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Turn Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into These Desserts & Avoid All The Tiny Wrappers

On our street, we usually have to buy 300 pieces of candy every year to make sure each trick-or-treater who comes by can get at least one piece. We never have leftovers, but for everyone else, there are several things to make with leftover Halloween candy and save yourself from moving that plastic treat bucket from table to table in your house. Some of these recipes are so delicious that I almost want to take advantage of the Halloween candy sales the grocery stores undoubtedly have, just so I can make some of these mouth-watering goodies. There are recipes using Reese's, Butterfingers, Whoppers, Kit Kats, Snickers, M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, and even the most controversial Halloween candy — candy corn.

But even I, the most avid candy corn hater, would probably have to try the candy corn bark recipe below because there are pretzels included mixing your salt and your sweet. Yum. My Memaw would be so proud. So if you have more Halloween candy than you know what to do with, and you can pry it from your kids' hands, you should totally make these decadent treats. I have a feeling your kids won't be too sad to give up their candy for it to be repurposed into something as delicious as these desserts.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Um, homemade ice cream with peanut butter cups in it sounds like it just might be heaven on earth. This Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream recipe from Brown Eyed Baker looks super delish, and not as complicated as you may think it would.


Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Y'all. A chocolate cookie stuffed with a Reese's? I think this has to be one of the seven deadly sins. Bring it on. Bakerella's Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is worth it.


Oatmeal Reese’s Pieces Cookies

This Oatmeal Reese's Pieces Cookies recipe from Bake Love Give is perfect on its own, but the author also mentions the oatmeal cookie base would work well with any type of Halloween candy you may have left over. I can just taste those chocolatey peanut-buttery Reese's Pieces now.


Black Cat Cupcakes

Not only are these Black Cat Cupcakes from Bakerella adorable and festive, but they're fun to bake, too. Use leftover M&Ms and gumdrops for the eye and candy corn for the nose.


Leftover Halloween Candy Bark

Now this is what I immediately think of when I am trying to come up with recipes to use my leftover Halloween candy — Brown Eyed Baker's Leftover Halloween Candy Bark. You've got your Butterfinger, your Heath Bars, your Reese's, Peanut M&Ms, and more in this delicious concoction.


Trick Or Treat Mini Cakes

Do you have leftover hard candy, M&Ms, or Reese's Pieces you need to get rid of? These Trick Or Treat Mini Cakes from Bakerella are a super cute way to celebrate Halloween at least one more day while using up some candy.


No-Bake Butterfinger Pie

A pie recipe that requires no baking and Butterfinger? I'm sold. Brown Eyed Baker's No-Bake Butterfinger Pie is simple, and delicious.


M&M Cupcakes With Peanut Butter Frosting

Peanut Butter M&Ms are one of the greatest candy inventions ever. Putting regular M&Ms on top of peanut butter frosting, like in this Your Cup of Cake recipe for M&M Cupcakes With Peanut Butter Frosting, will definitely have you thankful you had some of those M&Ms leftover from Halloween.


Candy Crush Brownies

Have an assortment of candy you need to get rid of? This recipe for Candy Crush Brownies by Bakerella cannot be beat. Trust me.


Wacky Candy Cupcakes With Ferrero Rocher & Reese’s Cup

You could really top these Wacky Candy Cupcakes With Ferrero Rocher and Reese’s Cup from Willow Bird Baking with any candy you wish. The cupcakes serve as a delicious vessel for your leftover Halloween candy.


Candy Corn & Pretzel Chocolate Bark

I'm one of those folks who hates candy corn with a passion, and it's always leftover in my stash. I think it's overly sweet and has the texture of wax, but this Candy Corn and Pretzel Chocolate Bark recipe from Brown Eyed Baker may just change my mind. I love mixing savory and sweet together, and these salty pretzels mixed with white chocolate, chocolate chips and candy corn would do just the trick.


Peanut Butter Snickers Cheesecake Bars

These Peanut Butter Snickers Cheesecake Bars by Bakerella have to be what heaven would taste like if it had a flavor. Cheesecake, snickers, and peanut butter? Y'all.


Chocolate Malted Whopper Cookies

Now I may be the odd person out on this one, but Whoppers are my all time favorite candy. I'm a big malt girl, what can I say? I think these Chocolate Malted Whopper Cookies by Brown Eyed Baker may just be my most favorite dessert combination of all time.


Butterfinger Crunch Ice Cream

When I was a kid, every Sunday my dad and I would head over to Dairy Queen and grab a small Butterfinger Blizzard to go, and we'd drive around and look at houses being built in the surrounding neighborhoods. And this decadent Butterfinger Crunch Ice Cream recipe from Bakerella definitely takes me back to that time. Yum.


Kit Kat Cream Cheese Brownies

Kit Kats are another favorite of mine. And cheesecake. Put it together, and you have the ultimate fantasy dessert for me. These Kit Kat Cream Cheese Brownies from Bakerella definitely do not disappoint.