These 16 Wheelchair Halloween Costumes Will Make Trick-Or-Treating So Much Easier

Halloween should be inclusive for everyone and retailers like Etsy, Amazon, Target, and Spirit Halloween have made it their business to offer a wide range of costumes for children who use wheelchairs, whether they want to be a princess or a pirate (or even a monster truck). Some of these costumes are made to fit your little trick-or-treater's body, and some are made as wheelchair covers. No matter what your child’s needs are, these wheelchair Halloween costumes offer something for all kinds of kids.

Wheelchair adaptive costumes are designed to avoid getting caught in the wheels of the chair, but also to provide the maximum amount of comfort to children with disabilities. Also, for kids who have special sensory considerations, Target offers costumes that keep sensitivities to texture and tags in mind. Best of all, these outfits are well-made. Depending on your budget and how elaborate of a getup you’re looking for, you can find something creative available at every price point, from about $20 to $100. Celebrating Halloween shouldn’t be an occasion to feel left out of if your child wants to participate. With these costumes, children with disabilities can be free to trick-or-treat with the most important thing on their minds: all that delicious Halloween fun.


Monster Truck Wheelchair Costume

Kids can vroom on by in style with this bright monster truck wheelchair cover. Aside from the four blinking LED lights, and 3D wheels, the cutest things are the graphic monster buddies printed on the cardboard to ride with your little one. The set comes with the lithium coin (battery) necessary to operate it.


Adaptive Princess Halloween Costume

Your little princess will feel like the belle of the ball in this pretty pink adaptive Halloween costume from Target. The dress opens in the back to allow fastening to a wheelchair. A crown finishes the royal look.


Witch Flying Broom Wheelchair Costume

Wicked good fun is bound to happen when you have a witch as cute as yours. These covers will endure multiple uses, so no worries about a one-and-done ride if your child has a lot of Halloween events to attend. Attach them easily to the chair via the velcro straps and you're ready.


Rocket Ship Wheelchair Costume

Send your little genius on a trip on their favorite rocket ship. Spirit Halloween doesn't skimp on details, adding a pretend operations panel on the inside view of the cardboard. The description boasts that it's "compatible with most pediatric and young adult manual and automatic wheelchairs."


Rolling Buddies Fighter Jet Wheelchair Costume

Your little buddy can fly the friendly skies with confidence as a fighter jet. It's got some of the best graphics I've ever seen on a Halloween costume. If you're short on storage room, you can simply roll it up and tuck it away for later.


Super Lady Wheelchair Costume

Rolling Buddies saves the day! The crime-busting heroine in your family will love the gutsy gal on this wheelchair cover. You can attach it to any mobility device and use it over and over again.


Zombie 2 Wheelchair Costume

Mummies and daddies, watch out for this zombie! Sitting at about 2 feet by 3 feet, I hear it's been terrorizing "ya'lls neighborhood" searching for loot (wink wink). Scare up a great time in this classic All Hallows' Eve graphic.


Princess Carriage Wheelchair Costume

With golden wheels and glitzy lights, this is the Cadillac of princess Halloween vehicles. Give the monarch you love a ride full of comfort. The wrap includes two heart doors that are sure to win her over.


Spider-Man Lookalike Wheelchair Cover

Whether your little web-slinger is Peter Parker or Miles Morales, they can swing it in this bright Spider-Man getup. The cover with the iconic red and blue colors and web design will leave no one guessing who's coming to the rescue. Bad guys won't stand a chance.


Cheerleader Poncho Cove Cover

Cheer on the home team with this adaptable poncho. The seller can customize it for an adult or a child's wheelchair, for any sports team, and in any color. It's made with love in a smoke-free environment.


Ice Cream Truck Wheelchair Costume

Summer might be over, but it's never too late to scream for ice cream. This ice cream truck also comes with blinking lights. Sweet treats not included, but your child's happy smiles in their ride will be sweet enough.


Mystery Machine Wheelchair Costume

Jinkies, what a perfect costume for a kid who loves to solve mysteries! If your little one is a fan of the Scooby Doo series, try this one-size-fits-all wheelchair cover. Its flexible plastic shell is durable enough to resist scratching on any adventures.


Adaptive Pirate Halloween Costume

Aaarrgh! The pirate's life has never been more accessible than with this adaptive costume. Swashbucklers will look every inch the part in a set that includes a vest, pants, eye patch and hat.


Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Wheelchair Costume

I am obsessed with this take on the Cinderella theme. This adorable pumpkin carriage won’t disappear at midnight. Your Halloween mini me will be the cutest pumpkin in the patch.


Princess Carriage Wheelchair Cover

Completing the look for any royal highness is a purple and silver carriage wheelchair cover. It's made to accompany the Hyde & Eek! Boutique dress, although your little royal can always choose a different costume. The hook-and-loop closures make it easy to attach to most mobility devices.


Skull & Crossbones Wheelchair Bag

Okay, this one isn't a costume, but it is a potentially super important trick-or-treating accessory. These unique, pie-shaped bags are made with highly reflective fabric to help keep kids safe on dark streets, and they're easy to attach securely to most wheels. Perfect for storing treats on-the-go.