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16 Hilarious Mother's Day 2019 Cards For The Mom Who Loves A Good Laugh


Moms deserve all the love and credit there is on Mother's Day (and the other 364 days of the year while we're at it), but there's no rule that says that love has to be stiffly formal or gushily sentimental. If your mother is the type who's more into guffaws than tears, then you'll be shopping for hilarious Mother's Day cards that will tickle her funny bone as much as they touch her heart.

I freely admit that I'm one of them. Not that I don't appreciate a bunch of flowers or a heartfelt message as much as the next mother, but let's face it — you have to have an exceptional sense of humor in order to take on this job successfully. All the talk we hear about the "motherhood journey" makes it sound as though parenting is something you can accomplish with a good pair of hiking boots or a luxury camper. Um, no. A clown car would be closer to the truth.

If your mom (or the mother in your life) is like me, she knows that looking on the lighter side is the way to make the most of this childrearing business. Show her that you're grateful for both her hard work and her ability to laugh about it by giving her one of these humorous cards (or do some browsing online for more good choices). Then once she's finished laughing, take her out to brunch. Or for drinks. Or for a spa day. Moms can't live on laughs alone, you know.