15 4th Of July Activities For When It's Too Hot To Go Outside

The 4th of July is right around the corner and, for many places around the country, the standard outdoor festivities just aren't an option. Not because of rain or storms, but purely because of record-setting high temperatures. With temperatures well above 90 degrees in many places, frantically searching for things to do on the 4th of July if it's too hot to go outside might be priority number one. If you live somewhere where temperatures make being outside a life threatening endeavor (or at least a highly unpleasant and sweaty one), you don't have to cancel all of your festivities just yet.

Instead, consider bringing the festivities indoors this year. Believe it or not, you can have just as much fun inside (where there are air conditioners and you won't feel like melting the second you walk out your door), as you can outside.

Maybe you're looking for fun (and cool) ways to kill time until the temperatures drop low enough for fireworks that evening, or maybe you're hoping to avoid all outdoor activities altogether. Either way, these indoor 4th of July festivities are sure to be just as fun as your annual grill out or pool party — red, white, and blue everything included.


Throw A Patriotic Movie Marathon

Find all of the America-themed movies you can, and commit to doing nothing else but watching each and every one of them.


Have A "Grill-In"

Bring all of your red, white, and blue desserts and favorite 4th of July entrees inside and grill-in just like you would if you were outside.


Go On A Bar Crawl

If you want to try out new places you've never been with minimal outdoor time, try grabbing a few friends and going on a bar crawl instead of doing fireworks at night.


Test Out A Coffee Crawl

For a tamer, kid -friendly option, consider going on a coffee shop crawl and exploring shops around your city you've never been before. You'll be caffeinated enough to stay awake for the entire fireworks show, trust me.


Have An Art Project Day

Fun for kids and adults alike, gather up some art supplies and create as many red, white, and blue things as you can. Try these tutorial for firework fans from Martha Stewart to get you started.


Visit A Local Museum

Museums are an educational and air conditioned way to spend your holiday. Whether it's a small local museum or a nationally recognized one, you're bound to learn a few things about America that you didn't know before.


Break Out The Board Games

A game day is just what the weather man ordered when it's too hot to play outside. Whether it's Twister, Monopoly, or a good old fashioned murder mystery game, everyone in the house will have a great time.


Have A Red White And Blue Feast

Instead of a typical 4th of July feast, try making every red, white, and blue recipe you can get your hands on. Don't think it's possible? There are more options than you'd think.


Transform Your Living Room Into A Dance Floor

With some rearranging, any living room can be turned into a dance floor. All you need is a great playlist and some flashing lights.


Have A Pie Eating Contest

It's self-explanatory and endlessly entertaining. Bake up some 4th of July pies and let the festivities begin.


Play True American, Like A True American

If it's an adults-only party, learn the real rules to New Girl's True American and have a night you'll (probably) always remember.


Have A Tie-Dye Party

What's the 4th pf July without a little bit of tie-dye action? A simple DIY tie-dye activity will keep even the kiddos occupied.


See A Movie

It's a classic idea, but one that never gets old. See the latest flick at your local theater or catch a matinee during the day before the fireworks. Chances are, it won't be a crowded show.


Have Story Time With The Kids

If you have time to plan ahead, take a trip to the library and pick up a few 4th of July-themed books to read to your kids. Otherwise, any books will do.


Write A Letter To A Soldier

Most importantly, spend a few minutes writing a letter to a soldier to thank them for their service. It's a simple act that will set a great example for your kids to follow.