16 Handmade Toys On Amazon That Your Kids Are Going To Be Obsessed With

If you love shopping for local handmade crafts, but don't want to forgo the convenience of having kids toys shipped right to your door, shopping for handmade toys on Amazon gives you the best of both worlds. I mean, who really has time to scour every single local shop looking for hidden treasures and handmade kids toys? Not this busy mama, that's for sure.

When you purchase a toy from an artisan who lists their product on Amazon Handmade, you're supporting small businesses run by every day people just like you and me. Many of them are even moms and dads with kids, so they know exactly what other parents are looking for in kids' toys. Because of the personalized nature of some of these toys, they're not all eligible for Amazon Prime. But have no fear, once they do arrive, your kids are in for some major fun.

One of the best parts about these products is that you won't find them in stores. Each handmade toy is unique and will give your child a one-of-a-kind experience through play. From delightfully precious baby toys to jars of themed and scented slime, there is something for every age group to enjoy on this list. Your kids are most definitely going to love the toys you find for them on Amazon Handmade.