17 Honest New Year's Resolutions, Because You're Prob Not Going To Yoga 3 Times A Week

Sweeping up the Christmas wrapping paper and tinsel means two things. Christmas is over, and it's time to make some New Year's Resolutions you'll actually keep.

You've probably made resolutions before, and chance are they didn’t last too long. That's why you have to make ones that are actually manageable. It's time to be honest with yourself. You want to get fit in 2016, but are you really going to hit the gym five days a week? Probably not. Life has a way of throwing off all of your plans, and setting these strict goals is only setting yourself up to fail. Instead, you have to make honest resolutions for yourself, things you know you can actually accomplish and are needed in your life.

Decide what you really want out of the year, and make a resolution that’ll help you reach that goal. More family time? Resolve to put your phone down for an hour a day. Less clutter? Make it a priority to get that clean laundry off the couch and into dresser drawers. A healthier lifestyle? Choose one healthy habit to try and see where it takes you. These 17 honest New Yer’s resolutions are ones you'll actually keep because they make sense for you and your life. (And not a single one says "eat less pizza". You're welcome.)


Stop Worrying About Being In The Moment

The advice to be "present" is great, but it can also stress you out. Resolve to stop worrying if you're in the moment enough and just enjoy the time in 2016.


Exercise How You Want To Exercise

Every year, I say I'm going to start the Couch to 5k Program. The problem? I really hate running. I hate squats, I hate burpees, I hate weights. But I love Zumba and dancing and pulling my kid in her wagon up our driveway. Find an exercise routine that you love, and you'll exercise all the time.


Ignore Trends If You Don't Like Them

It's easy to say, "I'll be more fashionable in 2016", but what does that really mean? If it makes you feel like you have to follow the latest trends, stop right there. No one is going to make you wear duck boots or Ray-Bans if you don't want to. You'll feel better about your style when you wear what you want.


Pick One Healthy Habit To Try

Telling myself I'll be healthier is kind of a blanket resolution and leaves a lot of room for failure. But telling myself I'll eat a piece of fruit every day or replace one cup of coffee with a glass of water is easier. Making your resolutions bite-sized makes them manageable and they're more likely to become a true habit.


Read Something Other Than 'Harry Potter'

All those books you bought in the past 12 months have just become dust collectors as you reread Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. I love our favorite wizard, too, but it's time to leave Hogwarts and read at least one other book this year.


See A Load Of Laundry To Completion

"Become a domestic queen" is not a good resolution, my friend. I see what you're trying to do and recommend that you encourage yourself to see a load of laundry to completion. Not only does it get clothes off the floor, but it gets folded clothes out of the baskets, off the couch, and you'll feel more put together in your home.


Stop Working After 6 P.M.

I work from home and often leave the laptop open after shift, keeping me in work mode all day and night. It makes me cranky, it makes my kid cranky, and there's no need. Shut down any work related projects after 6 and pick them back up, if you want, once your kids are asleep. You need that time to chill and they want that time with you, too.


Stop Fighting Over Food

Stop fighting with yourself and your kids. They don't want to eat dinner? Fine. You want a cookie for lunch? Fine. Stop making food into some big, consuming thing and let it go already.


Do Not Save Single Socks

You're never going to find the match and you're not going to use them for any of those Pinterest crafts. Just toss them already.


Stop Trying To Clean Forgotten Sippy Cups

Especially ones with milk. Just buy new ones.


Put On Real Clothes

In a world full of yoga pants worship and leggings love, I get where this one may seem out of reach. But when I stay in my pajamas all day, I feel lazy and bad about myself. All I have to do is throw on some real pants and a shirt and I instantly feel more motivated and ready to tackle the day.


Be OK With A Mess

No one says you have to live in filth and clutter for days, but is there any reason to become furious with your children for pulling out more LEGOs? Do you really want cleaning the kitchen to take up the time you could spend with your loved ones? Resolve to be OK with a mess so you can focus on more important things once in a while.


Give Yourself Some Credit

Somebody told you they loved your hair and you said, "Yeah well you should see my house." Stop that. Take the compliment and give yourself some credit. Your hair does look great.


Say 'No' To Your Children

Obviously, you can't say no to everything, but there are some things us parents agree to because they feel like they have to. Your kid wants you to play hide-and-seek, but you're exhausted. Learn how to say no. There's a difference in ignoring your child and teaching them that they don't always get their way. (And that you're tired of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and you two are going to watch The Chew, dammit.)


Do Not Make Life Harder To Prove A Point

I hear so much about screen time, that it always makes me feel like crap when I realize my kid has watched two hours of Sesame Street. But during those two hours, I was able to work, do a load of laundry, and cook dinner. If I had shut off the TV just to prove that my kid doesn't watch it, I would've made my life significantly harder. Not worth it. The same goes for someone telling you that you should use a clothesline instead of a dryer or make your own dish soap.


Use A Planner

It's easier than your phone, I promise you. Get a planner where you can see both the entire week and the entire month. Write down everything, even stuff you swear you'll remember like birthdays or family dinners. It's the only way I can stay organized and it's a great, manageable alternative to the "get my sh*t together" resolution.


Close The Door When You Pee (No Matter Who's Crying)

I mean, you deserve more relaxation and privacy than two minutes of a normal, bodily function, but you'll take what you can get, right?

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