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16 Valentine's Day Gifts For New Moms That She'll Totally Love


It's almost Valentine's Day, so it's time to start thinking about what to get the new mom in your life. Yeah, sometimes Valentine's Day can feel like a trite Hallmark holiday, but there's really a lot of value to taking a day and making extra sure that your significant other feels loved. You can even get something for a good friend who could use a little boost. It's impossible to offend anyone by shopping for them. Of course, then comes the question, "Hmm, what would they appreciate right now?" The best Valentine's Day gifts for new moms are things that she probably wouldn't buy for herself, but secretly wants.

There are so many different Valentine's Day Gifts for new moms you can choose, but the most important thing is that your gift makes her feel pampered. She spends all her time making sure the baby is fed, warm, bathed, comfortable... shouldn't somebody do the same for her, at least on this one special day? In addition to these gifts, the new mom might even appreciate an offer to cook dinner, clean the house, or just get a few extra hours to sleep — you can certainly do those things and buy her a gift!

Anything that makes her know you're thinking of her makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the new mom — here are some gifts to express that.

An Awesome Pair Of Aviators

When you're a sleep-deprived new mom who doesn't necessarily want the world to know how sleep-deprived you are, a pair of glam sunglasses is priceless. This pretty-in-pink pair offers 100% UV protection, and they're also shatter-resistant and scratch-free (because your baby will rip them off your head and toss them on the floor).

A Tea Party For One

An afternoon cup of tea with a book while the baby is napping is a great way to sneak in a little self-care, and this set (created in partnership with the New York Botanical Garden) will make that moment even more welcome. Inside a gift box featuring rare floral prints from the NYBG's library, she'll find 10 infusers, 5 blends of tea (including Chamomile Citron, Chocolate Rose, Green Mango Peach, Strawberry Hibiscus and Vanilla Pear), a pink porcelain Café Cup with lid and a pink tea tray with gold monogram.

Double Heart Earrings

When you're home with a newborn (especially during the winter when skies are dark and days are long), a little something pretty can go a long way in lifting your spirits. Another mood-booster: These earrings are handcrafted by women in Uganda, and proceeds help their communities to thrive.

Cocktails In Gummy Form

It can be tough to get out for a Valentine's date when you have a new baby at home, but eating a handful of alcohol-infused gummies whilst watching a romantic flick on Netflix? Totally doable. These tipsy-making candies come in some of your favorite cocktail flavors: Gin and Tonic, Berry Daiquiri, Mandarin Aperol Spritz and Mocha Espresso Martini. (Other sets in still more flavors also available, like Passion Fruit Mojito and Elderflower Gin Spritz.)

Personalized Jewelry

Customizable jewelry is always a nice choice for a new mom, and fans of Pure Vida's string bracelets will want to check out their new engravable collection. Launching on January 21st, the line will include three metal options (rose gold, silver & gold) as well as three different fonts to choose from (Greek letters and fun characters such as a pineapple or a heart are also available). Rings will be $20, bracelets will be $22, and necklaces will be $30.

Instant Pot

Valentine's Day is about all things pink and red, and this hydrating lip gloss duo from Kopari definitely fits the bill. Small enough to toss in a diaper bag, a quick swipe will help her feel put-together even if she hasn't showered in days. Includes Birthday Suit Lip Glossy, a sparkly nude, and Sangria Lip Glossy, a deeper red (for that long-awaited date night).

Kicky Rain Boots

Kids shouldn't be the only ones who get to wear fun rain boots. In fact, on a dreary day with a fussy baby, these iridescent boots from Hunter could serve as a serious pick-me-up. A shorter version of the classic Hunter boot in two-tone metallic pink, even Peppa Pig would be jealous of these glam galoshes.

Cute Lounge Pants

These are not pajama pants, they're lounge pants. And that means it's perfectly acceptable to wear these outside, and everyone knows "outside pajama pants" is pretty much new mom style goals. Made of 100% cotton, these pants are super soft and covered in a cheery woodblock cactus print.

An Instantly Sleek 'Do

Blow-outs can be few and far between when you're a new mom. This thermal straightening brush has ceramic bristles and uses far-infrared heat and negative ions to achieve the same sleek, smooth results you'd get at a salon.

Silk Pajamas

This one is a splurge, but she's worth it: Made from naturally "thermoregulating" silk (just in case those postpartum hormones are turning her into a portable heater at night), this pajama set is machine washable, so spit-up accidents can be handled with ease. Oh, and Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Aniston are fans.

A Magic Potion
La Rose De Joell Elixir Oud
Mileo New York

New moms might find that their skin goes through some unexpected changes, but some ingredients aren't safe if you're breastfeeding. This lovely pink potion is made with rare Oud extract, French Rose De Mai and bakuchiol (known as nature's alternative to retinol) to help calm and hydrate. Plus, it smells divine.

A Gorgeous Gold Necklace

You can't go wrong with something sparkly. This two-in-one necklace features staggered chains for a layered look (ideal for a busy new mom who needs her accessories to multitask, too).

A Cozy Blanket

Babies aren't the only ones who need blankies. With its matelassé-inspired geometric print, this organic cotton blanket is stone-washed for extra softness — and it's not super heavy (she'll probably have a warm little body on her lap anyway). And it's machine-washable! Available in four colors; price varies depending on size.

A Fluffy Robe

It's not that new moms never change out of their pajamas, it's that they almost never change out of their pajamas. Seriously though, loungewear is the de facto uniform of early motherhood, and this fluffy robe will likely become a favorite wardrobe item.

A Streamlined Shower

It's no myth that new moms don't always get to shower regularly (or semi-regularly). This 2-in-1, get-to-foam shampoo and body wash from Wander makes it easier to sneak in a quick rinse, and it's made with bamboo extract, coconut oil, and panthenol for hydrating hair and skin all at the same time. And nursing moms take note: It's sulfate, paraben, BPA, and phthalate free.

Cute Slip-On Shoes

You might not think slip-on shoes would be essential for a new mom, but once you've tried to bend over and tie your sneakers with a newborn strapped to your chest, well, the need for no-tie footwear becomes very clear. Plus, they're fun to look at and the rubber soles mean no slipping on... whatever's spilled on the floor.

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