Funny baby in winter clothes (overalls) is sitting in a pile of leaves

These 15 Videos Of Kids Jumping Into Leaf Piles Will Make You So Nostalgic

Is there a more tempting sight in autumn than a big old pile of leaves just waiting to be jumped into? Even parents who absolutely hate doing yard work know that hours of raking ultimately lead to a big pay off — the perfect leafy mountain for your little ones to play around in adorably. Watching videos of kids jumping into leaf piles will transport you straight back to your childhood.

So many little ones have a sense of invincibility that totally shines through when you see them taking acrobatic leaps into leaves. I'm not going to lie: Some of these videos made me wince at first, because I was so sure I was about to see someone crack their head open. But in each and every case, the child in question is having an absolutely blast, and pops back up from their crash landing with a massive smile on their face. My grown up bones could definitely not handle it, which makes it even more fun to live vicariously through these kids.

Whether you're a city dweller who's never had the pleasure of diving into a massive leaf pile or a suburban native who remembers the fall tradition fondly, these 15 videos are sure to put a smile on your face.



Who loves jumping into leaf piles more than little kids? Why, @chocolatelabchase, of course. This boy's shining moment is hilariously upstaged by his chocolate lab. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt and he found it just as funny as you will.


Pure Joy

There's only one way to describe the look on this girl's face as she jumps into this pile: pure joy. I love that the pile is so deep that she's immediately buried up to her neck. The slow-mo effect @allthewildplaces added to the video also makes it even cuter.


Little Helpers

@kidzstew figured out the best way to get their kids to help with the raking: let them frolic in the leaf pile afterward. Sure, it might mean you have to rake again immediately after you've finished, but with happy faces like these, I'd say it's worth it.


Spin Move

The best leaf piles leave you completely buried, and the one showcased by @thefarmatoxford definitely fits the bill. When this little boy does his rotating spin move/jump into the pile, he all but disappears once he hits the leaves.


Diving Right In

@official_v said this little girl had been waiting all season long for the perfect leaf pile, and she finally got her wish. The way she's standing on that curb reminds me of a swimmer standing on a diving board — and she certainly makes quite the "splash" when she lands.


The Athlete

This boy's dive immediately reminded me of an NFL player diving into the end zone with a touchdown, it was so athletic. And I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, since he apparently comes from sporty stock. The video was shared by the boy's dad, the Olympian and X-Games champion snowboarder @nickbaumgartner.


Double Trouble

OK, these two aren't technically jumping into a leaf pile. But they're too cute as they have a blast crunching and crumpling leaves, so I couldn't resist including the video posted by @itsjessicagrace.


Climb And Jump

I was so sure this video from @jeremykinnick was going to end in disaster, I practically had to shield my eyes. But some kids just seem to be made of rubber, and this boy has nothing but fun as he jumps into this leaf pile from an impressive height. Kids are so fearless.


Bouncing Around

@claireunabia thought up a genius combination. Who know that leaves and a trampoline went so well together? This girl's happy face proves it's a match made in heaven.


Tarzan Time

You know you've got an impressively large leaf pile when you can go airborne and still have a soft landing. This kid could pass for Tarzan swinging around like that. @barbarapfister's pile ends up looking like a volcano after the kid sinks right into the middle of it.


Trust Fall

Here's a move we haven't seen yet: the backwards trust fall into a giant pile of leaves. Some day, this little girl is going to be a pro at team building exercises at her future employer.


The Daredevil

This video from @den10jason may get the nod for the most daring jump into a leaf pile. This kid does a back flip over the porch railing to dive into the pile without so much as batting an eye. My back hurts just looking at it, but it's certainly impressive.


Barrel Roll

I was waiting for this little girl to take the jump when the boy came out of nowhere with an amazing barrel roll through the leaves. It's even more impressive that he appears to have done it in flip-flops. As @HazenWESH noted, it's definitely #extreme.


Giggling Good Time

You'll need the sound on to truly appreciate this one. It's not the biggest leaf pile you'll see on the list, but it'll give you maximum enjoyment nonetheless. @KyleHigdon captured a joyful and contagious laugh.


Little Ninjas

Slow-mo is the perfect way to show off the kicks by these two little boys. They get some pretty impressive height with their ninja-level moves. @plainjanie4 said the boys don't want to see these leaves bagged up and tossed out — because then the fun is done.