16 Women Share The Moment They Knew Their Kid Was Exactly Like Their Partner

Mothers and fathers are quick and defiant to claim that they just know their kid is exactly like them. Whether it's that one look your kid gives or that one thing your kid says, we're all convinced that our kid takes after us, and not our partner.

And then something happens.

For me, I realized that my son was more like his father than me, when he started sleeping exactly like him: One hand over his head, the other over his chest, always kicking off blankets regardless of how cold it was. The two sleep in identical positions, and while it makes it obvious that my kid is more like his dad than his mom, it's also the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Of course, there are other moments that have made my partner the winner of the "who is our kid more like?" discussion, but I will never forget that one moment in time, when I looked at my son and saw a miniature version of my partner. Which is why conceding the point and admitting defeat in this tiny aspect of parenthood isn't all that bad at all. I don't mind that my son is so much like my partner. After all, I kind of like the guy who helped me make our son. It warms my heart to see so much of him in the child we made together. And as you could easily guess, I'm not the only one who feels this way about their kid.

Here are 16 women, describing the moment they knew their kid was exactly like their partner, because not all kids are perfectly 50% of both parents.

Dena, 32

"When he was just a few months old, we noticed that my son would stop crying if we took him outside. Like, even opening the front door would calm him. His dad loves the outdoors, so I know our son got it from him."

Amanda, 29

When my son started crawling, he would look at something he wanted then look back at me and smile. Then he would proceed to crawl at it fiercely because he knew I would come chase him. That's when I knew he was just like his daddy.

Jamie, 33

"When it comes to my son, his inability to be externally motivated is identical to my husband's: you can't bribe them. They need to want to do something or they're not going to do it. My daughter possesses his tireless, but quiet determination. She cannot be swayed from a task."

Hannah, 28

My son is obsessed with blocks. He's constantly building things. Recently he's gotten a little more specific about his structures, so he likes to construct them mostly on his own. I tried to help him the other day and he almost swatted my hand away. "Momma, no!" he said, as he carefully guarded his little castle. Even when I tried to put one single block on top he waited until I left the room and removed it. He's a little OCD like his dad. He's got to have everything done a certain way, and he won't sleep right until he's accomplished that.

Amanda, 35

"When my husband is deep in thought he stands with one leg bent, turns upside down on his back and looks to the side. It's looks so awkward and uncomfortable, but it's how I know he's really pondering something or lost in thought. When my son was 18 months old, I noticed he stands the same way when he's working on a puzzle or a game that is difficult. If it wasn't such an awkward stance, I'd think nothing of it but now both my guys have the same "thinking pose.""

Laura, 29

When she started snoring at age 3. She even looks like her dad if you put a long-haired wig on him!

Alison, 22

"When I was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of my daughter, I remember I was crying on the couch one day and my son came over and gave me a big hug and said, "I love you Momma. You want some ice cream?" He definitely gets his sweet and caring personality from his dad. His dad's the sweetest person I know and I see his personality so much in my son!"

Jessica, 27

In the delivery room, we were looking at baby pictures of both myself and my husband. A few hours later, I gave birth to this gorgeous child who looked identical to my husband's hospital photograph. Seven years later and he is still the spitting image of his Daddy!

Rachel, 30

"The moment I realized my son was just like my husband was when he — through a fit — covered his eyes, made an ugly face, and then huffed and walked away."

Emily, 25

Not only does [my daughter] look just like her daddy in baby pictures, but the other day I was talking to her and she responded by sticking out her tongue and making a farting noise. Totally like her dad!

Nicki, 30

"The way [my son] farts and grunts. The kid rips them just like his daddy. He also has a large dome that resembles his father's. I hope he doesn't have to special order helmets like his dad, too!"

Bridget, 23

It's the littlest thing that really reminds me [how alike they are], like the small, perfect curls that form at the end of their hair as it gets longer, just like [my twin sons'] dad's.

Brittany, 28

"The moment I realized my daughter was exactly like my husband was when I noticed my daughter consistently slept with her eyes creepily open, just like her dad."

Raquel, 30

[My daughter] looks exactly like me, but her personality is a lot like her dad. I think I realized she was going to be like him when her first laugh at eight weeks old was in response to fart noises.

Whitney, 27

"I share a bed with two musical tooters. It's awful. [My daughter] and her dad are total sleep farters. Not to mention that if you've ever seen a picture of my kid, [you'd think I'm] the stepmom. If I hadn't delivered her, I would definitely think there was some funny business happening there with that one."

Catie, 27

Not necessarily THE moment, but one moment was when [my daughter] walked into my office, farted, and then left without saying a word to me.