17 Baby Boy Names Inspired By Badass Pop Culture Icons

There's always a certain movie, book, or television show that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, fist pumping into the air, and giving you chills, right? And I'd wager that most of those feelings are because of the awesome characters in those pop culture phenomenons. Although some of them may not be upstanding citizens, it's no secret that everyone has their favorites and that they can bring inspiration into your life. Especially if you want to choose a baby boy name inspired by cool pop culture icons.

I recommend grabbing your favorite snack and finding a good book, movie, or TV show to give you some less-overwhelming inspiration for your little one's name. These characters are cool for a myriad of reasons, from leather jackets and greased hair to being badass educators with a tendency to knock down some enemies over artifacts. No one's saying you have to hope your kids act exactly like these characters, but these 17 cool dudes of pop culture can inspire some sweet, unique, and fun monikers for your little guy. Bonus? Their Halloween costume is already picked out each year. I mean, tiny babies dressed as Daryl Dixon? I am totally sold.



Your baby boy will have his bottle shaken, not stirred please. And hey, Mom starts with an "M" — how perfect is that?



Who else can wear a vest, cardigan, and round glasses and still be considered the epitome of cool? Moral compass Atticus Finch, that's who. The name is becoming popular, but I think it's too darling and named for a great in the literary world.



Whether he's killing walkers, cradling babies, or saving people, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead is pretty damn cool. Get your kid a plaid onesie with the sleeves ripped off, and the transformation won't take long.



A vigilante saving Gotham single-handedly? Oh, hello Batman. I mean, you could name your kid Batman if you wanted, but Bruce is probably a little nicer to your child.



Jack Bauer is constantly saving the world (I mean, those are some exhausting days he has, am I right?), so spread that coolness to your own little guy.



Elliot is one of my favorite names anyway, but Detective Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU is swoon-worthy and oh so cool. Except when he's got a suspect or attacker in front of him. And then he's kind of on fire.



Detective Harry Callahan from the Dirty Harry series doesn't play, y'all. He goes on his own when he thinks the city isn't handling the search for a psychopath the way they should and ends up doing things his way. And you know what? He's a badass at it.



From Mad Max, Max is another officer fed up with the way the world works, especially after his own family is killed. But he is all about justice, no matter how he has to make it happen, and can speed race like no one's business.



Come on. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones can inhabit a direwolf's body and share its experiences. I'd call that pretty damn cool. And the name Jon is also sweet, simple, and a little unique without the 'H'.



You know him better as Indiana Jones, but to keep your kid from being made fun of in kindergarten, give him Dr. Jones's formal name — Henry. An archaeological badass, it doesn't get much cooler than a professor that can battle the villains, too.



Greasers are cool, right? Then Danny Zucko is totally cool in his leather jacket, his cleft chin, and dear lord those sideburns.



The Weasleys are my favorite characters in Harry Potter, but George is especially wonderful. Along with his twin brother, Fred, the two are total pranksters, but when it's time to do business and battle alongside their family and friends? Well, they're the first in line.



Nick Fury is basically the boss of The Avengers, the coolest superhero group around. That makes him the coolest by far. Also, no one can sport an eyepatch like Nick.



Alfred is a classic, strong name for a boy and with a connection to Bruce Wayne's butler, your kid is sure to be wicked smart, a voice of reason, and your biggest cheerleader.



He used to be a philandering, rich playboy with zero consideration for others, but now Tony Stark is cool as hell as Iron Man. Forget the formal moniker of Anthony. Tony stands alone and is adorable, too.



One of my favorite baby boy names, Rhett Butler is so cool, it's downright icy around him. Even when he tells Scarlett he doesn't give a damn, you can't help but think he's the only one who could deliver such a line.



And the coolest dude in pop culture? By far, that has to be Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. Sure, his methods may be a little unorthodox, but he is the epitome of swagger. And his name? Well, maybe you don't want your little boy to take on all (or any, really) characteristics of Jules, but the name is still sweet and lovely.

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