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17 Items To Put In A Easter Basket Besides Candy

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Easter is right around the corner and whether you celebrate for religious reasons or not, it's the perfect time think about making it a special day for your kids. Whether your kiddos are older or are just beginning to grasp the concept of the Easter Bunny, finding items to put in your child's Easter basket besides candy can seem like an arduous task. It's a task well worth the effort though, since Easter baskets are one of the most anticipated traditions for most kids. I remember the Easter baskets my mom put together for my brothers and I to this day— filled with handpicked goodies for us personally. And best of all, there was hardly any candy to be found.

With the abundance of Easter themed candy — peeps, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, to name a few — many moms are making it their mission to avoid all of that excess sugar, and the subsequent sugar highs that follow.

Although buying gigantic bags of candy and tossing treats into the basket is convenient and easy on your wallet, it may not be best for your child's health. By putting a little extra thought into your baskets this year can not only save your child a trip to the dentist, but ensure that Easter baskets are a tradition your child will look forward to for years to come.

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Mess-Free Coloring

Peppa Pig loves muddy puddles, but your kid will stay perfectly tidy thanks to this ingenious set (the markers only work on Color Wonder paper, not walls or bed sheets or body parts).


A Cool Egg Decorating Kit

If the usual mess involved in egg-decorating makes you dread Easter, this clever spinning contraption will change your life: No messy cups or smelly vinegar required; all kids need is a marker to make amazing striped designs. (This one is perfect if you didn't get a chance to color eggs before Easter.)


A Surprise Toy

You can't go wrong with anything from the L.O.L. Surprise line, and these Spring Bling pets are Easter-appropriate (and they're the perfect size to fit in a basket!).


Fun Faux Veggies

How cute would it be to fill an Easter basket with something handmade that your child can use for months (or years) to come? These pretty pretend veggies might make you want to plant a real garden.


A Sweet Easter Story

If your kid is a fan of the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie... " series, they'll love this cute little Easter-themed story starring that mischievous cookie-loving mouse.


Egg-Shaped Toys

For lots of kids, Ryan of Ryan's World is the hottest celeb on the planet. This set features 6 eggs with a variety of Build-a-Ryan components you can mix and match, possibly including Alien Ryan, Red Titan, Combo Panda or Robo Ryan.


Spring Flowers

If I was a child (and still to this day, actually) getting live flowers would make my day. Pick up something in season, like lilies or tulips, and put a few in each basket.


A Sparkling Spring Craft

Now that sunny days are here again, this easy (but impressive) craft will bring a pop of color into your home, and it'll keep your kids busy for a bit, too.


Bunny Money

Or real money, actually: Put some coins (assuming your kids are past the choking-hazard age) or even dollar bills in a couple of plastic eggs in your kid's basket and count it all up after all the eggs have been opened. (So it's like a math lesson, too!)


For The Pop Star-In-Training

Your Trolls fan can pretend they're living in their favorite movie with Poppy’s Musical Microphone, which plays lights up and plays "Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun."


Stick Figure Movie Star

More than just a funny little action figure, kids can make stop-motion videos with a Zing StikBot and the free StikBot app. They can be posed easily and have suction-cup feet and hands to stick to flat surfaces, and the app includes fun sound effects and music kids can add to their movie masterpieces.


Hatch A New Friend

What's better than a bouqet of flowers? A bunch of egg-shaped surprise toys with six super cute Hatchimals inside. Add to your collection or start a new one!


Healthy Sweets

If you're looking for a healthier alternative to jelly beans and other candy, try filling plastic Easter eggs with dried fruit, all-natural fruit snacks, or even fresh berries (if you know they're going to be eaten right away!).


Some New Wheels

One can never have too many Hot Wheels, especially because they're super affordable and they last forever. Also, they're just the right size for an Easter basket.


A Funky Chicken

Not only does this chicken grow "feathers" made of Play-Doh, she also lays Play-Doh eggs (making silly clucking sounds all the while).


Small Stuffed Bunnies

Because you can't have too many bunnies at Easter, and because these bunny grahams come in chocolate, chocolate chip, and honey flavors.



They are the Easter Bunny's favorite snack, after all.

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