15 Vegetarian Sheet Pan Dinners The Entire Family Will Devour

Before I got pregnant, I was a vegetarian off and on for about 15 years (more "on" than "off"). However, once I became pregnant with my son, I wanted all the fried chicken, all the time. Especially Chick-fil-A. Now, I include meat in our weekly meal plans for our family, but still have a ton of vegetarian lunches and dinners throughout the week — especially now that vegetarian sheet pan dinners are all the rage. Apparently, the sheet pan is the new Instant Pot, y'all. And believe it or not, the 15 vegetarian sheet pan dinners in this list aren't all just roasted vegetables and that's it. There are all kinds of meatless meals you can make with your sheet pan. Who knew?

And the best thing about a sheet pan meal is you basically only dirty up one pan and one cutting board to prep them. Add tin foil to your pan, and you didn't even dirty up the pan, leaving your evening free to do other things rather than dishes. So if you're vegetarian, hoping to incorporate more plant-based meals to your weekly menu, or if you're looking for your next meatless Monday meal, these 15 vegetarian sheet pan dinners will make your mouth water. Bonus: most of them are 30-minute meals. Bon Appétit!


Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas

Breakfast for dinner is definitely a thing in our house, especially if it's as delicious and nutrient-rich as this Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas recipe from Damn Delicious. And who knew you could cook eggs in the oven like that? I sure didn't. Game changer.


Cheesy Broccoli Pizza

This Cheesy Broccoli Pizza recipe from Healthy Happy Life is vegan — made with vegan cheese — but you could probably use real cheese instead to make it vegetarian if you wanted.


Sheet Pan Zucchini Parmesan

Now I've heard of eggplant parmesan, but zucchini? That's a horse (vegetable) of a different color. This sheet pan version of Zucchini Parmesan from Damn Delicious will be a decadent weeknight meal the entire family will love.


Veggie Fajita Sheet Pan Nachos

Nachos are life, y'all. And who doesn't love roasted peppers and onions on top of chips and cheese? Throw a little guac on top and you're golden. This Veggie Fajita Sheet Pan Nachos recipe from How Sweet Eats is the, with lots of protein-rich beans so you don't need meat to feel full.


Sheet Pan Buddha Bowls With Tahini Sauce

Call me a millennial, but I love me a good Buddha Bowl. They're Insta-worthy, pretty to look at, and nourishing as heck. These Sheet Pan Buddha Bowls with Tahini Sauce by Yummy Mummy Kitchen is as delicious as it is beautiful and easy to make on a weeknight. And this recipe is extra special because it includes a ton of fall favorite veggies, like butternut squash and potatoes to name a few.


Warm Autumn Roasted Vegetable Salad

Speaking of fall, I'm really digging harvest bowls in addition to Buddha Bowls as of late. And yes, I realize it's early August. I'm a fall gal, what can I say? How Sweet Eats' Warm Autumn Roasted Vegetable Salad has Brussels, apples, pumpkin seeds, feta, and more. My mouth is totally watering right now.


Sheet Pan Cauliflower Nachos

Like I said, nachos are life, and this Sheet Pan Cauliflower Nachos recipe from Damn Delicious takes nachos to the next level with a "na-cho" common ingredient found in nachos. Cauliflower. Trust me. It's good. And you don't need no stinkin' chips either.


Open Face Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches

One of my favorite meals as a vegetarian was a roasted veggie sandwich. Simple, tasty, filling. And this Open Face Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches recipe from Good Life Eats is a dream come true and it's simple to make on your sheet pan. Plus it has all my favorite veggies, like zucchini, bell peppers, and more. Plus, ooey gooey melted cheese all on top of garlic bread. Swoon.


Sheet Pan Gnocchi & Roasted Vegetables

I'm slightly embarrassed to say that until I met my Italian husband, I don't think I knew what gnocchi was. But now, it's one of my favorite pastas. I love it pan fried, boiled, and in this amazing sheet pan recipe with peppers, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Y'all, you have to try this Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Roasted Vegetables recipe from How Sweet Eats pronto.


Easy Mini Nacho Pizzas

When I was a poor vegetarian college student, pizza was my life. I made it on English muffins, and bought a single slice of cheese for $1 at the pizza place down the street. It was quick, filling, and delicious. But these Mini Nacho Pizzas from Healthy Happy Life combine my two favorite foods — pizza and nachos. They've got all your favorite nacho ingredients on a tiny adorable English muffin pizza. And this recipe also calls for vegan cheese, but I think it would taste as good with regular cheese if you're not vegan.


Sheet Pan Hoisin Tofu & Vegetables

I know a lot of people are scared of tofu, but I promise you don't have to be. The key is to drain it and press it between paper towel and a cast iron skillet for a bit before you cook it. Once the water is out, it's much easier to cook with and much tastier. This Hello Veggie Recipe of Sheet Pan Hoisin Tofu And Vegetables takes tofu and veggies to the next level by making an easy-to-prepare healthy and hearty weeknight meal on one sheet pan.


Cauliflower Chickpea Sheet Pan Dinner

This Cauliflower Chickpea Sheet Pan Dinner from May I Have That Recipe takes only five minutes to prep, and 30 minutes in the oven — resulting in a flavorful, delicious, and robust dish. The authors over on the May I Have That Recipe blog also describe how you can tailor these sheet pan dinners to your tastes and whatever culinary flavor you're feeling that night. It's definitely worth checking out.


Sheet Pan Garlic Tofu & Brussels Sprouts Dinner

I just had to include another tofu and veggie dinner on this list. And I feel like this Sheet Pan Garlic Tofu and Brussels Sprouts Dinner is really special by Emily Kyle Nutrition. It's super flavorful, nutrient-dense, and a perfect mixture of savory, sweet, and salty. Yum. You gotta love the Brussels sprouts, dried cranberry, and pumpkin seed combo.


Sheet Pan Spinach, Tomato, & Ricotta Frittata

If you're a vegetarian that still eats eggs, this Sheet Pan Spinach Tomato And Ricotta Frittata from Recipe Runner is a must.


Sheet Pan Gnocchi With Cherry Tomatoes & Mozzarella

This Sheet Pan Gnocchi With Cherry Tomatoes And Mozzarella from The Food Charlatan is reminiscent of a caprice salad. And oh so delicious, filling, and easy.