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For A Dose Of Luck & Originality, Try These 15 Unique Irish Baby Names

This month, it's time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, making it the perfect time to pick out some truly Irish baby names. If you're searching to honor your Irish heritage or you simply love the Irish culture and want some unique names just for fun, this list of 15 unique Irish baby names for 2019 will spark some serious possibilities — they're rarely heard anymore.

Some of these Irish names go way back to the medieval period and even before, making them totally unique today. Their traditional Gaelic spelling also makes these names interesting and rare because the way they're pronounced is so unusual for us English speakers; I promise, they all sound beautiful. Some of the more modern ones may be easier to pronounce, and while they may not be so unique in the Land of the Emerald Isle, they are certainly hard to come by over here in the states. Some of these names are even intertwined within Irish legend, making them all the more intriguing. You never know, maybe your future baby name is on this list. You don't have to be Irish, enjoy the color green, or give birth on St. Patrick's Day to fall in love with these monikers.



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Pronounced LOK-lin, Lochlainn is traditionally an Irish boy name meaning "land of the Vikings," according to Nameberry. However, in an article on the website Name Doctor, the name Lochlainn actually has a bit more history behind it. According to the article, Lochlainn means “one who dwells at the fjord-land”. This was the Irish term for invaders from Scandinavia, and in fact, the name actually refers to a geographic place in classic Gaelic literature in medieval Ireland. But, in the modern Gaelic language it refers to Scandinavia, specifically Norway, making it the perfect name for those looking for something that honors both Irish and Scandinavian ancestry.



Aelish is an Irish girl name meaning "truth teller" or "noble one" and according to Baby Name Wizard, is the origin of the name Alice. It is pronounced AY-lish, which is the very Irish way of saying Alice. Either way it is a beautiful baby girls' name and the perfect way to honor an Alice in your family.



This beautiful Irish girls' name is not so unique in Ireland, but here in the states it's highly unusual. Caoimhe is pronounced KEE-va and according to Baby Names of Ireland means "gentle, beautiful, precious."



Pronounced SER-sha, this Irish baby girls' name became popular in Ireland in the 1920s and means "freedom."



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According to the website Behind the Name, Aoife means "beauty" and Irish legend says that Aoife was a warrior princess — you can't get more awesome than that. Aoife is also the Gaelic version of Eve or Eva and is pronounced EE-fa.



Pronounced leer-ee and traditionally a boys' name, Laoghaire means "shepherd," according to the baby name website She Knows. But honestly, how cute would a little girl named Laoghaire be?



Daícota is actually pronounced like the English name Dakota and is typically an Irish girl's name, but really, a boy named Daícota is just as sweet. This name is so unique that I had a really hard time finding the meaning behind the name but according to She Knows, the name holds the same meaning for the American version of Dakota, which is "friend, ally."



Daimhin is pronounced DAW-veen (which is not at all what I would have guessed) and means "little deer," according to the Baby Names of Ireland website.



According to Ireland 101, the name Dela is an Irish girl's name and means "winged one" or "pleasure." And this name is actually pronounced how it's spelled so if you're looking for something that's easier for the English to sound out, this might be your jam.



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Cliona — pronounced, KLEE-ona — means "shapely" and according to Irish legend, Cliona was the name of a beautiful goddess, noted the website Behind the Name.



Pronounced HI-ya, this Irish baby girl's name not only sounds lovely but means "glad," which is very lovely, too.



This is one of the cutest unisex names on this list and luckily for us English speakers, it's pronounced exactly how it's spelled. According to Ireland 101, Hagen for a girl means, "little, young" or if spelled, Hagan means "ruler of the home," which may be very fitting once you bring that sweet little bundle home. For a boy, Hagen means "heart and mind," and if spelled Hagan, it means "youthful."



This name isn't exactly unique across the pond, but you rarely hear it here in the states. Gemma means "gem" or "gemstone."



Another name that isn't very unique over in Ireland, Colm would be an original choice here. This Irish baby boy's name is pronounced CULL-um and means "dove."




Grady means "noble," according to Baby Name Wizard and while there are a few famous Gradys, it's still a delightful Irish baby boys' name with Gaelic origin, making it an excellent choice for your baby's unique Irish name.