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These gifts for new parents are perfect.

17 Gifts For New Parents They'll Actually Use & Adore

These gifts will help the new parents feel loved, supported, relaxed, and more.

When your best friend, family member, or work bestie has a baby, you obviously shop their baby registry and shower them in adorable newborn outfits. But sometimes you want to get something just for the new parents. Choosing the right gifts for new parents can be challenging if you’ve never had a baby or aren’t sure what they’ll want, but you can make a big impact with the right present.

In fact, many of the “gifts” new parents would appreciate the most don’t cost a thing. When my husband and I had our first baby, some of the nicest things we received were hot meals and food delivery gift cards so we didn’t have to cook dinner, and friends running a quick errand for us or picking up things we needed at the store. And the loved ones who came over just to clean our house for us? We couldn’t contain the gratitude.

If you’re wanting to spoil the new parents you love with something tangible, there are lots of gifts you can give them that will make them feel loved and seen. All you have to do is decide whether you want to gift something practical, sentimental, or edible. Oh, and then add to cart.

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A Sentimental, Stylish Option

If your new mama friend is always on her fashion game, or likes to wear and layer jewelry, a necklace with her baby’s first initial on it makes for a touching new parent gift. There are so many styles of initial necklaces that there’s really no limit to your options, which means you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your friend’s style.

The safest bet is something simple and dainty, which moms can wear solo or layer up with chunkier pieces if they like that look. Megan Markle wore a necklace like this one with an ‘A’ for Archie on it to Wimbledon a few years back, and so many people wanted it that the jeweler’s website crashed because of the demand, so it’s a safe bet your friend will love it, too.


The Softest Sleep For The Hardest Phase

Listen, that newborn sleep deprivation haze is no joke. By the time my baby was a few weeks old, I was so exhausted I reached for my coffee cup and missed. So, when your new parent friends are in the stationary-objects-are-too-fast-to-catch stage, they’ll appreciate some super comfortable sets they can wear around the house — and when collapsing into bed.

You can make this gift work at any price point; all that matters is that whatever PJs you choose for your friends are soft, stretchy, and ridiculously comfy. Bonus points if they have a top that provides easy access for breastfeeding and pumping, and if they’re nice enough your friends won’t feel the need to change clothes before visitors stop by.


Something To Brighten Their Return To Work

Going back to work can be hard on new parents, even the ones who love their jobs. If you know your friends are anxious about their first day back, something like a photo calendar of their little one can help them feel seen and like their two worlds — career and family — aren’t so separate or at odds.

You can use photos they’ve sent you and posted on social media of their baby, and don’t hesitate to reach out to family members you know may have access to more pics. They’ll appreciate that you went the extra mile to make this gift special. Side note: this is another great gift for new parents from a coworker or work bestie.


The Gift Of Dinner On Demand

If you haven’t heard, feeding a baby is surprisingly hard for a lot of people, whether they’re breastfeeding or using formula. Between all of a baby’s needs and worrying about their eating schedule, lots of new parents let eating for dinner move way down the priority list. An Instant Pot would make a great gift for parents to be able to toss in their ingredients, go back to baby while the magic happens, and come back into the kitchen to a prepared dinner. This would have helped my husband and I make much more nutritious meals instead of relying on takeout for nights on end.


A Sleep-Inducing Spray

It’s not that new parents need help falling asleep. But why not make it as relaxing and luxurious of an experience as possible? Besides, the little windows of sleep new moms and dads can get need to be quality rest. An aromatherapy pillow spray can help with that. The Ulta website calls this spray from This Works award-winning and all-natural, so it seems like an effective option. The scent includes lavender, chamomile, and vetivert, all of which are known to calm the mind. When one or both parents reach out to you in a few months wondering where it came from because they need a refill, you’ll know you gifted well.


The Gift Of Seamless Transitions

Something new parents could really use but may not realize they need at first is a sort of large wallet and small bag mashup. Moms can throw it back and forth between a purse and a diaper bag as needed and still have their cards, phone, keys, and lip balm at hand. Dads can do the same. It’s the sort of thing that feels like a major life hack, and will definitely show you’re thinking of them too during all the new baby hype.

Herschel also sells a wallet that would do the same trick, but it comes in other fabrics and patterns if the Moment wallet isn’t your friend’s style or they’re not into leather.


A Gift That Makes Every Morning Better

Babies have a sixth sense; they can absolutely tell when hot food enters the room, and they’ll often do everything in their power to ensure you don’t get to eat it until it’s lukewarm at best. Coffee is no different. That’s where a quality insulated mug, or even one that can heat itself, would make a big difference.

The Hydro Flask mug has tons of great reviews and almost a full five stars on Amazon, so it seems like a solid option if you want to purchase something simple that’ll keep Mom or Dad’s coffee hot in the mornings. They’ll mentally thank you every single AM.


The Ability To Get Away, At Home

When one parent wants to give the other a break to sleep or relax away from the baby, it’s a lot easier to do when you can’t still hear the baby. Listening to your newborn fuss while your partner tries to soothe them makes it hard to fully rest (and even if you know they’ve got this covered, of course you want to jump in and help). Noise-canceling headphones can help the parent on break actually tune out for a bit without having to leave the house. Because napping in public spaces is still not socially acceptable for some reason.


