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15 Things To Do On Valentine's Day That Have Nothing To Do With Valentine's Day

Holidays, no matter how exciting they are, have some level of pressure, don't they? Even the smaller ones, like Valentine's Day, are filled with the belief that the day has to be perfect, romantic, and one you'll never forget. Whether you're single or in a relationship, I think anyone would agree that that's a lot of pressure. It can make everyone want to banish the heart-shaped decorations and pink sprinkled cookies so we can focus on enjoying our day with non-Valentine's Day things to do.

Because really, what's the tradition of Valentine's Day? Sexy lingerie, red roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a teddy bear, and an overpriced dinner at a crowded restaurant followed by obligatory sex. That's pretty much the protocol, and it can make for a super boring, lackluster V-Day. Especially when you figure that you'll never wear that lingerie again, the roses will die, the chocolates aren't all that great, and the teddy bear's just going to end up in your kids' pile of stuffed animals.

You can still celebrate love on Valentine's Day, of course. Love comes in many forms, right? It's not always roses and cards. Sometimes it's helping your partner finish their taxes or putting yourself to bed early. If love is really all around, then you don't need traditional plans. Instead, opt for one of these 15 things to do on Valentine's Day that have nothing to do with Valentine's Day.


Organize Your Bookshelves

Look, I'm not a very organized person, but I do love my books and the way their spines look on the shelf, so organizing bookshelves is like a hobby to me. Some prefer to keep it traditional and go for alphabetical by author's last name, but I prefer grouping the books by the color of their spines. (Don't hate me, traditionalists. It's how I find a book I'm looking for anyway.) Seriously. You will enjoy this immensely, fellow book nerds.


Work On Your Taxes

I mean, this is a fairly unromantic task, right? But you know what, it has to be done. Tax Day will be here before you know it and you'll wish you had gotten a head start on Valentine's Day instead of stuffing your face with heart-shaped chocolates.


Play A Drinking Game

Everyone imagines Valentine's Day with lots of champagne flutes and robust, rich glasses of wine. Don't conform. Grab your favorite twelve pack of beer and indulge in a fun drinking game with your friends. Beer pong, flip cup, shot gunning a beer — all great choices.


Go To A Sports Event

While everyone else is in a fancy restaurant (linen tablecloths are so blasé), put on your foam finger and favorite jersey, and head to a sports event. There's nothing like screaming from the stands with a few hundred of your closest friends and drinking beer out of a plastic cup.


Catch Up On Work

That big project is still going to be looming at you on Feb. 15, no matter how much wine you drink on Valentine's Day. Might as well take the romance out of the day and catch up on your work so Monday doesn't hit you square between the eyes.


Eat Cereal For Dinner

Does anybody really think filet mignon is that great? You know what's awesome? A giant bowl of your favorite cereal. Who cares about traditions when you can eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dinner.


Make A Vision Board

This is an especially nice choice if you're feeling a little down on V-Day. Creating a vision board means focusing on your goals, your inspirations, and your aspirations. You will instantly feel motivated and it's a great way to invest in your future days when you need a dose of inspiration.


Clean And Detail Your Car

Look, I know this task sounds terrible, but it's so worth it in the end. So just suck it up, grab a trash bag, and finally throw out all of those Starbucks cups rolling around in your backseat.


Get Educated

It can literally be anything. If you've finished Making a Murderer, do some research on other cases featuring a flawed justice system. If you're not sure what the current presidential candidates stand for, do some research and get educated.


Be A Vision Of Health

Skip the wine, the chocolate, and the relaxing bubble bath for two in favor of veggies, fruit, and a workout sesh. Everyone else can be hungover and sick Feb. 15 while you're kicking ass.


Watch 'The Walking Dead' Premiere

Screw those romantic comedies and Hugh Grant movies -- you need blood and guts. Your favorite crew is back for season six of The Walking Dead at 9 p.m. EST on Feb. 14.


Hand Wash That Pile Of Clothes

I always seem to have a pile of clothes that need hand washing in the corner of my room, so I'm just going to assume you do, too. Go ahead and take care of those, will you? I'll drop off my blouses soon.


Create A Mini Succulent Garden

All your co-workers' desks are going to look like horror movie sets with those dead roses in a week. You, however, have your own gorgeous, mini succulent garden thanks to this easy tutorial from Homey Oh My!


Go Shopping For Comfy Pajamas

No silk or lace allowed here. I'm talking the comfiest, softest pajamas you can find — way more comfortable than any piece of lingerie.


Go To Bed Early

I mean like, 8 p.m. Everyone else can eat their overpriced steaks in crowded restaurants while you burrow into those pillows for a long winter's nap.