16 Hilarious Graduation Memes That Everyone Attending A Ceremony Can Appreciate

Graduation is such an exciting time for graduates. They've worked so hard, gotten the grades to pass their classes; maybe some of them have managed to get a job after college or get into the college of their dreams after high school. But it's also a stressful time. And stress can lead to some pretty funny humor, which can come in handy if you have to sit through a graduation or two this spring. Just for you, we've compiled these 21 hilarious graduation memes that will distract you from how long those graduations are.

Graduation brings up a lot of relief and excitement, but there's also reality, like the fact that some colleges are really darn expensive and some graduates didn't get a degree that led them straight to a job before they were even handed a diploma. Graduating from high school or college is a giant reality check, and that realization can be pretty funny.

If you have a long graduation ahead of you (heck, even if it's your own!), you might need this list of 21 hilarious graduation memes. Just try not to laugh out loud while you're reading them if you're sitting in a quiet audience. That's a dead giveaway that you're not performing your graduation golf clap like you should be!

Still Studying For Finals

There's last minute and then there's last minute!

Celebrating Mediocrity

Those graduations do seem to be happening more and more frequently these days, don't they? And fourth to fifth grade no one ever remembers anyway.

Congratulations On The Easy Part

Some people had a hard time in high school, but for many people, it was the easy part and we never even realized it.

Got In The Wrong Line

Can you imagine? You'd have to be pretty clueless to do this, or maybe you're airdropping memes to your friends since graduations are usually a little tedious. Apparently that's all the rage this year.

So Much Knowledge, So Much Debt

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For many people, much was gained, but at a high price.

C Is For Passing

If it's good enough for cookie monster, shouldn't it be good enough for your parents?

Undergraduate To Unemployed

That moment when the celebration is over and you realize the real world is right here, right now.

Your Whole Life Ahead Of You

All the hard stuff, coming up!

No More Essays

You've earned the right to say no.

Kindergarten Graduation

It was touch and go there for a minute, but you made it!

I've Got Bills

Bonus points if you can recite the whole song from Grease by heart. On second thought, maybe you should get back to work to pay those bills.

I've Got Some Sort Of Idea...

That makes me qualified to actually do something, right? Nothing like a liberal arts degree, eh?

Thank You

There are definitely going to be some unconventional thank you's this graduation season.

A Farewell To Naps

Those were the days. I can actually still remember some of the most epic naps I took in college... and most days after high school. I should have appreciated them more.

Yearbook Honesty

Having to write the same thing in a million yearbooks was certainly a problem then, but it's only uphill from there.

An Oprah Moment

You may as well soak up the moment before getting too stressed about jobs and bills and loan repayments. Instead, enjoy the Oprah effect: diplomas for all at graduation!