17 April Fools' Day Memes That Are Better Than Pranks

I'm not much of an April Fools' Day prankster these days and usually only celebrate with some April Fools' Day memes, but as a kid, I tried hard to win at this holiday. I distinctly remember playing my first April Fool's Day joke when I was around seven years old. My mom and I were just getting ready to leave our house when I thought I would fix her a cup of coffee. I added cream, but I also added two heaping spoonfuls of salt to her mug. I could barely wait for her to take the first sip and when she did, she grimaced, smiled, and thanked me for the best cup of coffee she ever had.

Moms, amd I right? I was so disappointed that she didn't spit it out in disgust so I could yell April Fools at her. Why did she have to be such a good mom and pretend to like my terrible cup of coffee just to make me happy? Ugh.

I gave up pranks after that, but it didn't stop me from being pranked upon. In high school, one of my close friends and her boyfriend made up an entire prank that they broke up, all to try and fool me. I refused to believe them at first, until they started staging fake fights in front of me and writing each other nasty notes as evidence that they were really over. When I finally believed her and hugged her to tell her it was OK, they both shouted April Fools at me. All of our friends were in on it, and I never trusted anyone ever again.

So basically? I kind of fail at April Fools' Day. (Actually, those surrounding me fail and I'm just a girl trying to do my best to enjoy the holiday and avoid unnecessary pranks.) But whether you're the one pranking everyone like a boss or trying hard not to believe a damn word anyone says on April 1, here are 17 April Fools' Day memes to get you in the spirit. (And to serve as a warning to others: Don't even try your sh*t with me.)


No Really, I Am On The Edge

April Fools' Day just puts me on the edge, OK? I'm constantly paranoid and I believe no one and you have anything important to say, you should probably just save it for April 2.


This Dog Is Everyone On April Fool's

No, I don't care that you think I need to drive you to the hospital, I will NOT be pranked.


Let's Get Technical Here

Is the universe just playing some elaborate joke on all of us? Are pranks not even necessary because we're being pranked without even knowing? Is Ashton Kutcher going to jump out from behind that van in a dorky trucker hat? WHAT IS GOING ON.


Oh, Wait A Minute

Well this is just pitiful.


*Mic Drop*

So much shade.


Filch Knows What's Up

It might be a basilisk lurking in the pipes of your school or it might be someone trying to make you think they just got fired. Keep your wits and you'll make it through.


Nope, Nobody

Sorry, Facebook friends. If my notifications say it's your birthday on April 1, you get no balloon emoji from me.


Hashtag Truth

So many ideas for April Fool's, but I'm just going to be like, "Hey kids, we're out of cereal, sorry. HAHA, April Fool's!" Yeah. That's the hardcore stuff. (No seriously, have you ever told a toddler you were out of cereal? It's scary.)


A Prank I Can Get Behind

Dear people of the world, this would annoy me SO much! Feel free to do it.


Womp Womp

I was just saying it to be nice, Jane, I swear. I'm not gullible. Stop telling me you got me! You didn't get me! I HATE THIS DAY.


I'm Begging You

I seriously don't have it in me. Stop it.


And Now He's Divorced

HAHA, it's all fun and games until you kick your husband out of the house for being a total jerk. April Fool's Day sucks, you guys.


All Day Long

I don't care if a cop pulls me over for a speeding ticket, I'm gonna be all, "Stop playing."


Mr. T Says It Best

Wait a minute, how are we already in April, by the way? I think that's the real prank here. It was Christmas literally three seconds ago.


My Kind Of Prank

It's like mastering the art of a dad joke, except way cornier and not even remotely funny or creative. Basically, a prank I can get behind.


It Sure Will, Timmy!

LOL, everyone thought you were going to be alone forever, hahaha, isn't that hilarious? LOL OMG.


No Gifts For You

Your whole life is a joke. Get it? Wait, why are you crying?