16 Mermaid Makeup Tutorials That Are Truly Magical

Who says mermaids aren't real? As a 29-year old woman, am I embarrassed that I received a mermaid tail blanket for Christmas last year? No. It's like all my dreams from my childhood were finally coming true. And now that it's Halloween, it's the perfect time to sit down with some mermaid makeup tutorials and get ready to make that transformation to live under the sea.

Mermaids have been making a huge splash this year, taking over Instagram feeds, launching TV shows... I have seen four people wear mermaid shirts this past weekend alone, and I have no doubt this is going to be one of the hottest costumes of Halloween 2017. And why not? These aquatic creatures are sexy, flirty, mysterious. And there are so many different variations of mermaids you can choose from.

There are the the fairy-tale versions we have all seen in storybooks such as Disney's Little Mermaid. And then there are the sirens who are a little more on the evil side, luring sailors off course, leading them to their murky deaths. Whatever mermaid you choose, just know there are a lot of makeup tutorials out there — whether you're a makeup pro or need something really basic — to help you transform into one of these beautiful, mystical creatures.

Happy swimming... or trick-or-treating!


Rainbow Mermaid

I love this whimsical look. MakeupByAllie creates a truly stunning mermaid — this look is so beautiful, it could be a Snapchat filter.


Sugar-Skull Mermaid

LoLo Love's mermaid reminds me of a sugar skull, which is perfect for Halloween. LoLo will transform you into this colorful mermaid in her step-by-step tutorial.


The Little Mermaid

Ariel was my favorite Disney princess. When I was a kid I dreamt that I would grow up to live like her under the sea, and with the help of dope211, anyone can pull off this simple Arielle makeup look.


Atlantis Mermaid

This magical makeup expert walks you through a fish-like mermaid that will make you wonder if Atlantis is real.


Sultry Mermaid

Ginger Wesson helps you transform into a very sultry mermaid. This mermaid is sexy, sweet, and full of beautiful pearls; she'll definitely get the attention of any sailor.


Blue Mermaid

The eyes and lips are on point in this tutorial. Marissa Wise will turn you into a glamorous mermaid, full of glam and glitter.


'Finding Dory' Mermaid

Although Dory is not a mermaid, this look will definitely get all the kids excited. Dope211 walks you through the transformation into everyones favorite Disney fish.


FX Mermaid

This tutorial is for the pros. Jordan Hanzis is an amazing FX artist; her channel provides a ton of stellar tutorials that will make anyone jealous. But, believe it or not, Hanzis makes her mermaid transformation tutorial look so easy, that I might even try this look.


Princess Mermaid

Alexa Poletti takes you through an everyday mermaid look, and then gives you another version that is a full transformation into this sea creature. Her looks are really colorful and super cute. I highly recommend checking out this channel.


Kid Mermaid

If your child wants to make that transformation into a mermaid, this is the tutorial for you. We Are The Davies will walk you through an easy transformation that your child will love.


Fantasy Mermaid

This mermaid is something out of a fantasy book. Makeart With Makeup creates a fairy-like mermaid ... this mythical creature will be a show stopper at any Halloween party.


Dark Mermaid

Not all mermaids have to be sweet. This dangerous mermaid will draw anyone under her power. NsomniaksDream walks you through this magical creature of the sea.


Everyday Mermaid

Sophia Mitchelle is a young girl who puts all my make-up skills to shame. In this tutorial, she will walk you through an everyday mermaid look, a look that's simple and flirty but not over the top in jewels.


Avant Garde Mermaid

Bethany Fae brings a stunning Avant Garde mermaid that's right out of a storybook. Truly the stuff of fantasies.


Festival Mermaid

This mermaid makes me want to go to a Coachella and talk about healing stones. Charity LeBlanc brings you a what I'm going to call a festival mermaid tutorial that will be sure to align all your chakras.

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