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These gifts for new parents are perfect.
17 Gifts For New Parents They'll Actually Use & Adore

Make them feel loved, supported, relaxed, and more.

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When your best friend, family member, or work bestie has a baby, you obviously shop their baby registry, drop off a box of diapers, and shower them in adorable baby clothes. But sometimes the best gifts for new parents are, well, things you buy for the parents themselves (they’re going through something pretty big here). Choosing the right thing can be challenging if you’ve never had a baby or just aren’t sure what they’ll want, but chances are, they’ll really appreciate that you’re thinking of them.

In fact, many of the “gifts” new parents would appreciate the most don’t cost a thing, so don’t feel bad if you don’t have the budget to buy anything additional. Bringing over a hot meal for the new family, running an errand they need handled, dropping off supplies, or showing up to clean house all make life on new parents so much easier.

If you’re wanting to spoil the new parents you love with something tangible, there are lots of gifts for new parents you can give them that will make them feel loved and seen. All you have to do is decide whether you want to gift something practical, sentimental, or edible. And then add to cart, of course.


An insulated coffee mug

Once you bring a new baby home, you suddenly lose the ability to finish your coffee while it’s hot in the morning — it’s just a busy time of day. An insulated mug, like the Ello Jane Ceramic Travel Mug, can help keep coffee or tea hot for much longer. This one is designed to fit into cup holders and includes a spill-proof lid, so it can come along on any last-minute morning walks in the stroller.


A sentimental, stylish necklace

Does the new parent you love always have dainty jewelry on, or love to layer up their necklaces? A simple but sweet Gold Initial Necklace with the first letter of baby’s name on it would make a thoughtful addition to your loved one’s collection.


The gift of seamless transitions

Something new parents could really use, but may not realize they need at first, is a sort of large-wallet-small-bag hybrid to hold cards and essentials they need to swap from purse to diaper bag easily. This Crossbody Wallet is large enough to hold everything they’ll need, and the microfiber lining won’t scratch screens or lenses.


Soft sleepwear for hard nights

There’s going to be a lot of pajama wearing happening after baby arrives, so one of the best gifts for new parents is an ultra-soft, equally cute sleepwear set. The Beautifully Soft Short Sleeve Notch Collar Top and Shorts Pajama Set is made of a comfortable modal fabric for lounging, but the set is plenty cute enough to wear when visitors stop by to meet baby.


Restorative eye masks

Dark circles are incoming, so some under-eye treatments to combat them would be much appreciated. The Pixi BeautifEYE Brightening Eye Patches with Vitamin C are highly rated, and come with enough patches for 30 uses.


Something to brighten their return to work

Going back to work can be hard on new parents, even the ones who love their jobs. If you know your friends are anxious about their first day back, a Desktop Photo Calendar of their little one can help them feel seen and like their two worlds — career and family — aren’t so separate or at odds.


A luxurious body lotion

When your body has been through something like birth, and you’re trying to figure out how to heal and deal with all the changes, showing it some love just feels nice. Gifting your loved one a high-end body moisturizer, like the cult classic Creme de Corps from Kiehls, will go a long way.


A trendy, cozy blanket

A comfortable throw blanket is a great gift for new parents who are about to spend lots of time snuggling baby on the couch. The JOOJA throw from Amazon comes in a few on-trend colors, and reviewers say the softness is borderline unbelievable.


Groceries delivered on demand

When you’re a new parent, going to the store with a baby can feel like a huge undertaking. If your bestie already has an Instacart membership, a gift card will do nicely. If not, you’ll want to gift them the Instacart Express Membership gift card, which the recipient can then redeem for an Express membership (i.e. the thing that gets them free delivery and reduced fees on every order).


The ability to get away, at home

When one parent wants to give the other a break to sleep or relax away from the baby, it’s a lot easier to do when you can’t still hear the baby. Noise-canceling headphones, like the Samsung Galaxy Buds, can help the parent on break actually tune out for a bit without having to leave the house. They’re also great for catching up on podcasts while taking baby on a walk.


A caffeinated gift for new parents

If your friends enjoy coffee in the mornings, an upgraded assortment will come in handy on those early mornings with baby. The Deluxe Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box happens to include some sweet treats to make them feel extra pampered.


Slippers she’ll have for years

Make your friends feel extra cozy during their days at home with baby. The Dusen Dusen Stripe Subu Slippers are a Romper editor favorite, and they’re sturdy enough to walk to the mailbox in without causing wear and tear.


The things she needs, within reach

For a parent who may be taking care of themselves and baby in bed often, like someone recovering from a C-section, a breakfast tray can be really helpful. The Laurie Bed Tray is a sturdy bamboo option with storage on one side to hold essentials for parent or baby, and it won’t collapse (lots of bed trays have folding legs) while they’re pumping or resting their coffee on top.


A digital frame for all the baby pics

The new parents you’re shopping for? Yeah, they’re about to take more pictures on their phones than ever before, but probably won’t have the energy to get all the cute snapshots printed and framed. An Aura Carver Luxe Digital Frame will display all the memories they’re capturing of their new baby without the hassle of printing.


A in-home helper

One new parent gift they’ll appreciate for years to come: an iRobot Roomba vacuum (or something similar). It’ll allow them to vacuum even if they’re trapped under a sleeping baby with a few swipes on their phone.


Diapers delivered on schedule

The Honest diaper subscription delivers diapers and wipes directly to your door. Parents will love that they never run out of these must-haves (a realization that usually comes when you really, really need more wipes). OK, yes, this gift idea is technically about the baby, but the convenience factor is a really great way to show the new parents in your life that you love them.


A cleaning service gift certificate

Did you know that grocery shopping isn’t the only chore you can gift away these days? There are home cleaning services like Maid Sailors and Maid It Good in bigger cities, and they offer gift cards you can send to new parents so they can book a deep clean for their home. Even if these two companies aren’t nearby, check with local cleaning services to see if they offer gift certificates.

Whatever you choose to gift the new parents you love, they’re sure to appreciate you every time they use the grocery subscription, sip their still-hot coffee, or cozy up in their new favorite throw blanket.

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