Here's What To Get Your Cat For Valentine's Day, Cause You Love That Crazy Kitty

At approximately 5:30 a.m. on December 26, stores shove the Santa figurines and snowman greeting cards on the discount shelf and start displaying heart-shaped everything. Yep, it's time to think about Valentine's Day and the tokens of affection you plan to bestow on your loved ones. For cat owners like me, that includes pets, because why leave them out of the fun? Happily, there are plenty of Valentine's Day gift ideas for cats that will have them purring their thanks.

Before you start making those tired "crazy cat lady" jokes, you might want to know that Americans spent $751 million on Valentine's Day gifts for pets last year, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation. That works out to about $5.50 per cat or dog, still considerably less than the $89 average spent on spouses or significant others. So it's not as though people are breaking the bank on their fur babies.

Still, why shouldn't you give a little something to your cats for a holiday that celebrates love? Cats comfort you on down days, entertain you with their antics, provide warmth on your laps on cold nights, and remind you of the importance of treasuring simple joys (relaxing, cuddling, a little catnip now and then). The sound frequency of a cat's purrs may even help researchers understand how bones heal, according to Scientific American.

The gifts you choose for your cat should be as individualized as your kitty itself. Fierce hunter or mellow couch potato, gourmet or athlete, there's something for every type of cat out there. This list should get you started on your quest to find the ideal V-Day present.


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