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17 'Star Wars' Memes To Prove The Fourth Is Strong In You

May 4 has unofficially (officially?) become an actual holiday, thanks to social media. Today is National Star Wars day, and is it any wonder why? May the fourth be with you is honestly the perfect way to commemorate Star Wars, and what started as a pun has actually become a full-fledged national holiday. If you're celebrating by sharing punny memes and jokes related to Star Wars, these 17 Star Wars memes may give you some inspiration.

According to the Star Wars website, this genius idea didn't originate with Lucas Films, but they fully embraced it and have teamed up with other "official partners" to offer exclusives and giveaways on this day. However, the website noted this holiday was created by fans, "and it is truly their day. We're amazed at the creative ways that fans mark the occasion". Whether it's hosting a watch party at your house, a cosplay party, taking advantage of the awesome Star Wars-inspired Snapchat filters for the day, or just sharing Star Wars stuff on social media, these memes should give you something to chuckle about and to share with your other Star Wars-obsessed friends. And if the memes aren't enough to satisfy your Jedi itch, you can even make Star Wars-inspired recipes for your loved ones when they come over for the watch party. "Grilled Cheese And Ham Solo Sandwich," anyone?

1Yoda Keeping It Real Today

Gotta do a "May the Fourth" meme today of all days.

2When Padme Reminds You Of Sand

It's true.

3A Woman's Place

We will always love you, Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia.

4Name Brand Versus Great Value

Ain't that the truth.

5Even Dogs Feel The Force

Poor Yoda.

6Not The Dru'un Slices

Womp womp.

7How Did Mace Die?

Too soon? Come on, who doesn't love a good pun.

8The Best Side Of The Moon

Agreed, Vader.


Always a classic.

10I Find Your Lack Of Cats Disturbing

Sorry, it's true.


I'd totally drive this car.

12Imperial Walkers Sighting

It's not just you.

13Girl Power

Princess Leia forever. This is the most accurate meme in the world.

14Impressive Star Wars Cosplay

Jedi mind tricks.

15It's Nerf... Or Nothing

His face though.

16Bitch Please

Boom. Roasted.

17Burn, Baby, Burn

Truth. Sorry, Obi Wan.

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You.

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