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16 Hilarious Mother's Day Cards For Moms Who Love A Good Laugh

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Moms deserve all the love and credit there is on Mother's Day (and the other 364 days of the year while we're at it), but there's no rule that says that love has to be stiffly formal or gushily sentimental. If your mother is the type who's more into guffaws than tears, then you'll be shopping for hilarious Mother's Day cards that will tickle her funny bone as much as they touch her heart.

I freely admit that I'm one of them. Not that I don't appreciate a bunch of flowers or a heartfelt message as much as the next mother, but let's face it — you have to have an exceptional sense of humor in order to take on this job successfully. All the talk we hear about the "motherhood journey" makes it sound as though parenting is something you can accomplish with a good pair of hiking boots or a luxury camper. Um, no. A clown car would be closer to the truth.

If your mom (or the mother in your life) is like me, she knows that looking on the lighter side is the way to make the most of this childrearing business. Show her that you're grateful for both her hard work and her ability to laugh about it by giving her one of these humorous cards (or do some browsing online for more good choices). Then once she's finished laughing, take her out to brunch. Or for drinks. Or for a spa day. Moms can't live on laughs alone, you know.

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Second Time's The Charm

Your mom will get a hoot out of this card, a bestseller on Etsy. The inside is blank, which gives you plenty of room to write something sentimental or humorous. And even if you think that the front of the card is memorable enough, prove to her that you really are her #1 child with an original note within.


Exotic Mama

Did you marathon Tiger King with mom? This hilarious card is a little more PG than some of the other Joe Exotic-themed options out there, and you can pair it with anything animal-printed, like a leopard-patterned photo framed with a snap of you and mom within.


Mama Mia!

Let your mother know she's the true "Queen" of the family with this clever card. Perfect if Mom always cranks the volume when "Bohemian Rhapsody" comes on the car Pandora.


Work Ethic

This one goes out to all the hard-working moms out there. No one can keep up with your mama.



Now that you have children of your own, how many times a day do you realize that your mom was right? This one gives your mom the proper respect she deserves.


Cheers To You, Mom

A mother’s life is full of sacrifices, the first — and some may even say the hardest — is wine.


Smart-Ass Kid

If you thought this card was going to get all mushy, think again. The inside message reads: "A giant smart-ass. Oh, also, I'm good-looking. Thanks for both of those." Don't be surprised if your mom laughs so hard she snorts.


Mommy's Little Headaches

The retro cards are the best. You know they originally illustrated a vitamin ad or a Dick and Jane primer reader, but add a snarky caption, and they take on a whole new meaning. "Enjoy some peace and quiet on Mother's Day," concludes the message.


Historical Moms

See? You're not the only one who got nagged about smiling nicely and not calling enough. But the inside message assures that you're JK: "Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom of all times!"


A Yuuuge Greeting

This may be the most truthful thing to ever come out of the man's mouth. Even the most left-leaning mom will get a chuckle out of this card.


What Was That Again?

"Sadly, every 28 seconds in America, another mother loses her mind. Today, we honor you. Happy Mother's Day!" is the greeting inside, and can't we all relate?! But don't forget this: Use the code APRILZAZLOVE when ordering online for an extra 15 percent off.


Doctor's Orders

If only our doctors were always this honest. The message inside reads, "You just need to get some rest. (Good luck with that.) Happy Mother's Day!" A card best delivered along with breakfast in bed.


A Whole Latte Love

And how are they alike, you may ask? "Necessary every damn day." True that. Slip a Starbucks or Dunkin' gift card inside, and you've just won the holiday.


Just One Day?

So what's so funny about this card? Look inside: "Because sure, one day seems like more than enough for forcing a human out of your body and then raising it not to be a psycho." Quite an accomplishment, amirite?



If she pees when she sneezes, she’ll also probably pee when she reads this card.


Momtini, Anyone?

If your mom has a good sense of humor about all of your shenanigans she had to live through, you’d be hard pressed to find a card more perfect than this. Class, sass, and patience are the ingredients that make up the best moms, and you know exactly who you’re giving this one to.

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