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15 Cute & Colorful Kids' Umbrellas On Amazon With The Best Reviews

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If you’ve ever had a steady stream of rain trickle down your back while you’re outside, then you know how icky that sensation can be. More often than not, this usually occurs when you’re trying to cover your kiddo with your umbrella during a downpour — and well, there’s probably not enough room for the both of you. So as you fill your shopping cart with must-haves and items you absolutely don’t need, check out this list of the best umbrellas for kids on Amazon.

The cute thing about kids’ umbrellas is that they’re so completely colorful. Unlike adult ones, which tend to be solid colors (and really, kind of boring), the ones for children are sometimes shaped like animals and boast bright and bold handles that make carrying them something that your kiddo won’t complain about. “Most umbrellas are recommended for use ages 3 and up,” Dr. Alison Mitzner, MD, a pediatrician tells Romper in an email. “Their gross motor skills are really improving as are the fine motor skills, which are the small muscles of the child’s hands.” So by this age, your child should have the necessary skills to be able to open, close, and hold an umbrella with ease — and hopefully not pinch their fingers while doing so.

So if you’re looking for an umbrella that will keep your kid cute and dry, these 15 umbrellas are excellent options. Here’s to rainy days that lead to sunny skies!

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Little Girls’ Pop Up Umbrella Unicorn

Your child will think that unicorns actually exist, thanks to the 3D effect on this parasol. The curved handle makes holding (and hanging) the umbrella up easy. It’s made from 100% polyester, and measures 22” x 27” once opened. Plus, who can resist that adorable striped horn accent?


Stephen Joseph Pop Up Shark Umbrella

Rainy days don’t stand a chance against this shark-inspired umbrella from Stephen Joseph. It has not one but two pop up accent features —one for the fin, and the other for the tail— for an aquatically awesome time. And with this toothy smile, this shark is looking for friends, not food.


Pink Ballerina Umbrella

Your tiny dancer can pirouette between the raindrops with this beautiful ballerina parasol. It features dancers in a variety of poses (tendu, anyone?), and has a purple ribbon bow tie at the top. A matching purple ruffle that goes around the umbrella complete the cute look.


Peppa Pig Clear Bubble Umbrella

Jumping up and down in muddy puddles has never been easier, thanks to this bubble umbrella. Featuring everyone’s favorite oinker, the dome-shaped rain cover offers more coverage to keep your child from getting wet. Even Peppa would approve.


Mountain Warehouse Kids Rainbow Umbrella

It’ll be all rainbows and sunshine (well, almost), when your child rocks this rainbow umbrella on a rainy day. Made from polyester, it can be used for either stormy days or simply to shield your child from the sun. And with its bright colors, you’ll never have a problem picking out your kid at the school pick up.


DC Comics Little Boys Batman Umbrella

With its classic Batman design, this umbrella will definitely keep your small superhero nice and dry. It has yellow plastic safety caps as part of its clamshell handle. A black carrying cord makes toting easy for your little sidekick.


MGA Entertainment LOL! Surprise Kids Umbrella

No laughs, this umbrella is absolutely adorbs. Featuring three LOL! Surprise dolls, the umbrella has the unzipping design that is so popular with the brand. It’s a little larger than typical kids’ umbrellas, since it can also stand.


Disney Umbrella and Slicker Set

Sometimes, your child needs more than just an umbrella to keep her from getting soaked. This Minnie Mouse umbrella also comes with a matching slicker to ensure that your child stays dry. Snaps make putting on or taking off the slicker a breeze, and the attached hood will keep your cutie’s hair covered.


Stephen Joseph Paisley All Over Print Umbrella

For kids who don’t want an umbrella covered in cartoons, this paisley-printed design from Stephen Joseph’s is both fun and floral. The umbrella is easy to open and close, and comes with a hook and loop closure for simple storage.


Kung Fu Smith Auto Open Eiffel Tower Clear Bubble Umbrella

Your child will feel like they’re in the City of Lights, thanks to this Parisian-inspired umbrella. The clear bubble design features, of course, the Eiffel Tower, and other cute illos, like hearts and stilettos. Your kiddo will definitely say “Je t'aime” to this umbrella.


18 Inch Rainy Day Ladybug Umbrella

Your kid will be the most beautiful bug on the block when they get to use this umbrella walking to and from school. The red umbrella features black spots, and two little eyes. The red handle perfectly matches with the rest of the look.


Clear Polka Dot Umbrella

You won't be able to help yourself from taking photos of your kid toting around this adorable polka dot umbrella. Lightweight and made with a pinch-proof opening and closing mechanism, it's designed with children in mind.


Frog Umbrella

Getting a classic frog-style umbrella as a kid is like a rite of passage. This adorable product is cute, noticeable (you can't lose track of it in a crowd), and even when it's not raining out, you child can still enjoy playing with it.


Lemon Umbrella

Looking for some sunshine on a rainy day? Look no further than this lemon patterned parasol. If sour fruits aren't your kid's thing, they also come in a watermelon or kiwi design.


Dinosaur Umbrella

If your child loves all things fossil-related, your budding paleontologist will flip for this adorable dinosaur-themed umbrella. T-rex, brontosaurus, all the most well-known species are represented on this parasol, and your kid will get a kick out of naming each and every one.

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