17 Memes About Being Sleep Deprived, Because It's Something Parents Know Too Well


Ah, sleep. A word with such sweet memories, but one that I also don't remember the meaning of. My last full night of sleep was sometime long before my first positive pregnancy test, well over three years ago. I can picture myself sleeping now — in fact, it's a hobby of mine, imagining that I'm asleep — and I look so peaceful. If you're a parent too, you probably have the same dreams of a full night's sleep, and these memes about being sleep deprived will strike a particular chord, triggering both intense sadness and a reminder of your irreparable exhaustion.

You see, I thought I knew what exhaustion meant before having kids. Those self-inflicted all-nighters? Those were tiring, yes. Partying and just staying up because I was young and reckless? At least I could sleep in till noon the next day. Parenthood? It's not in the same universe. Not even close.

A parent's sleep depravity isn't self inflicted. It's imposed upon us by small children that share our DNA but that haven't learned how to sleep, eat, or do anything without our assistance. At any hour of the day.

I love my kids, don't get me wrong. But do I sometimes contemplate inventing time travel so that I can relive my sleeping-in glory days. And if you feel the same way, then you'll appreciate these memes about being sleep deprived.

1. Self Deception

Just keep telling yourself you're fine and you will be, right?

2. That Awesome Feeling

No? Neither does any mom anywhere.

3. Pre-Kid Problems

Never turn down a nap. Never.

4. Resting Mom Face

It's called Mom Face, in case you were wondering.

5. A Thrilling Tale

But at least her armpits smell good, right?

6. Dear Kindergarten Me

If only we knew back then what we know now.

7. The Worst Experiment Ever

I'm pretty sure I didn't sign up for this.

8. The Daily Struggle

There is no happy medium here people. Moms are either super heroes or raving lunatics.

9. A Silly Joke

Tell me that after your three hour nap, I dare you.

10. Sorry Honey

Without caffeine, how would parents survive?

11. An Evil Plot

It's a good thing kids are so cute, because there's a 50 percent chance they're keeping us awake on purpose.

12. A Sleepy Remix

You've reached a new low when you start turning song lyrics into sleep deprived mantras.

13. An Internal Battle

Just keep waiting for that second wind to hit.

14. Bed — The Real Calendar

And even when you have time to sleep, you can't because you're thinking too much.

15. An Ode To Sleep

Everything rhymes with coffee when you're sleep deprived.

16. I Woke Up Like This

And please, don't tell me I look tired. I already know.

17. Coffee For My Coffee

"Hi, I'll have a latte and my latte will have another latte."