16 Weird But Genius Fatherhood Products That Dads Will Laugh At But Totally Use

When a woman becomes a mother, the list of birthday and holiday gifts instantly expands to include all the products that celebrate her new role and support her through the often-difficult journey. (Coffee and wine are usually involved.) But we can't forget all those awesome fathers out there, either. Happily, there are enough weird products for dads on the market that will make his life easier and tickle his funny bone at the same time.

Even in this equality-aware generation, there are still some areas of parenthood that are traditionally reserved for women; breastfeeding and mom-centric jewelry are just a few that come to mind. Then there are the areas that dads stereotypically claim as part of the job: piggyback rides, creative (read: goofy) feeding techniques, fix-it rescue work. But thanks to modern technology and some extremely creative inventors, we now have devices that allow fathers to take on some "motherly" experiences, as well as enhancing the classic dad tasks.

If you're looking for a congratulatory gift for a new dad, a Father's Day present that goes beyond a tie or whiskey bottle, or a treat for the dad in your life who has a good sense of humor (and you really need one to take on this job), take a look at these brilliant finds. He may cock an eyebrow or laugh when he first opens one of these gifts, but just wait and see how quickly he puts them to use.