17 Of The Best Times To Have Sex Because Sometimes It's Just That Good

I truly believe that, aside from consent, there are no rules to sex. Do what makes you and your partner feel good and comfortable, and have an absolute blast. But just like there are certain positions that can maximize your pleasure, I think that there are certain moments in life that make up the best times to have sex.

Look, sex is pretty much always good. If you're in a sex-positive relationship, your sex drive is up, and you're feeling like getting it on with your SO, it's always a good time to have sex. But there are a few times where sex is just the best.

It's like ice cream. I could eat ice cream any day, any time, any where. But nothing beats a milkshake at 3 a.m., a three-scoop cone on a hot summer day, or a banana split while you're on vacation. I mean, you're not going to turn down ice cream no matter what day it is, but there are certain times it tastes just a little bit sweeter.

Sex is the same way. So while I encourage you to have sex whenever you want, I also think you should keep these 17 best times to have sex in mind. Try a few out for a boost in your sex life.


As Soon As You Wake Up

Forget coffee. When you wake up and see your partner in bed next to you, go ahead and get things started. According to Women's Health, sex first thing in the morning not only leaves you feeling connected to your partner all day, but it can also boost your immune system and estrogen. It's also a really great way to wake up, just saying.


During The Holidays

A personal favorite is having sex during any holiday. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, July 4th — there's something festive about having sex during a happy, celebratory time, and bonus: you've probably been drinking so you're having even more of a rush.


While You're On Your Period

If your SO thinks having sex while you're on your period is gross, it's time to school them. There are some major benefits to having sex during your time of the month like alleviating the pain from those cramps.


When You're Stressed Out

Whether you're stressing about a work deadline or because you have to bake four dozen cookies for your kindergartner's bake sale, sex can be your answer. Not only will it totally take your mind off of your stressors, but NBC News reports that the actual act of sex can lower your blood pressure and release all those feel-good hormones that make you feel like you can conquer anything.


When You Can't Sleep

Because what else are you going to do? Count sheep? Look, middle of the night quickies are some of the best sex you'll ever have, and orgasms can also help you get to sleep,according to Huffington Post.


After A Fight

Do I even have to explain make-up sex? There are few things better than working out your problems with your SO and then spending the next hour showing them just how much you love them.


When You're Feeling Extra Confident

Everyone has that day where they just SLAY. You're feeling hot and confidence is oozing out of you. It doesn't even have to be in a physical sense — maybe you killed it at work or nailed an incredibly hard workout. No matter what's making you feel so great, sex while you're on that self-love high is the best.


When Grandma Has The Kids

Turn off that monitor, leave the bedroom door unlocked, and enjoy the fact that someone else is cutting up pizza your toddler requested only to have them throw it on the floor in disgust. Sex is always best enjoyed when there's no one around to ask you to wipe their butt.


When You're Avoiding The Dishes

You're on the couch with your SO, relaxing after a nice dinner, and now you have to get up and do the dishes. Or do you? Sex right there on the couch is perfect for avoiding your messy kitchen, but it's also really hot to be spontaneous and ignore the "rules".


When You're Drunk

You know when you're planning a night out with your SO and you get excited because you're both going to be tipsy at the end? That's when the best sex occurs. Drunk sex usually means you're letting go of all of your inhibitions and are strictly enjoying the pleasure and freedom of sex.


When You Don't Have To Get Up Early In The Morning

Ah, there's nothing like taking your time in between the sheets because you know your alarm isn't going to go off at 6 a.m.


After The Gym

According to Prevention, your body's sex drive is higher after a work out thanks to all that pumped up testosterone, but there's an even better reason. Don't you feel like a million bucks after hitting the gym? Doesn't it make you feel like you can do anything and super sexy? I rest my case.


When You Need To End The Netflix Fight

Because going back and forth over what to watch is tiresome and exhausting and it's time to shove those remotes away and get straight to the chill part of your evening.


When You're Too Tired For Date Night

Date nights don't have to be exhausting, huge efforts. Call it a date night by lighting a few candles and slipping into bed a little early. Sex is always fun when you can look forward to it and plan just a bit.


When It's Storming Outside

Storms are just sexy and if you find yourself feeling turned on when there's severe weather, it might be time to jump on that sex drive.


When You're In The Afternoon Slump

This is hard if you and your partner work away from home, but everyone hits those slumps on the weekend, too. Rather than nod off with a nap, have sex. Sex in the afternoon, with the sun shining through the curtains and some '90s movie on cable television in the background feels wildly unorthodox.


Whenever You Feel Like It

I mean, that's really the best time, right? Whenever you d*mn well feel like it.