Good Grief, These Amazon Halloween Costumes For Babies Are *Too* Much

Baby's first Halloween is always a fun right of passage. You can dress them up as whatever you want because they don't have any opinions (yet). And babies look extra adorable in costume, right? With so many cute and down-right-hilarious baby costumes, it's hard to pick just one, which is why perusing all of the Amazon costumes for babies is a great way to spend your time, especially because most come with free shipping. A bunch of your favorite items you can find on sale right now for select sizes and purchase options, too. Basically, these Amazon costumes are seriously adorable, so you better act fast because they will not last.

Whether you're looking for something to go with the spooky Halloween theme, like a cute little toothless baby vampire costume, or if you're looking for something to dress the baby up in to go along with the rest of the family's cast of characters, there's something for every baby on this list. Amazon features tons of brands and costume ideas at affordable prices, which is a huge win, especially when you're shopping for more than one kid. You have to hurry though before they run out — Halloween will be here before you can say trick-or-treat.


Octopuses Garden

OK, this costume is adorable by itself anyway, but wouldn't it be extra fun if you and the bigger kids dressed up as The Beatles and put the baby in a wagon full of flowers? Get it? "Octopuses Garden" — you're welcome. This costume is also totally appropriate for an under the sea theme. Did someone say The Little Mermaid? This item has lower priced options available right now, so check it out before it's gone.


This Dapper Little Penguin

Seriously? Is this just not the happiest penguin you've ever seen? And the top hat, I mean, it's just oh-so-dapper. Perfect for a Mary Poppins theme, I might add.


Baby Count

Or what about this sweet little count? You know, vampires aren't so scary when they're missing a few teeth.


Gladiator Baby

OK, can we just pretend this baby is saying, "Are you not entertained?" Yes we are, gladiator baby. Yes, we are.


A Little Princess

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up your little princess as, well, a little princess. Lower price options are available for this costume too, so hurry.


6. Baby Pinocchio

Another Disney themed costume, this baby Pinocchio is a cute way to play up your favorite Disney characters.


Precious Peacock

How cute is this precious little peacock though? You can go as a peacock family or an exotic bird aviary.


Happy Little Bat Baby

Another classic Halloween themed costume. This little one looks like a very happy bat to me.


The Classic Pumpkin Costume

I just had to throw in a pumpkin one. This was by far the cutest pumpkin I saw on there and just look at those little legs. Your little one will steal the show in this costume.


Baby Bruiser

Some of these are just down right funny, like this one. A baby Rocky Balboa? Why not. It'll make for some great pictures if nothing else.


Little Cowboy

This little guy looks as happy as can be in his cowboy costume. You can use this for either a boy or a girl. But hurry, there's discount options for this one too, so don't wait long.


The Garden Gnome

This costume is so funny. You can make it a family theme of garden accessories. Flamingos, gnomes, fairies — such a fun costume theme.


Tiny Tiger

Be careful, this little tiger is about to attack you with some extra dose of cuteness. There were a ton of animal costumes on Amazon, so if tigers aren't your thing — but how can they not be — chances are they have what you're looking for.


The Little King

Or how about dressing up the baby as The King — as in Elvis, The King of Rock and Roll. Such a funny idea, and chances are it'll score you some extra candy when you take this little guy out trick-or-treating.


Lion Cub

OK, I had to include this one because I mean, have you even seen a happier lion? 'Cause I haven't.


Mary Had A Little Lamb

How about Little Bo Peep who found her sheep? Lower price options available for this costume too, so be sure to check it out.


Monkey-ing Around

How appropriate to put your new little climber slash hair-puller in a monkey costume? It's like nothing's changed right?

There are tons of costume options on Amazon, so if you're looking for something specific, chances are they have it. Many costumes come with free shipping and discount options, too, but only while they last. Halloween will be here before you know it, so go check out Amazon's baby costumes before they're all gone — which would be truly frightening.