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15 Things About The Male Orgasm You Never Knew

Legend has it that the world record for ejaculation distance is 18 feet. Though this tidbit of trivia has yet to be confirmed, there are proven things about the male orgasm that you never knew. Come again? Yup, although the female orgasm has a reputation of being mysterious, so is the male orgasm. This is why people need to educate themselves on the inner mechanics of pleasure. Not only will you be smarter, but you will also enjoy a happy and healthy sex life.

Contrary to popular belief that the male orgasm is a no-brainer — because climaxing is a process that involves physiological, mental, socio-emotional, and medical factors — there's really nothing simple about it. In fact, the male orgasm is just as complex as the female orgasm. According to Psychology Today, men and women experience orgasms similarly. This isn't even news. Research from the 1960s uncovered what's called a "neurological mirror," which, in a nutshell, explains human behavior as a set of shared neurological and biological experiences. Think about how people, regardless of sex, have similar responses to happiness (smiling and laughing) and sadness (frowning and crying). When it comes to climaxing, although the process is a bit more sophisticated, the same principle applies. Cool, right?

In the spirit of getting to know your partner's experience, so you can understand what he and his body are going through when it comes to sex, study up on all the things you might not have known about the male orgasm.


Guys Doesn't Always Ejaculate During Climax

Thought Catalog distinguished between climaxing and ejaculating. Here's the difference, ejaculation goes down in the prostate and urethra, while orgasm happens in the brain. They are two separate body responses.


Guys Can Get High Off An Orgasm

According to Men's Health, the neurotransmitters that fire up during an orgasm are located in the same brain region that gets stimulated when people get high. Thus, the sensations are similar.


Guys Can Fake It

Because ejaculation and orgasm are different bodily functions, it's possible for a man to fake orgasm. Why would he do such a thing? Have you ever faked it? You get the point.


Guys Can Have Multiple Orgasms

Men's Health discussed what's called a refractory period, which is the time between orgasm and subsequent arousal. For some men, this period can be minutes long. Everyday Health, however, suggested that fitness might shorten the refractory period.


Guys Might Not Experience Pleasure During Orgasms

Thought Catalog noted that some men experience anorgasmic ejaculation (without sexual arousal or orgasm) and Men's Health explained this as sexual anhedonia, which is when orgasm does occur, but he's not getting off. This is a rare condition, and studies suggest that one possible cause is taking antidepressants.


Guys Usually Produces About A Teaspoon Of Ejaculate

A "load" typically consists of 3.4 milliliters, or a teaspoon of ejaculate per orgasm, according to Men's Health. I wonder how that data was collected?


Guys' Orgasms Are Affected By Their Health

Men's Health noted that health affects not only volume of ejaculate, but also as aforementioned, can shorten refractory periods. Come on, guys, that's pretty good incentive to stay in shape.


A Guy's Pre-Ejaculate Can Get You Pregnant

Yup, that pre-ejaculate contains sperm, noted Men's Health. All it takes is one to fertilize an egg.


A Guy's Orgasm Comes Before The Ejaculate

Thought Catalog noted that brain scans show that first orgasm occurs, followed by ejaculation, one to three seconds later. Talk about reaching the point of no return.


A Guy's Ejaculate Is Full Of Healthy Stuff

Most of ejaculate is made of up water, noted Men's Health. What else is in there? Sodium, fructose, and zinc.


A Guy's Ejaculate Travels Super Fast

The average speed of ejaculate is 28 miles per hour, noted Men's Health. Those suckers are fast. How many miles can you run in an hour?


Guys Can Orgasm Pretty Quickly

Everyday Health reported that 75 percent of men can climax within two minutes of masturbation. Now that's a quickie. Or, should I say, wham, bam, thank you, hand.


Guys Can Orgasm Pretty Consistently

A study from the University of Chicago found that 75 percent of men reach orgasm consistently. Thus, Everyday Health donned the male orgasm the "inevitable orgasm."


Guys Can Experience Early Ejaculation

It's a common phenomenon that will likely happen to every guy once in a while. Everyday Health defines early ejaculation or premature ejaculation as that which occurs after two minutes or less of sex.


Guys Have A G-Spot

Men have a G-spot too? Well, let's call the frenulum (the area under the head of the penis) the trigger spot most likely to induce an orgasm, sexologist Jessica O'Reilly told Women's Health.