Their Favorite Drink, Remixed

Unless you can find a way to mainline caffeine straight to the veins, the next best gift you could give a new parent is a big supply of coffee, matcha, or tea. Whatever form of caffeinated beverage they like in the mornings, browse around for sampler sets or interesting versions they may not have tried yet. This matcha turmeric latte from Golde has 109 five-star reviews on their website alone, with one commenter saying, “It’s sweet and comforting, especially with oat milk, and I love the hints of cinnamon. Helps me with digestion as well in the morning. Love it!”


The Gift Of Fresh Diaper Delivery

OK, yes, this gift idea is technically about the baby, but the convenience factor is a really great way to show the new parents in your life that you love them. It’s also pricey, but a great new parent gift idea if you’re splitting it among a big group of friends or coworkers.

The Honest diaper subscription delivers diapers and wipes directly to your door, so new moms and dads will love that they never run out of these must-haves, and never have to run out to replenish them, either. When customizing their subscription, parents can choose from a range of adorable prints and patterns on the diapers, and add on any extra products they need (or want to try) from the brand, like skincare, makeup, bath supplies, and cleaning essentials, all at a discount and delivered with their diapers.


The Gift Of Not Having To Take A Baby To The Store

When you’re a new parent, going to the store with a baby is kind of an ordeal on a good day. If you’re late for nap time, only God can help you then. Unless, of course, you have a ride or die who gave you a grocery delivery subscription.

Check out Instacart, Shipt, and other services in your area to find out which your new parent friends might like best. You’ll want to buy the “Instacart Express Membership gift card,” which the recipient can then redeem for an Express membership (i.e. the thing that gets them free delivery and reduced fees on every order). You can choose between three-, six-, and 12-month increments.


A Gift For Their Soles

This is going to sound ridiculous, but as much as I walk around my house all day fetching wipes, making bottles, and grabbing toys, parenthood makes my joints hurt. That’s to say nothing of carrying my (not-so-lightweight) baby up and down our stairs all day. I bought pillow slides like these on Amazon after seeing them trending on Tik Tok. They’re super thick and squishy, but also surprisingly supportive. The Amazon reviews mention others have noticed a difference in their knees, and that they love these for doing things around the house, like standing at the sink to do dishes for extended periods. For something budget-friendly to gift new parents, these are a trendy, helpful option.


The Things She Needs, Within Reach

For mamas who need longer to recover, like from a C-section, a breakfast tray can help them be more comfortable while eating and taking care of baby in bed. This one from Urban Outfitters is sturdy, and while the lack of collapsible legs might seem like a con rather than a pro, many of the trays that fold flat tend to do it when you don’t want them to. And personally, if I was pumping and the tray collapsed around the bottles of milk, my mental health wouldn’t be far behind. This option will also allow her to keep a few essentials in the side caddy, like a water bottle, medicine, or baby care essentials.


A In-Home Helper

Speaking of cleaning, if you’ve got a coupon to anywhere that sells a robot vacuum, that’s one new parent gift they’ll appreciate for years to come. This Shark Ion vacuum responds to app controls and can sync with Google Assistant to reply to voice commands, so the new mom or dad in your life can tell it to start up from the couch. You’re basically gifting them with superpowers, allowing them to vacuum even while trapped on the couch underneath a sleeping baby.

As one reviewer says, “I love this thing! It does a really good job. It moves from hard floors to area rugs easily. I have cats and it really helps keep up with hair and other dirt that gets tracked in from outside. It makes my busy schedule less hectic.”


A Gift Set To Set The Mood

Expensive candles are the kind of thing you see all over Instagram but, once the sticker shock registers, you decide you’ll never buy for yourself. That’s exactly the kind of present that will make new parents feel excited and like you were thinking of them, not only their baby. It’s also a nice way to help them add something special to their day while they’re home and figuring out life as a family of three (think popping a bottle of bubbly just because instead of waiting for a special occasion). And if you buy candles as a gift set, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re choosing a single perfect scent.


A High-End Face Mask She’s Bound To Love

Even the most religious skincare addict is probably going to fall out of their routine when a new baby enters the picture. Getting a new mama her favorite moisturizer or serum, if you know what it is, would be a nice surprise and a reminder to spend a few minutes on herself each day. Even if you’re not sure what her regimen is, you can’t go wrong with an ultra hydrating face mask. Throw in a little mask application spatula with for good measure. She already has to dig her fingers into diaper cream a few times a day, so let’s make the mask process as easy to clean up as possible.


The Gift Of A Clean House

Did you know that grocery shopping isn’t the only chore you can gift away these days? There are home cleaning services like Maid Sailors and Maid It Good in bigger cities, and they offer gift cards you can send to new parents so they can book a deep clean for their home. Even if these two companies aren’t nearby, check with local cleaning services to see if they offer gift certificates. One of the best things family and friends did for us when our baby was born was come over and do the dishes, wipe down the counters, or fold a load of laundry that had been sitting in the dryer.