17 Dad Memes To Share With Pop On Father's Day

It's that time of the year when you're trying to decide if giving your dad a tie really encompasses how much he means to you and tells him everything you've ever wanted to say. Yup, it's Father's Day. And the answer is no, a tie won't work. But you know what will? Dad memes that are perfect for Father's Day, especially if your dad is into humor, social media, and laughing at himself.

Because fatherhood? It's not for the faint of heart. And I am so glad that society now puts a huge level of importance on dads, unlike the old days when it seemed that society thought dads were there to only put the wrath of God into their children and take out the trash. The truth is, there is something incredibly special about being a great dad and having a great dad in your life. They are encouraging, they believe in you, they protect you, and they make you laugh. It may be a stereotype, but I think it's fair to acknowledge that dads have the shoulders you sit on during a parade, they are the ones willing to ride a roller coaster three times in a row to make you happy, and they are the ones teaching you to parallel park.

And you know what? They deserve to be celebrated. So whether you share any of these 17 memes with the father of your child or the dad that read you bedtime stories, be sure to tell them how important they are. And how you secretly love their dad jokes.


100 Percent Accurate

It's about loving a child unconditionally, putting your child before yourself, and doing everything you can to be involved in their life, to be present, and to raise a good person. Being a dad isn't just about sharing DNA.


Har Har Har

Is there anything more dad than a terrible, terrible joke? I think not.


Time For Your Check-Up!

Don't forget to sing the songs, Dad! Thanks for watching Disney Junior with your kid.


Case Of The Mondays

Every parent can relate, am I right? But share this one with Dad to thank him for coaching all of those baseball games, for taking you out to McDonald's on a Saturday, and for throwing you in the pool 800 times.


Quick, Where's The Remote?

Dad used to be King of the Remote and now he can't ever find the d*mn thing.


No, But Seriously

Dads all over know the struggle. How can you hate something so incredible?


Honey-Do List

You're welcome. Thanks for the new playhouse, Dad!


A Dad's First Love

It's 5:00 somewhere.


Say It Again For The People In The Back

Because I'm not sure every dad is paying attention.


Better Than Gold

Because they know how much you love and cherish them.


Dads Suffer From FOMO

Remember when you thought your dad was totally embarrassing and your friends thought he was the coolest? That never goes away.


Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters

And make sure she knows her worth.


This Is My Type

Don't forget to make sure he can do fun voices for the bedtime stories!


But He Farts Really Loud

Heroes don't wear capes — they iron them for their tiny Batmans to run around in.


Dream Come True

Being a dad means getting to unleash your inner geek in the name of parenting. You're welcome.


Rinse, Wash, Repeat

And your pockets are always filled with messy things like crayons, half-eaten candy, and sticky toys.


Can I Get An Amen?

Thanks for being a dad, Dad! And thanks for letting me eat all the stuff mom wouldn't even buy at the grocery store.