16 Nursing Tops That Make Breastfeeding Easier & Are Actually Stylish

By Bianca Mendez

Shopping for maternity clothes can be challenging enough, but nursing clothes prove to be a whole other ballgame, especially if you're tracking down stylish nursing tops that aim to make breastfeeding easier. It doesn't make the hunt for nursing shirts any less taxing, either, when a new baby gives you zero time to shop. Once you've accumulated some cool-looking tops that are actually functional, though, you may just find they're all it takes to make breastfeeding a breeze for you.

I get that shopping for stylish breastfeeding clothes is a task that stays at the bottom of your to-do list, what with strict feeding schedules to adhere to, diapers to change, and all the extra chores you have now. Who wants to leave the house (or even go online) to sift through thousands of nursing tops? No worries, the work has been done for you.

These cute nursing shirts prove that maternity clothes can indeed be incredibly stylish while serving an actual purpose. I'm talking elegant necklines, soft fabrics, and comfortable fits. Not to mention, discreet openings on the sides and front that make breastfeeding so much easier, whether you're at home or on-the-go. Did I convince you enough? Scroll through my favorite nursing tops that will make your life a whole lot less stressful. You'll want to wear these all day and night.

1Jessica Simpson Pull Over Wrap Nursing Top

Jessica Simpson Pull Over Wrap Nursing Top (S-XL), $30-75, Amazon

This nursing top from Jessica Simpson proves that new mommy clothes can be stylish and functional. The added lace on the shoulders makes this top worthy enough to wear for date night, with your baby in tow of course.

2Seraphine Peppa Maternity/Nursing Sweater

Seraphine Peppa Maternity/Nursing Sweater (XS, L), $89, Nordstrom

Made from a cozy chunky knit material, this Seraphine nursing sweater is perfect for moms expecting a winter baby. It's also perfect for discreet nursing when you're out of the house, thanks to its snap-open shoulders.

3BellyMoms Striped Crossover Dual Maternity and Nursing Top

BellyMoms Striped Crossover Dual Maternity and Nursing Top (S-XL), $34, Amazon

This nursing shirt is made from a soft and stretchy material that you'll want to wear all day. When it's time to breastfeed, just pull the crossover panel.

4Topshop Short Sleeve Drape Maternity/Nursing Tee

Topshop Short Sleeve Drape Maternity/Nursing Tee (4-12), $40, Nordstrom

The draped hems on this Topshop nursing tee serve more than for just being stylish, they're also functional. They're used as flaps to pull when it's time for your baby to be fed. Not to mention, it's simple design makes it super easy to throw on with a pair of jeans.

5ASOS Maternity Striped NURSING Sweater

ASOS Maternity Striped Nursing Sweater (2-16), $49, ASOS

With its bold red stripe and airy fit, this ASOS nursing top is far from boring. It's made from wool and cotton blend, perfect for the cooler months ahead.

6Motherhood Plus Size V-Neck Pull Down Nursing Tee

Motherhood Plus Size V-necl Pull Down Tee (1X-3X), $20, Amazon

This classic wardrobe piece features a stretchy scoop neck, which you can pull down to make nursing easier. It's recommended to order a size up for the comfiest fit in this breastfeeding staple.

7Milk Nursingwear Infinity Nursing Top

Milk Nursingwear Infinity Nursing Top (XS-L), $44, Amazon

Inspired by the infinity scarves that you just love to throw on during fall, this breastfeeding shirt gives you coverage while the draping detail adds a stylish touch. It's also perfect for moms who like to breastfeed on the DL.

8Nurture-Elle Cowl Neck Nursing Top

Nurture-Elle Cowl Neck Nursing Top (XS-2XL), $52, Nordstrom

This nursing top from Nurture-Elle is made from a stretchy jersey knit fabric that adapts to your ever-changing body. It also features a high cut neckline that can be pulled down when it's time to feed.

9ASOS Maternity NURSING Asymmetric Top

ASOS Maternity Nursing Asymmetric Top (2-16), $36, ASOS

For all the stylish mamas out there, this ASOS nursing shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and features a bold leopard print, fitted for days you want to look a little extra fashionable. It also has panels of the breast area that can be pulled when it's time to feed.

10Bun Maternity Nursing Tank

Bun Maternity Nursing Tank (S-XL), $45, Nordstrom

A basic nursing tank top like this one from Bun Maternity should be on every new mom's must-have list. It's a great staple for before and after pregnancy with snap-on straps that come off when it's time for feeding.

11Bun Maternity Cozy Up Maternity/Nursing Poncho

Bun Maternity Cozy Up Maternity/Nursing Poncho (XL), $55, Nordstrom

A soft nursing poncho is perfect for moms who are more comfortable breastfeeding discreetly. The oversized layers work just as well as a nursing cover, keeping you and your baby warm while feeding. Besides, who doesn't love to snuggle up in a super soft poncho?

12Seraphine C'est la Vie Maternity/Nursing Top

Seraphine C'est la Vie Maternity/Nursing Top (XS-L), $59, Nordstrom

That's life — the unofficial motto for every new mom. This red and pink striped nursing top features the phrase, "C'est la vie" written across in gold. It pairs well with jeans and has side openings for a comfortable breastfeeding season.

13Milk Nursingwear Sharkbite Hem Nursing Top

Milk Nursingwear Sharkbite Hem Nursing Top (XS-XL), $26, Amazon

This olive green nursing top features a hemline that look amazing on any body. To use when nursing, just simply flip the empire layer on either side for easy access.

14Bearsland Breastfeeding And Nursing Top

Bearsland Breastfeeding and Nursing Top (M-2XL), $17-26, Amazon

This striped breastfeeding top hugs your body nicely without feeling tight. It features an outer layer that can lifted for feedings anywhere at anytime.

15Everly Grey 'Ophelia' Print Maternity/Nursing Top

Everly Grey 'Ophelia' Print Maternity/Nursing Top (XS-XL), $50, Nordstrom

This tribal print nursing top features an empire waist that looks just as flattering when your bump starts to disappear. Its neckline reveals just the right amount of cleavage without going overboard, plus it's stretchy enough to slide over for feeding time.

16Udderly Hot Mama 'Whimsical' Nursing Wrap Top

Udderly Hot Mama 'Whimsical' Nursing Wrap Top (S-XL), $50, Nordstrom

Time is of the essence for new moms, and this Udderly Hot Mama nursing top makes getting ready in the morning super easy. Just throw on and wrap around, and when your baby cries "I'm hungry," pull down the surplice neckline. It's sophisticated enough to wear out to date night, too.

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