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16 Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Babies To Buy Or DIY

There are certain costumes you are basically guaranteed to see this Halloween: a witch, a cat, a zillion Game of Thrones characters — the list goes on. But why not take advantage of the fact that your baby has zero opinion about costumes, just for this year? While there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the staples, there are so many creative (and simple!) outside-of-the-box hilarious Halloween costumes for babies that are made even funnier by the fact that they’re being rocked by a tiny person.

You can use your baby’s Halloween costume to pay tribute to one of Elton John’s most outrageous outfits, create a funny mom and baby duo costume, or transform your kiddo into a tiny version of one of your favorite TV show characters. You might as well use the opportunity to showcase your winning sense of humor. The world of adorable baby Halloween costumes is endless.

Whether you’re looking to DIY a costume or plan to grab one from the store at the last minute, you can get one of these 16 hilarious Halloween getups for your tot in no time at all. Get ready to be known as the funniest family on the block. (Or at least the one with the funniest babe.)


A Cooking Lobster

This adorable costume is perfect for a mom and baby duo costume. Dress up your kiddo in a lobster costume ($36, Amazon), and carry them around in a big pot while you wear a chef's costume. What a well done costume.


Dwight Schrute

This The Office oddball would be hilarious in baby form. Dress your little guy in a yellow polo ($8, Oshkosh), brown clip-on tie ($6, Amazon), and khaki pants ($10, Kohl's). Add a middle part to their hair and throw on some wire rimmed glasses ($8, Urban OG) to complete the look.


Elton John

Elton John has had some outrageous looks over the years, but his Mardi Gras feather costume might just take the cake as one of his best and most flamboyant. Mimic it with orange sunglasses ($10, Amazon), a white bonnet ($12, Amazon), lots of sequins ($7, Amazon) to attach to the bonnet, and colorful feathered wings ($18, Amazon). Add an extra boa ($9, Amazon) for additional feathery flair.


A Skunk


A cozy and funny skunk costume ($27, Target) could be perfect for your little stinker. Target also offers another version ($20, Target) for even smaller kids. Yay for ease and lots of options!


A Biker

Intimidate everyone on the block with this tough guy biker costume. All you need is a Harley Davidson shirt ($27, Walmart), a leather jacket ($20, Burlington Coat Factory), and a bandana ($3, Party City) to keep the wind off their face. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw on a goatee and a 'mom' tattoo on their bicep for an added touch.


Ace Ventura

Besides lots of hair gel, all you really need to get this wacky Ace Ventura look is a Hawaiian print shirt ($20+, Amazon), a tank top ($4+, Amazon), black biker boots ($25+, Amazon), and a pink tutu ($20, Buy Buy Baby).


The Coppertone Girl

A Party Style created a super-easy DIY guide to make your own version of the Coppertone girl from their classic advertisements. All you need is hair bows ($5, Halloween Costumes), blue swimsuit bottoms ($11, Old Navy), a nude leotard ($18, Capezio), and a stuffed animal dog ($12, Bed Bath & Beyond). What a creative costume that's sure to get some nostalgia going.


Richard Simmons

Get ready to sweat with the oldies this Halloween! Get Richard Simmons' signature '80s workout look with striped shorts ($5, Amazon), a red sleeveless onesie ($16, Amazon), sweat bands ($8, Amazon), and big hair ($7, eBay).


A Taco Or Burrito

Toddlers are so cute in taco costumes ($50, Amazon), or if your little one isn't quite a crawler yet, wrap them up in this hilarious burrito blanket ($65, Etsy).


An Oompa Loompa

The Oompa Loompas in the movie kind of unsettle me, but this Charlie and The Chocolate Factory costume ($59, Halloween Costumes) will be hilarious and so cute on a toddler. (Sizes are available for 12M through 4T.) Add some orange face paint ($6, Amazon) if you want to go all out.


A Garden Gnome


If you need a little bit of good luck this Halloween, dress up your tot in a garden gnome costume ($35+, Amazon). Did you know that there are technically only three categories of garden gnomes? The more ya know.


Spaghetti & Meatballs

If you have a messy eater on your hands (I'm looking at you, moms of toddlers), you might as well embrace it this Halloween. Follow Melly Moments's tutorial to create an easy and adorable spaghetti and meatballs costume. You'll need a plastic bowl ($3, Target), a gingham tablecloth ($4, Webstaurant), a knit hat ($6, Etsy), a onesie ($14, Colored Organics), and a few supplies from the craft store.


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is such a strong Latina feminist icon. Pay tribute to her this Halloween by dressing your little one as a miniature version of her in a flower headband ($23, Etsy), floral skirt ($16, Gap), and a simple floral shirt ($10, Amazon). Use an eyeliner pencil to create her iconic unibrow.


A Bunch of Grapes

This DIY from Coolest Homemade Costumes is so easy and funny. All you need is a purple sweatshirt ($7, Hanes), lots of purple balloons ($5, Oriental Trading), a green headband ($1, Amazon) to make a stem, and a little bit of craftiness. Dress your whole family as different fruits to create a fruit salad!


A Flamingo


A flamingo ($20, Target) is such an adorable diva costume that adds so much funny sass and flair to Halloween. It's also easy and will keep them warm if you go out trick-or-treating.


Oscar The Grouch

Every kid loves Sesame Street. Have them dress as the grumpiest of the gang with this Oscar hoodie ($29, JCPenney) and use a tiny tin garbage can ($14, Amazon) as a candy pail.

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