16 Holiday Gifts To *Really* Spoil Your Pregnant Friend

Growing a baby is physically and mentally exhausting and the pressure of the holidays only makes it worse, so if there's someone in your life who is pregnant it's a great time to find something special to give them. Some mamas-to-be spend their days taking care of a bunch of young kids, others are working full-time and still others are doing both. At the end of the day, they could use a little TLC and pampering, so we found the best gifts to spoil pregnant women in order to help you in that mission.

There are many directions you can take your gift-giving, but try to make them centered around her, not the new baby. From gifts that help her get through a busy day to gifts that give her a spa-like respite to gifts that actually take her away on a retreat, at least mentally, there are many options. If you want to give her something to unwrap — who doesn't enjoy that process — consider a cozy piece of clothing, some beauty products she wouldn't buy for herself or even some yummy ice cream, delivered right to her door. There are so many different things she will appreciate.

Some gifts don't even have to be purchased. An offer to cook a meal, or to help clean her house will do wonders to rejuvenate her. Take it one step further and babysit the kids overnight, so she can have a night off and then sleep in — she'll love you forever.

So whatever her style, and your budget, here are some A-plus gift ideas for pregnant women this holiday season. And just a heads up, these will win you serious brownie points all year long.


A Cozy Throw

Faux Fur Throw, $60, West Elm

The mama-to-be can snuggle under this and binge her favorite TV series or take a quick, refreshing nap on the couch. It's super soft and comes in a bunch of different colors.


Indulgent Spa Supplies

Spa Tower, $50, Uncommon Goods

She may not have the time to get to a spa, but these goodies will give her the gift of feeling like she did. She can climb into the tub filled with bath salts, while wearing a soaking mask, and lighting an aromatic candle. When she's done she can slather on rich body butter and feel totally relaxed.


A Yummy Robe

Wamsutta Plush Initial Robe, $60, Bed Bath & Beyond

She can pair this with an in-home spa treatment or throw it on over her pjs on a Saturday morning. Buy it in a larger-than-usual size to fit over her growing belly and she will still be able to wear it after she gives birth. It's also a great thing to bring to the hospital to give her a little extra comfort after delivery.


Binge-able Snacks

Binge Session Gourmet Treat Basket, $50, Mouth

When it gets harder for her to make it through a movie in the theatre (no one's going to pause the flick for all those bathroom breaks she'll need to take) she can stream a film on Netflix at home and kick back with these yummy snacks that are better than anything offered at the concession stand. Mouth has taken the traditional movie theater treats, like popcorn and Starburst, and upgraded them into one gourmet package.


Skin Care Products

Mama Bee Pamper Gift Box, $25, Burt's Bees

This is great for the woman who loves to keep her skin moisturized and nourished with natural ingredients.


A Frame For The Sonogram Or First Baby Pics

Picture Frame, $29, Pottery Barn Kids

Pretty soon her home will be filled with baby pics, but you can get a jumpstart and give her a frame to tuck that sonogram pic into. For those who already know the sex, there is the traditional pink frame for girls and blue for boys, but there's also a gender neutral white baby frame.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba, $700, Bed Bath and Beyond

Rosie, the robot maid from The Jetsons, is nearly a reality. What better gift for a pregnant woman could there be than one that allows her to vacuum the floor from the comfort of her couch and without exerting any energy? This robot vacuum cleaner takes care of messy floors and can even be programmed via smartphone to set custom cleaning preferences.


Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea Assortment, $20 for 10, Tea Forte

Sometimes taking a half hour and drinking a cup of tea can be a quick and easy treat. This gift lets your pregnant friend partake in the enjoyment with an assortment of herbal teas (which typically contain much less, or no caffeine) at their disposal. Each delicious blend is wrapped in a beautiful pyramid-shaped sachet that will stand upright in their mug.


Foot Spa

HoMedics Bubble Spa Pro Foot Bath, $50, Kohls

Again, on the theory that even the small things can make a pregnant woman feel good, here's a way to help her aching feet. This foot spa heats the water and has rollers that will help relax those knots in her feet.


At Home Massage

Massage, $119, Soothe

Book her a massage that will come to her. Soothe will find a local therapist who arrives at her house with everything they need, from a massage table to creams to soothing music. The massage therapist can tailor their service to be gentle for a pregnant women and they even do couples massages, so the dad-to-be can get some spoiling, too.


Gourmet Ice Cream

Ice Cream Gift Collection, $44, Jeni's

There's always room for ice cream. Spoil her with incredibly decadent ice cream flavors, like Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Gooey Butter Cake, and Milkiest Chocolate. You can opt for a one-time gift collection, or get her the gift that keeps on giving — an ice cream subscription that delivers four pints right to her house four times a year, so she can indulge during those sleepless post-baby nights too.


A Weekend Get Away

Airbnb Gift Card (any price, Airbnb)

Get her out of her routine with the gift of a weekend away. With an Airbnb gift card, she can pick where she wants to go. The gift cards never expires, so if she doesn't get to use it while she's pregnant, she can save it for a time when she really needs a respite in the near or far future.


Mocktail Mixers

Cocktail Mixers, $50, aha

She's probably not indulging in a cocktail while she's pregnant, but with a delicious mixer and a little seltzer, she can have something that's almost as good.


Anti-Stretch Mark Kit

Bump Bag Bliss, $50, The Spoiled Mama

If she's stressin' about stretch marks on her post-baby bod, this kit might be just the thing, with tummy butter, stretch mark oil, and exfoliating gloves to improve circulation in stretch mark-prone areas. It's also vegan, organic, and toxin-free.


A Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service, prices vary, Merry Maids

With every last bit of energy going toward her job, her kids and her growing baby, cleaning the house thoroughly sometimes falls to the wayside. Give her a little help around the house with a cleaning service, either done by professionals or yourself. You can arrange for a one time cleaning or set it up so the service comes every week or every other week, even after the baby arrives.


Pre-cooked Meals

Prepared Meals, prices vary, Magic Kitchen

Let your mama-to-be relax at the end of the day by providing her and her partner with some home cooked meals. If you are ambitious, you can make and freeze these yourself. If you don't want to cook or don't live nearby, consider gift cards to local restaurants or take out places. Companies like Magic Kitchen ship prepared meals anywhere in the U.S. They also tailor to dietary needs, like low-sodium or low-sugar diets. You can set up one-time delivery or make it a regular weekly thing.

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