Listen to these 16 children's Christmas audiobooks with your kids this holiday season.

16 Children's Christmas Audiobooks To Fa-La-La In Love With

While you're busy whipping up Christmas Eve dinner in the kitchen, you will likely need to keep your kids occupied and out of your hair. If they get tired of watching the same old Christmas movies on repeat, listening to a children's Christmas audiobook might be a nice change of pace. Your kids can listen along and use their imaginations to keep the magic of Christmas alive in their minds.

This selection of children's Christmas audiobooks runs the gamut from traditional tales like The Night Before Christmas and How The Grinch Stole Christmas to new stories that will transport your kids to the North Pole and back. Your kids can also listen to the Christmas-themed books featuring beloved characters like Nancy Drew and Pete the Cat to keep them entertained on the long car ride to grandma's house. These holiday audiobooks for kids will surely keep their thoughts occupied so that they won't ask "Are we there yet?" more than the requisite 23 times.

Reading a Christmas book to your kids is one of the most joyous parts about the holiday season, but sometimes you need to take a break from story time to wrap gifts, bake pies, or have a much needed glass of eggnog. Turn on one of these 16 children's Christmas audiobooks to keep the Christmas spirit alive and your hands free.


'The Girl Who Saved Christmas' by Matt Haig

Your kids will be absolutely enchanted by the heartwarming story of Amelia, the child who received the first Christmas present ever who loses her spark when her mother becomes ill. In The Girl Who Saved Christmas by Matt Haig, Santa discovers that Amelia's Christmas spirit is the only thing that can save Christmas, and he embarks on a mission to convince her to believe in him again.


'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' by Dr. Seuss

Although this classic holiday tale has been turned into several different versions for movies and television, there is nothing quite like hearing the original book read aloud. Listening to the audiobook version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss is sure to make your child's heart grow by three sizes.


'Pete The Cat Saves Christmas' by Eric Litwin

My kindergartener loves Pete the Cat more than pretty much any other book character right now, so I'm putting Pete the Cat Saves Christmas at the tip-top of our Christmas audiobook listening list. The book is a riff off of The Night Before Christmas, so the story has a familiar Christmas feel.


'A Nancy Drew Christmas' by Carolyn Keene

Your kids can listen to a Christmas-themed Nancy Drew mystery, A Nancy Drew Christmas this holiday season and be enchanted by the thrilling tale of mystery set in a picturesque snowy New England ski resort. When Nancy breaks her leg skiing, she has to investigate a series of break-ins from bed rest in her hotel room, leading to some creative investigative choices in order to save Christmas at the resort.


'Dasher: How A Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever' by Matt Tavares

The story of how Dasher became one of Santa's reindeer is the perfect audiobook for your kids to listen to this Christmas. In Dasher, the title reindeer's backstory begins in a traveling circus, before her escape to snowier places finds her meeting a big man in a red suit.


'A Boy Called Christmas' by Matt Haig

In A Boy Called Christmas, Nikolas must travel to the North Pole to find his father after he goes missing. He stumbles upon a hidden village filled with elves called Elfhelm, where the elves are experiencing an all-time low of Christmas spirit. Nikolas must help the elves save Christmas as he continues his quest to find his father.


'A Bad Kitty Christmas' by Nick Bruel

The only creature stirring on the night before Christmas is Bad Kitty. When Bad Kitty doesn't get what she wants for Christmas, she goes tearing through her town where her antics help her learn the true meaning on Christmas. The audiobook A Bad Kitty Christmas is filled with fun rhymes that will keep your kids entertained this holiday season.


'Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas' by Jane O'Connor

The fanciest time of year for Fancy Nancy is Christmastime. From the sparkling tree to the beautiful gifts, everything is glittery, but when things don't go according to plan, Fancy Nancy must learn how to keep Christmas merry and bright in Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas.


'How To Catch An Elf' by Adam Wallace

This is the perfect audiobook for elf-obsessed kids to listen to this holiday season. How to Catch An Elf is written in the same style as Adam Wallace's bestselling How to Catch A Leprechaun, and will have your kids laughing and giggling as they listen to this Christmas tale.


'A Gingerbread Christmas' by Tim Raglin & Eric Metaxas

This audiobook version of A Gingerbread Christmas features a festive score in the background to keep kids engaged as they listen to the story of how the Prince and Princess of Gingerbread help return Christmas spirit to the town of Gloomsbury where Christmas has been cancelled.


'Charlie And The Christmas Kitty' by Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, narrates her book Charlie and the Christmas Kitty about her ranch dog Charlie and his unexpected friendship with their family's Christmas gift — a new kitten. Although Charlie was not expecting to gain a new feline friend, he learns about the spirit of Christmas and how to keep an open heart when the kitty arrives for Christmas.


'The Smallest Gift Of Christmas' by Peter H. Reynolds

When Rolland awakes on Christmas morning, he is greeted with a gift that is much smaller than he expected. When your kids listen to The Smallest Gift Of Christmas audiobook, they will be enchanted by Rolland's quest for a bigger gift before he discovers what the tiny present under his tree actually contains.


'The Night Before Christmas' by Clement C. Moore

The classic holiday book The Night Before Christmas is brought to life in audiobook form, narrated by Jeff Bridges. Listening to Jeff Bridges' soothing drawl tell one of the most beloved Christmas tales is sure to put you and your kids in the most festive of moods.


'Christmas In Camelot' by Mary Pope Osborne

Inspired by Celtic traditions, Christmas in Camelot finds Annie and Jack spending their Christmas Eve in the mythical land of Camelot where they work to save Camelot from being forgotten forever. Your kids imaginations will run wild listening to this Christmas audiobook this holiday season.


'The Christmas Turkey Disaster' by John R. Erikson

You may remember reading Hank the Cowdog books as a child yourself, and now your child can hear a holiday tale from the adventurous hound in The Christmas Turkey Disaster. They will have to listen close to see if Hank really is to blame for the Christmas turkey flying the coop before the big day.


'Snowmen At Night' by Caralyn Buehner

This magical story lets kids in on the magic of what snowmen do each night. Snowmen at Night explains how the snowman your kids build one day might wind up with a crooked nose or missing branch arm the next day thanks to the antics of their snow people overnight.