15 'Walking Dead' Valentine's Day Memes That Perfectly Combine Walkers & Love

With Valentine's Day practically here, you're probably thinking about a guy with an arrow and the love he's going to shower over you. He is a master with his bow, his aim is always perfect, and he's pretty adorable, too. Oh, and he's really good at killing zombies. Wait — who did you think I was talking about? I've got a lot more Daryl Dixon on my mind than Cupid this week and all of the Walking Dead Valentine's Day memes circling the internet agree with me.

Valentine's Day means different things to different people, but for fans of the hit AMC series, Feb. 14 is all about the return of The Walking Dead. The show premiers at 9 p.m. EST on Valentine's Day, and fans are prepping with walker-themed V-Day celebrations and, of course, perfect memes for the day of love. Even Hallmark has gotten in on the action by teaming up with The Walking Dead to release special zombie-themed Valentine's Day e-cards, according to Rolling Stone.

Whether you're looking for the perfect card to send the Daryl to your Carol, or you just want to let your social media followers know that you're thinking about walkers instead of chocolates on Valentine's Day, these 15 Walking Dead Valentine's Day memes are perfect for you.


Love From The Governor

I don't know if I'd let Michonne know that you feel this way, but the sentiment is sweet all the same. (And kind of creepy.)


You're The Real MVP

I mean, The Walking Dead features some badass women, so why wouldn't we want to watch them assassinate some walkers?


Red Is The Color Of V-Day

You can call each other "yummy" all you want, but do you really mean it?


Grimes Wisdom

I can literally hear his voice saying this one, and it makes this meme a thousand times funnier.


Let's Be Honest

Bad grammar aside, you keep doing you, Carl.


My Version Of Cupid

As long as he's not pointing it at your own head.


That's Love, Baby

When you get the Lori Grimes stamp of approval, you're in.


Stop The Ignorant

No, honey, I don't care that you got 17 Minnie Mouse valentines at your kindergarten party because Rick is back.


The Trap Of Comparison

Making everyone all jelly.


Mic Drop

Hey-oh! You know the drill. Let's make our own little *ss-kicker.


I'll Do Whatever They Say

The guns aren't necessary, guys. I'll go anywhere with you two.


Bow Masters

I feel like Daryl's shot will hurt more when it hits you (because he's actually trying to kill you), but say it with me —worth it.


Crazy In Love

Beyoncé said it best. "Got me lookin' so crazy right now."


I Want A Love Like Carol & Daryl

Well? Will you?


Look At Them

And I think we can all agree that this meme wins. Just look at them!