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16 Top French Names For Your Bébé
by Lindsay E. Mack

French names are continually cool, whether you're from Toulouse, Toronto, or Tacoma. And as the top French names for your baby show, these monikers can add a little je ne sais quoi for babies born anywhere in the world. Of course, that sweet accent over the e in so many names doesn't hurt either, because it adds a certain flair.

Whether you have a background with the French language, or you're simply a fan of croissants, there are some truly beautiful and bold French names that are worth considering for your own baby. There are plenty of traditional choices that won't be out of place in any modern preschool classroom, as well as some more unique choices you don't encounter every day. Plus, some of the names evoke comparisons with top fashion designers or artists, which is a pretty cool way to set your kid up for success from day one. Maybe your little one will even be inspired to take after their namesake.

Because the French language is so beautiful and rich with history, you really can't go wrong with any of these choices. So read on to find the perfect French name for your own baby, whether you live in Paris or Pittsburgh.



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The name Aimée is derived from aimer, the French word for love, according to Baby Name Wizard. What could be a more perfect choice for your beloved baby?



This vintage-sounding name is ready for a comeback. The name Blanche is derived from the Old French word blanchir, which means to make white, according to Baby Name Wizard. There's also Blanche Devereaux, the firecracker roommate in The Golden Girls.



For fashion-loving parents, this name is definitely worth consideration. Chanel is a classic French name that means "dweller near the canal," per Nameberry.



Sure, it's a super popular baby name basically everywhere right now. But Chloé is also a classic French name that finds its greatest use in France and Belgium, according to Oh Baby! Names.



Popular in France since the Middle Ages, Claude is a French name derived from the Roman Claudius, according to Behind the Name. The French impressionist painter Claude Monet is a famous person with this name.



This is a shortened form of Nicolette, per Baby Name Wizard. It's a great choice if you're looking for something a bit unique.



OK, so this one is a bit on the nose, perhaps. But according to Namberry, the name Francine means "from France" or "free man."



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A French variation of Caspar, the name Gaspard is another under-the-radar choice.



It's a quintessential French name. Jean is the French cognate of John, Baby Name Wizard tells us.



Meaning "rules his household," according to She Knows, Henri is a name that would suit any newborn. Who knows, your little Henri just may be a natural born leader.



Referencing the name of a town in southwestern France, Lourdes is another fantastically French choice.



One of the more popular names in French-speaking countries, Océane refers to the ocean, according to Nameberry.



Meaning "all saints," Toussaint is a French surname that's also used as a first name, according to Nameberry. It's especially fitting for kids born on November 1, aka All Saints' Day.



Meaning "born again," as defined by Baby Name Wizard, René is a name that's continually popular in France.



Lastly, Zoé is a French take on the name Zoe, which means "life" in Greek, according to Behind The Name. Whatever name you like, from Aimée to Zoé, these French baby names are simply perfect.