17 Netflix Holiday Movies To Get You In The Spirit, No Chill Required

It doesn't matter how much you decorate or how much eggnog you consume; if there's not a Christmas movie on your television, you're not celebrating the holidays right. Although a lot of your favorites are available all month long on every TV channel, there are also plenty of holiday movies on Netflix that will help you start your season off right, no chill required.

I absolutely love Christmas movies and I save them all year to watch during the holiday season only. Most of them are favorites from childhood, which is about 75 percent why I am totally obsessed with them, but there's nothing that will put me in the holiday spirit faster. Christmas movies stay on pretty much all season long. Whether I'm baking cookies, wrapping presents, or snuggling with my little one and some hot cocoa, there's nothing like a great holiday-themed movie to really set the mood. I even love the oober cheesy corny ones. So if you're looking for a Christmas movie, whether it's a family favorite, a dark comedy, a romance, or one that makes you laugh, I've got your list here. I took a look at all of the Netflix holiday movie choices and rounded up the 17 best ones you definitely need to check out this season. Don't forget the eggnog.


'White Christmas'

C'mon. You can't have Christmas without watching the Irving Berlin classic, White Christmas. Arguably one of the best musicals, it's full of great song and dance routines, along with perfect chemistry between Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and Danny Kaye.


'Christmas With The Kranks'

Even if you've never read John Grisham's Skipping Christmas, this film adaptation of his short novel will still put you in the holiday spirit. Starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as a couple that decides to skip Christmas when their daughter won't be home, hilarity ensues as their neighbors and friends try to convince them to join in the festivities, practically harassing them. It's highly entertaining and it has Tim Allen. What more do you need?


'A Christmas Carol'

Growing up, this 1938 version of A Christmas Carol is the one I always watched. There's a million different versions of the Dickens classic, but put this one on your list before all others.


'I'll Be Home For Christmas'

If you're a '90s kid, you probably recognize this Christmas favorite starring JTT as the proverbial college student that doesn't want to go home for Christmas and, naturally, his selfish ways are eradicated by the end of the movie.


'Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas'

I was a little older when this movie came out, but I still remember watching it as a kid, so it will always have a soft spot for me. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is made up of three different Christmas segments starring all of our favorites and is a classic everyone will love, especially your kiddos.


'Christmas Angel'

You need a heartwarming, young girl befriends recluse Christmas story, right? That's why you need to watch Christmas Angel.


'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

Some people put The Nightmare Before Christmas in the Halloween camp, but I think it's perfect for both holidays. Another favorite from when I was a kid, you'll love Halloweentown's version of Christmas. (Also, can I please live in Christmastown?)


'Love Actually'

You know I had to include Love Actually. With an incredible ensemble cast and lots of British accents, this is the perfect Christmas movie, full of romance, comedy, and family. Also, you'll have Billy Mack's "Christmas is All Around" stuck in your head for weeks.


'Bad Santa'

Save Bad Santa for when the kids get in bed, OK? Billy Bob Thornton plays a conman dressed as Santa so he can rob department stores, but of course his plans don't work out the way he intended. Pretty hilarious, I promise you.


'Saving Santa'

Don't let the animation stop you from enjoying Saving Santa if you have no kids around. With the voices of Martin Freeman, Tim Conway, Tim Curry, and Joan Collins, this sweet movie about an elf using time travel to save Santa is a fun Christmas favorite.


'Happy Christmas'

Happy Christmas stars Anna Kendrick as a party girl with no direction in her life that moves into her brother and sister-in-law's house, shaking everything up.


'The Heart Of Christmas'

Grab your tissues for this one. Candace Cameron Bure plays a businesswoman with no time or patience for her own little family. When she meets a family trying to provide one last Christmas for their toddler with leukemia, she's forced to look at her own life and change her perspective. Totally heartwarming and will totally make you cry all over the place.


'The Ref'

Denis Leary stars as burglar trying to score some goodies on Christmas Eve by taking a bickering married couple (played by Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis) hostage. This, however, a means becoming a referee to their matches. This is a seriously funny movie and is one you don't want to miss, no matter the season.


'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas'

Love Connie Britton? (Duh.) Love Ed Burns? (Obviously.) Then you'll love The Fitzgerald Family Christmas. Seven siblings are preparing to welcome their estranged father back into Christmas and it's a really beautiful dramedy with brilliant writing.


'12 Dates Of Christmas'

A bit like Groundhog Day, this romantic comedy has Amy Smart reliving Christmas Eve, over and over, including her blind date with Mark-Paul Gosselaar. It's one of those awesome ABC Family Christmas movies, so you know you won't be able to stop watching it.


'The Mistle-Tones'

Another ABC Family favorite, The Mistle-Tones is a fun musical starring Tia Mowry as a singer who starts up her own Christmas-themed singing group after being rejected from the one her mother co-founded. The music is top notch and will definitely put you in a joyful mood.


'A Very Murray Christmas'

It's not Christmas without Bill Murray, and I'm not talking about Scrooged. A Netflix special, A Very Murray Christmas is the holiday party you wish you were attending instead of your own work function. It's a musical comedy with lots of fun guest stars and, obviously, Bill Murray never fails. This one definitely deserves the spiked eggnog.

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