16 Clever Insta Captions For National Cat Day, Because You Just Can't Help Yourself

Cat owners: Are you and your pet prepared for that all-important late-October holiday? You know: National Cat Day. (What did you think I meant?) Since 2005, October 29 has been set aside to honor our feline fur babies in whatever way we find appropriate, including, of course, posting a picture of them on your Insta with one of the many funny and clever National Cat Day Instagram captions out there.

Not that you need an excuse to show off your cat at its winsome best (or its mischievous worst), but October 29 is one of those times when it's almost mandatory. As the official National Cat Day website explains, "We believe that life just isn't the same without a cat in it." The group of cat lovers educates the public about the plight of unwanted cats (some 4 million enter shelters every year), and encourages potential owners to adopt and to have their pet spayed or neutered to reduce overpopulation.

The dignity and occasional goofiness of cats just calls for a witty or slightly sarcastic quote to go along with your social media post. These are some of my favorites, so keep these in mind when you're displaying that shot of your fur baby sleeping, lying on top of your laptop, eyeing a bird out the window, or dashing after your laser pointer light.


Let's Get The Pawty Started

For the cat that's always ready for a good time.


You Gotta Be Kitten Me

Ideally, a good Instagram caption should have a groan-worthy pun. This is one of them.


"Dogs Come When They're Called. Cats Take A Message And Get Back To You Later"

This quote by Mary Bly is sooooo relatable. I could be covered in tuna, and my cat would still ignore my call.


So Exhausted. I've Only Slept 15 Hours Today

The struggle is real, kitties. And yet your human insists on calling you lazy. What is that all about?


You Can Teach A Cat To Do Anything They Feel Like Doing

Who says you can't train a cat? Mine knows how to leap in my lap the minute I sit down.


I Don't Need Nine Lives As Long As I Have One That's Rich

Because a cat's got to have its caviar and silk sheets, dahling.


" 'Why Can't You See I'm A Cat,' Said The Cat, 'And That's All That I Ever Will Be?' "

The late great poet Shel Silverstein wrote a poem called "The Cat, The Kid and The Mom" that perfectly sums up the personalities of all three. The rest of the stanza goes, "Why are you shocked when I roam out all night?/Why are you sad when I meow and I fight?/Why are you sick when I eat up a rat?/I'm a cat."


Just Another Cat In A Dog-Eat-Dog World

If you happen to have canine companions in your home as well, this caption is tailor-made for you.


"An Ordinary Kitten Will Ask More Questions Than Any Five-Year-Old"

Another quote, this time by Carl van Vechten, neatly sums up the curiosity of kitties. If you've ever been around a 5-year-old, you know what I mean.


Apocalypse Meow

Got a pic of your kitties plotting a maneuver or standing by evidence of a crime? This caption says it all.


Destroy All Humans...Er...I Mean, "Meow"

Comedian Patrick Reidy came up with this caption, no doubt after discovering what cats really are up to when we think they're just napping.


"Cats Are Intended To Teach Us That Not Everything In Nature Has A Function"

This quote comes courtesy of Garrison Keillor, but you may disagree with the sentiment. After all, if not for cats, who else would keep our sofas warm, our catnip mice demolished, and our hands licked raw?


Basking In The Glory Of My Internet Fame

Because, let's face it, the pics of your cat get more likes and comments than the ones of your Thai take-out dinner.


Crazy Cat Lady Confirmed

So you wear cat merch, spend your weekends at Petco, and throw birthday parties for your fur babies. Anyone got a problem with that?


Live Long And Pawspurr

Go boldly where no cat owner has gone before, and use this Star Trek pun in your post.


There Is No Snooze Button On A Cat That Wants Breakfast

When was the last time you were able to sleep past dawn without an impatient paw or cold nose nudging you to get a move on? I mean, that food can isn't going to open itself, silly human.