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Most Kittens Are Born During This Month, & These 17 Names Suit Them Well

Cats have a way of entering our lives when we're not expecting them, but when we need them most. The last two cats my family has owned were total surprises, but they brought us love and joy (and maybe a hairball or two). If you happen to bring a new cat into your home in June, whether by choice or chance, you'll want a June-related pet name that will remind you of the magical time of year you welcomed your latest family member.

Bringing home a new cat in June isn't such a far-fetched idea; in fact, it's a loving and much needed gesture. According to American Humane, June is "Adopt-a-Cat Month," so called because more kittens are born in this month than at any other time of year. Animal shelters and rescue organizations become overrun in early summer with abandoned and unwanted kitties, most of whom just need a safe home and a lot of TLC to help them become cuddly, beloved family members. Your adopted fur baby may not become a viral sensation like Lil Bub or Hamilton the Hipster Cat, but it will still enrich your life more than you ever expected.

Take a look at these names that work well for cats born or adopted in June. They all fit the season in some way: flowers, birthstones, feast days, even a special national day that falls during this month. Have fun finding the perfect name for your fur friend!



This sweet floral name is appropriate for a June cat for a couple of reasons. First, the flower is a common sight in gardens and roadsides at this time of year; second, it comes from the name Margaret, which means "pearl" — and the pearl is June's birthstone.



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Another June-flavored name — it comes from the Arabic for "pearl" — Lulu hasn't yet caught fire as a baby girl's name. But it suits a cat perfectly, especially one who has just a bit of an attitude.



This beachy name calls to mind lazy summer days at the shore, which makes it a good June cat-name choice; if your new pet has light orange or yellow fur, that makes it even more of a natural pick.



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Looking for a powerful shore-related name for your June cat? Try this Irish name meaning "sea warrior," per The Bump. This would be a fun choice for a Maine Coon cat, a breed that actually loves water. The gentle giants have been known to drink from the faucet, or even jump into a full bathtub.



For 50 years, dating from the Stonewall riots, June has been designated Pride Month. It's a time to celebrate the LGBTQ community and take a stand against discrimination and hate. It's also a name tailor-made for a cat; what member of the animal kingdom is prouder than the feline?



It might be cheating a bit, but the ruby is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer, according to Birthday Gems. The sun enters the sign on June 22, so the cat born at the very tail end (get it?) of the month could be named for the stone, particularly if it has reddish fur.



Another summer-nautical name choice is this feminine name, which is Greek for "the sea," according to Nameberry. Thalassa is also thought to be the mother of Aphrodite, so a mother-daughter cat duo of Thalassa/Aphrodite would be beyond cool.



In Europe, it's not unusual to choose names based on the saints whose feast day falls on the child's birth date. If your cat's birth or "gotcha" date happens to be June 6, you could name it Rafael after St. Rafael Guizar Valencia, a Catholic bishop from Veracruz, Mexico, who tended to the injured during the Revolution of 1910-20. Tennis buffs might prefer to use the name as an homage to Rafael Nadal, the record-setting winner of the French Open (also held during June, btw).



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Intrigued by this whole saint feast-day concept? Take a look at this list from British Baby Names to see which saints correspond to your cat's special June day. For June 28, one of the choices is Leon, which also suits a cat's wild roots.



For a female cat with a June 8 birthday or adoption date, try this saint's name meaning "peaceful" in German. Especially fitting if your fur lady is inclined to nap in the sun all summer long.



Short, to the point, and just about perfect: This Hebrew name meaning "prayed for" or "peace" (according to The Bump) is also the Spanish word for "sun." Works for a cat who loves nothing more than soaking up the rays.



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Fun fact: Even though the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer in our hemisphere, June 24 is known as Midsummer, according to the meteorological definition of the season. Therefore, naming your pet after one of the characters in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream is a natural choice. If your fur baby is the mischievous sort, you'll want to name it after the fun-loving fairy who plays a trick on the weaver Nick Bottom by turning his head into a donkey's noggin.



If your cat is more the dignified regal type, then name her after the queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. She's the one who's enchanted into making her fall instantly in love with the ass-headed Bottom.



Pronounced "SOON-ee-va," this pretty name means "gift of the sun" in Norwegian, according to Nameberry. You could go with Sunni as a nickname.



There's no shortage of "sun"-themed names for a June cat, but we'll restrict ourselves to just a few. One of the best examples: Cyrus, which is Persian for "sun," according to Nameberry. For short, you can call your kitty Cy. Doesn't matter, really; it won't answer when you call, anyway.



Back in the late '50s and '60s, it wasn't summer without a beach movie. Among the most beloved was the Sandra Dee Gidget film series, about a teen surfer looking for love. (Sally Field took over the role for TV.) How much fun would it be to name your June cat after her?



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Perhaps the most endearing name on this list, this nickname for "brother" has its own day on the calendar: June 2 is National Bubba Day, according to National Day Calendar. (I once knew a cat named Bubba. He was beautiful, sweet, and one of the most enormous kitties ever created.)