17 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Get In Time For The Holidays

It's really hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. If you're panicking about your list, don't worry. There are plenty of amazing gifts you can still get for the holidays and for everyone on your nice list.

The holidays aren't about gifts, but it is nice to find something you know someone will love and watch their heart explode with happiness when they open it. For last-minute shoppers, it can be a little panicky to figure out what to get this close to the holidays. Do you just settle for the first thing you can find? Do you go generic? Do you pick out a gift card and hope for the best?

If you really want to give a gift and it's important to you, I think you should find something thoughtful and meaningful. Luckily, there are still 17 amazing gifts you can get for the holidays, no matter what your friend or family member is into. Just think about their personalities, the kinds of things they love, cherish, and are passionate about, and let it guide you to pick any of these holiday gifts. They're bound to be happy, you didn't have to stress too much, and you can keep the spirit of the holidays going. (Unless they want a Nintendo console. Then you're out of luck, Scrooge.)


For The Baker

So Bakeable

So Bakeable Subscription Box, $99, So Bakeable

Know someone who lives for flour, cookie cutters, and their KitchenAid mixer? You should give them the gift of a So Bakeable subscription box ($99). Each box comes with everything you need to create two desserts, and you can prepay for a three month subscription, guaranteeing the baker in your life will get to make six desserts over the course of three months without ever having to hit up a grocery store. Who knows, they might just invite you over to sample the treats.


For The Best Friend In Your Life

Me Too

Me Too, $35, Fluff Horse

If you want to spread inspiration and love to the best friend in your life, pick up a copy of Me Too by Erika Geraerts and Charl Laubscher. The book was written by two best friends, and is "about discovering what you want by realizing what you have," according to its website. Give it to the friend who needs some extra love and motivation and read it along with them. You can pick one of two hardcovers, featuring either a boy or a girl, to make it a little more customized.


For The Tech Geek

Best Buy

Motorola Moto Z Droid, $700, Best Buy

Know someone who is always into the latest technology? They will be obsessed with the Motorola Moto Z Droid ($700 without a contract). The price may be hefty, but depending on the contract you buy, you could get this phone for as little as $10 a month. With a 13 megapixel camera and long battery life, the thinnest smartphone around is a must for any tech or smartphone geek.


For The Board Game Enthusiast


Monopoly Retro Edition, $22, Amazon

Everybody loves a good board game (and if they don't, there is something wrong with them), but for a board game enthusiast, the classic edition of Monopoly ($20) is a perfect gift. Inspired by the original 1935 edition, the houses and hotels are made of wood and all of the colors and artwork are just like you remember (or maybe your parents remember). It's a great collector's item that's also fun to play with, so a win-win for everybody.


For The Beer Drinker


Assorted Beer Glasses Set, $20, Target

There's nothing worse than wanting a beer, but not having a nice glass to drink in, right? OK, so some may be happy with a can or a bottle, but for the beer drinker who likes to feel fancy, the Threshold variety beer glass set of six is the perfect addition to their bar or cabinets. Whether they want a pilsner or a stout, there's enough glasses for every beer and they are dishwasher-safe.


For The Friend Who Is Cold AF, But Stylish

You can never have too many scarves. This blanket scarf ($20) is neutral enough to go with anything, but is warm enough for the cold weather and still super stylish. Basically, I want one in every pattern.


For The Kid Who Loves Stuffed Animals


Me Too Stuffed Elephant Doll, $16, Amazon

I am obsessed with this Me Too stuffed elephant doll and I think any kid who loves stuffed animals would be, too. It's 16 inches tall, the perfect weight for a child, and comes in adorable outfits (including polka dot bloomers and berets). Seriously, I want a million in my own house.


For The Writer

Barnes & Noble

The future is now. The Moleskine Smart Writing Set ($200) comes with a paper tablet, pen, and app so that you can take your drawings and writings from paper to digital in a snap. You can digitize, edit, and organize the notes so that you always have them, but you still get to enjoy writing on actual paper. What could be better?


For The Memory Maker


Polaroid Snap Digital Instant Camera, $100, Target

Combine vintage and photography for the one who loves memories and wants to save them as much as they can with the Polaroid Snap Digital Instant Camera. Super cute and fun to print, they'll love sticking these everywhere, including big scrapbooks.


For The Kid On The Go


Fisher-Price Grow With Me Skates, $27, Amazon

The ultimate classic toy for a kid on the go, the Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me Skates have been loved for years. Kids will love snapping them on and skating all around the house, plus they can last for a little longer than the average kid toy.


For The Music Lover


Sound Intone Headphones, $22, Amazon

For the music lover (or the audiobook fan or podcast enthusiast), the Sound Intone headphones are a fun, thoughtful gift. Not only do they look good, they also keep noise out of your ears so you can focus on that new Bruno Mars track.


For The '90s Kid


The Oregon Trail Card Game, $15, Target

Remember Oregon Trail? Now the old school fan in your life can enjoy dying of dysentery with The Oregon Trail Card Game. It's a must-have for any 90s kid and will remind them of all that time spent in the computer lab, marveling at what you thought was top-of-the-line graphics.


For The Tea Drinker

Tea infusers are always a good gift for the tea lover in your life, but this yellow submarine tea infuser ($8) is just adorable. I would drink tea every day if I got to have this little guy floating around in my mug.


For The Jewelry Loser


Umbra Prisma Accessory Organizer, $58, Amazon

I'm forever misplacing earrings and bracelets because I just set them down, but the Umbra Prisma accessory organizer could change everything. It's the perfect size to put anywhere, even a desk at work or on the kitchen counter, so you always have a place to store rings, earrings, and bracelets. Plus, it's cute to look at.


For The Interior Decorater


"Thug Life" Mat, $6, Amazon

I mean, you want people to feel like they know you when they step in your house, so the "Thug Life" mat ($6) is a must for anybody into interior design. It's the perfect size or indoors or outdoors and is cute enough to have out all year long.


For The Bookworm


Wooden Bookends, $35, Amazon

Too many books on a shelf is never a problem until they start falling all over the place. Ease your book worm's worries with these adorable wooden bookends. Not only do they look like extra books, but the even have hidden drawers to store all those bookmarks.


For The Breakfast Lover

Acacia Bed Tray, $35, Target

Breakfast is easily one of the best parts of the day, but you can make it better with this Acacia bed tray. Yay to egg-free pillows. Plus, it's adorable and won't be a huge eyesore in any decor.