nickname, Matty Ice.


Pecan Brittle

You can't drive through much of Georgia without seeing a pecan tree or two. This pecan brittle from My Baking Addiction is a sweet nod to the pecans here, but it can also make a great favor in bags for your Super Bowl party guests.


Copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets

Chick-Fil-A is the king of fast food, but it's also originally from Georgia, making it a must-have for any gathering that involves the Falcons. But if you want to DIY or just don't have a Chick-Fil-A near you, whip up these copycat Chick-Fil-A nuggets from Damn Delicious. Don't forget your ice cold Coke to wash them down. Rise up, y'all.