16 Cute Baby Costumes Under $20, Because You're Practical AF

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be stuck on what kind of outfit to get for your little one. If you're worried about breaking the bank or compromising on style, there's really no need as there are plenty of cute baby costumes under $20 out there that are both affordable and adorable. It makes good financial sense, too, since you're picking out a dress-up ensemble that will likely only be worn once by your child. An added bonus is that if you do end up getting more than one use out of their costume, then you've really doubled down on your purchase.

From cute and creative to funny and fanciful, there are tons affordable options under $20 to fit whatever your (or your baby's) personality is like, and your little one will be ready for any photo opportunity during this haunted holiday. Plus, it's always a good idea to remember that making memories doesn't have to be an expensive undertaking. In between spending money on candy for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, spooky decorations, and any other last minute items to make your Halloween holiday complete, it's nice to know that you can find a cute, memorable costume for your little one that kind to your wallet.


Crib Criminal

Sometimes a baby just has to bust out from behind those bars. This baby crib criminal costume ($20, Toys "R" Us) is mischievous and precious.



Why not continue with the rebel theme? This biker costume ($19, Target) is hilarious with its fake tattoo sleeves.


Mickey Mouse

Popular costumes don't need to break the bank. This Mickey baby costume ($16, Amazon) proves that perfectly.


Minnie Mouse

Where would Mickey Mouse be without his best gal? This baby Minnie costume ($15, Amazon) is an adorable match for the Mickey costume above.



No teeth? No problem. Fake the popular "fanged" look with this baby Count Dracula costume ($18, Toys "R" Us).



Caped crusaders unite! This baby Superman costume ($20, Party City) is as iconic as it is cute.



Insects don't have to be gross. This baby caterpillar costume ($19, Target) is less creepy, crawly as it is cute.


Minion Munchkin

Is your baby silly and energetic? Then this baby Minion costume ($20, Party City) is right up their alley.



You can't go wrong with superheroes, in my opinion. That's why this baby Batman costume ($19, Party City) is so dynamic.



Your little one will fit right in as the quintessential gourd. This baby pumpkin costume ($12, Amazon) just screams Halloween.



Your baby may not sling webs, but they certainly can leave behind a sticky mess. This baby Spiderman costume ($20, Party City) is sporty and stylish.



Take your baby's outfit to a spooky — but adorable — level with this playful spin on an old Halloween favorite. This baby mummy costume ($20, Target) is casual yet festive and won't cause any type of protest during their wardrobe change.



Go hunting for ghosts and ghouls with your own mystery-solving gang. This Scooby-Doo baby costume ($16, Amazon) is a cozy option for your little babe.


Wonder Woman

This classic character is certainly having a moment. This baby crochet Wonder Woman costume ($10, Party City) is both relevant and rad.



Get ready to smash. This baby Hulk muscle costume ($20, Party City) is perfect with it's padded detail.


Crochet Cocoon Football

Is this not the coziest costume you've ever seen? This baby crochet cocoon football costume ($5, Party City) swaddles your baby and will keep them warm all night long.

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